She deems him…

Squishy McSquisherson

This is Archie. Short for Archibald. His hot Mama made him this super hip Tiny T using the tutorial. I love how she used the two different grays. You just can’t go wrong with gray!

I REEEEEEEALLY (said super whiny) want a Spice Girls t-shirt, preferably with Ginger Spice on it, so I can turn it into a Tiny T for my Ginger. I looked on e-bay but wasn’t thrilled with the options. If any of you have a Spice Girls shirt you’re not using…I’d love to take it off your hands! I’ll trade you for it!

I hope you enjoy Mr. Squishy McSquisherson as much as I do.

Love your gutz!




  1. Rachel

    too funny!

  2. tori.nelson

    Is his name really Archie? I think I love him. He is TOO MUCH CUTE for my little brain to handle.

  3. annie (the annilygreen one)

    what if you did a freezper paper stencil of her face? like this…

  4. Breanne King

    Archie is feeling the love. I think thats what hes talking about in his crib right now.

  5. Roxanne

    haha i love this so much. archie is so dang cute and chubby. and, i really wish i had a spice girls shirt for you. i was huge fan…even if my friends always made me be scary spice when we played spice girls.

  6. amanda jane

    If I had a spice girls shirt, I'd give it to you in a second.

  7. Alison

    oh! Annie I LOVE that suggestion! and perhaps a silhouette would be more appropriate than the actual bustier that I think Ginger spice usually wears…

    roxy, it's only because your hair is a gift, and we're all jealous of it.

  8. Amanda

    So, I have a Spice Girls shirt that I bought on my semester abroad back in '03. The only thing is that I spent 1 euro on it and they happened to botch the word Spice Girls so that it says "Spige Cirls". It's amazing, but the image may be coming off after all the washes it's been through. Pretty sure it's still in a bin in my attic. I'll have to check up on that one for you.

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