She’s wants you to mark your calendar!

So I’m super excited to announce to those of you LUCKY enough to live in Utah that The Little Tiny has been accepted to participate in Craft Lake City!

I’ve never been to or done the fair before (this is only its 3rd year) but it sounds awesome. It’s at the Gallivan Center, (it’s like an outdoor amphitheater) and there will be over 100 artists, plus bands and food vendors.  Yes, I SAID FOOD! Craft Lake City is on Saturday, August 13, from 2pm to 10pm. I will be at my booth all day! I’ll be cooking up something special for SheBlogs SheBlogs readers. Perhaps a discount or a giveaway if you come and see me at the fair!? Maybe we could even do a craft together?!

Here’s a link to my artist profile
. Do I sound cool? I (obviously) wrote like way more than any of the other vendors I think. Such a dork, I know. It looks like there will be a lot of neat vendors there. I hope some of them want to trade with me! I LOVE trading.

Anyway. I will be busy getting together some new mobile patterns, plushie patterns, and craft kits for the fair. I love having a stressful deadline to work with! I’m serious, otherwise it’s easy to let the creative process drag on and on. Plus when I get all stressed out I usually get too anxious to eat! Yes, that’s a good thing. I needs to be looking real good for all the 10 year olds at Seven Peaks.

I know I said I’d have a new tutorial this week…AND I DO. But I’m going to wait to Monday to post it. Did you know more people read blogs on Mondays? Just some tips and tricks of the biz I guess. Haha. There is a sneak peak of it on my The Little Tiny Facebook Page though!

So I hope you’re having a wonderful SUPER hot day!




  1. Jana

    I went to Craft Lake City that past two years and its a blast. I don't usually buy things at those fairs, but I have bought someone both years so I guess that means good vendors? So excited for you Ali!! That will be awesome.

  2. Rachel

    Sounds like a blast!

  3. Tim and Sara

    I've been throwing around the phrase "leather-gasmic" for years now, so I'm pretty sure I actually invented it. Just kidding. If I weren't the Anti-Craft I would be all over some Little Tiny DIY kits!! Let me know when you guys can come come to ABQ! We have plenty of room and would LOVE to have you! Just don't come the first weekend in Aug 'cause that's when we'll be in UT.

  4. Roxanne

    congrats! you will be great!

  5. mandy dominici

    I didn't get in, but I might come and see you at it even though I am a little sad about it. Just kidding! Of course I will come see you because I love you. I should have used the word "felt-gasm" in my artist profile too. Ha! don't worry I won't steel your word! You have explained my obsession with felt by inventing it, which is another reason why I love you. I should come crash your house again sometime.

  6. Monica Whitney

    Why does every good thing in life have to be in Utah? Cafe Rio..Creamery ice cream…Diet DP fountain soda from the Chevron next to the stadium..JCWs..Bombay House..chocolate covered cinnamon bears…AND fabulous craft fairs. I hope you show us some pics of the affair for those of us who live in crappier states.

  7. harper

    Dude…Craft Lake City! So freaking awesome, can't wait to come visit your booth.

    P.S. I totally have a blogger crush on you and your craftyness. And I promise I'm not a creepy internet person. pinky swear.

  8. Alison

    Thanks for the support lovers!

    Monica, I'm assuming? On behalf of the state of Utah I would like to extend an invitation TO GET YOUR BOOTY BACK HERE!


    CRUSHES ON ME AND MY BLOG IN ANY FORM ARE ENCOURAGED 🙂 Moms need all the crushes they can get!

  9. joojierose

    um, hello again! ok so in a comment totally 100% unrelated to your post, i have been watching australia's version of masterchef online recently (i know you won't judge me for watching foreign reality tv – HA!), and there is a contestant that reminds me so much of you. she's super gorgeous, and i know that it's always a risk telling people they look like other people, but c'mon you're both gorg:

    she's the one with the short blackish hair who has to call her dad in the first video.

    so yes that is all, except to say that i continue to love checking out your blog from time to time, especially since andrea never posts (again, i'm an old friend of andrea + ali warcup, we met only briefly a few times in provs ages ago!).

    and the end! beijos to you and your gorgeous babe!

  10. Alison


    HAHAHA that is so funny! When she smiles (in the intro) I actually see what you mean! it's hard for me to see it otherwise, I think I really have no clue what I look like though!

    Thanks for keeping in touch! I tell Andrea to update and she never does!


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