Heather Ross Everything Tote

Ginger and I just got a Seven Peaks season pass (it’s a small water park near our house) and I realized I needed a tote that could fit diaper bag essentials, two towels, toys, snacks, floaties…you get the drift. I needed a big ol’ bag…because Seven Peaks is a BIG OL’ STAY-AT-HOME-MOM FEST! It’s amazing.

I probably could have tried to make something up, but I bought Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross a while ago, and the book has a simple pattern for an “Everything Tote.” So I gave it a try with some Ikea fabric I got way too much of.

Ginger and I used the tote today, and it’s the PERFECT size. It’s definitely a grande.

everything tote - 1

Dirty baby hand print mirror…

everything tote - 2

everything tote - 3

everything tote - 4

Poof! It’s magically clean. Ginger is in awe.

everything tote - 5

The pattern was SUPER easy and very quick. When Ginger turned 9 months (like last week) she inexplicably started taking naps! (The sleep book promised she would so I GUESS it’s explicable) I tell you this because on Monday she took a three hour nap…THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED. And I was pretty much able to get the whole thing done in that time, and it would have been quicker if I hadn’t had a handle mishap. Imagine what I could have done if this baby had been napping for the past 9 months! Oh well. Look how cute she is.


Weekend Sewing has mixed reviews on Amazon. And there are some problems in a few patterns. For example the pattern for the Everything Tote calls for 1/2 a yard of fabric (in each color), when in reality you need a whole yard. However, Heather Ross has an errata on her website, and had I checked it I wouldn’t have bought the wrong amount of fabric for the lining. Kind of annoying. I do think that new versions have the errors corrected, but what can I say, I’m a trendsetter, I buy early!

I have made six projects from the book with success, and I think it has lots of simple, beautiful, projects. I bought it a couple years ago and I know I will continue to use it, so the book was WELL worth the price. So, even though people on Amazon go back and forth, that’s MY REVIEW, do with it what you will!

Anywhoo, the only thing I changed on the pattern was that I didn’t line the handle or the binding. Next time I would line the handle, but the lining on the binding would prove pointless, as it doesn’t show at all. Also, I would add more pockets. On a bag that big you need lots of pockets.

While I finished my bag I watched Step Up 3D on Netflix…all I have to say is AMAZING. By amazing I mean horrible. But the dancing really is so AWESOME. Can you stand those movies? I LOVE THEM. My sister and I have decided we want to abandon all else, and practice dancing 10 hours a day so we can get those sexy dancer bods. We agree we want the bodies to happen only as a result of hours and hours of dancing. Like oops, I did so many fly moves I now have a six pack.

You in?




  1. Rachel

    The bag looks perfect and I agree… I don't know what it is with dancing but you put it in just about anything (no matter how bad the acting, writing, plot, and cinematography)and I will watch it. And I am in on the abandoning everything and dancing for 10 hours a day… because not only do you get the amazing bodies you would have to get some amazing skills if you did it that often!

  2. amanda jane

    this is perfect. and i miss seven peaks.

  3. Megan and Justin

    that bag is adorable and i love seven peaks! 🙂

  4. Danielle

    Cute bag! Even cuter baby.

  5. Monica Whitney

    You dance for 10 hours a day..I'm going to dance for 12. And I will have an 8 pack.

    That bag is simply amazing. I have a creepy obsession for red stripes. And your blog.

  6. Alison

    rachel: Yes! No plot necessary. Just sexy moves.

    Amanda Jane: I promise seven peaks misses YOU

    Megan: thank you!

    Danielle: YOU STILL READ MY BLOG? hahah love you.

    Monica: Look at you FANCY PANTS! I bet you already have an 8 pack.

  7. andi

    darling tote! i'm so glad you commented on my photo friday post because i found your blog and love it. i'm your newest follower 🙂

  8. Tim and Sara

    Please count me in on the dancing plan. Also I would just like to dance this baby out.

  9. Jenna

    Yes, I will so do that.

    Good job on the bag! I love the look on little Gigi's face in the mirror. 🙂

  10. Alison

    thank you!

    andi: WELCOME!! xo

  11. annie (the annilygreen one)

    now i feel a lot better about watching step up 3 when i was home alone the other night. i'm still trying to convince my husband that the incredible dancing is worth the pain of sitting through the "acting" and "plot."

  12. Anonymous

    yEAH!!!! I want to have a 7 peaks pass with you soooo bad! And i want that bag and I want Londyn and ginger to play everyday. PLEASE!??!!?!? I miss you!!!! Oh and I am definitely IN on the dancing.. and the BOD!

  13. JenErik

    feel free to make me one of these for this summer. thank you. 🙂

  14. dana and justin

    very cute bag and aren't long naps amazing? ginger's hair is getting longer!

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