She’s one bad motha

I could take a very long time discussing the how or the why, but I won’t. I’ll just say that my entire family-in-law decided to do handgun training a while ago, and they didn’t invite me. Insert a Stephanie Tanner, “HOW RUDE!” right there.

Exactly. But really, they didn’t invite me because they thought there was NO CHANCE that I would ever want to go. And they were probably right. I constantly mock their trips to Cabela’s. But once I found out they all went without me (I thought it was just my husband and his dad) I became a snotty 10-year-old and insisted that I wanted to be included. Even if it was for handgun training. The problem with that was…then I actually had to go to handgun training.

So yesterday, my father-in-law watched Gigi (Eric had to work) and I got myself a serious farmer’s tan doing this.

One bad motha

One bad motha

Yeah, that’s a 9mm. And yeah I’m a huge dork. Please note that my finger is NOT on the trigger. And shockingly nothing and no one was harmed or maimed. Except my thumb.

One bad motha

I don’t care how much you hate guns. You feel pretty bad-a when you grab one from a holster (yes I was told to wear a “sturdy belt” like I OWN a sturdy belt…I wore Eric’s) and hear the clink of the target when you hit it.

Pow pow!

But all in all, these hands were made for crafting. And that’s just what they’ll do.

Just be sure you don’t try to mess with this mama bear.




  1. Rachel

    I agree! Oddly enough I took a concealed carry class prior to me actually being allowed to own a gun.

  2. kimmy girl

    this may surprise you (it did me) but once upon a time I dated a boy who loved guns. date night was gun night…and turns out…im a really good shot. so fun

  3. Kam Belly Soup

    i havent looked at your blog in forever! your so crafty and smart. and your little one is so big and sooooo beautiful. i just had a baby last month. alice…love her. good to see you!

  4. Alison

    whoa Rachel! That sounds so hard core! I LOVE IT!

    Kimmy…I will not make you prove that!

    kam! AHHH! Welcome back! xo

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