She had a good neighbor.

**WARNING, there are no crafts or baked goods in this post! SHOCKED? I did however, eat a piece of cherry pie while writing it. **

I tend not to get too attached to places and things. Diet Dr. Pepper? Yes. Bad TV shows? I’ll watch ’em for hours. I get obsessed but not attached. When I graduated from high school, and then college, leaving most of the friends I had made and places I had made a home, I shed a tear or two…maybe, and then became distracted with anticipation. My husband jokes there’s not a sentimental bone in my body.

So I was extremely surprised by how overcome with emotion I have been over the recent loss of a neighbor. No, they didn’t die, they didn’t even move out of the state. But they were, for two years, literally a stone’s throw in distance, and now they are gone.

You could always count on my neighbor, Megan, to be outside negotiating with her her two adorable but rambunctious boys, while holding her little girl who is just a few months older than Gigi. Megan was the tannest mom on the block for that reason, three kids and a total hot bod.

Megan figured out I was pregnant (before I was openly telling people) and brought me Caprisuns for my nausea. (Who knew? So GOOD!) And then when Ginger was born, and would cry and cry and cry, I could walk outside, and within a few minutes Megan would appear, either to hold Ginger, or make me feel better about still being in my pajamas at 3pm. And most days Megan made that fussy hour before Gigi’s bedtime fly, by taking time to chat with me, probably instead of doing a long list of things she needed to do.

Megan, was a phenomenal neighbor simply because she was a “neighbor.” And her absence, and the hole it has left in my day-to-day life, have made me wonder what kind of neighbor am I?

It’s very easy to go about our days, spending our limited free time with the people we are closest to, never thinking to reach out to the people who are GEOGRAPHICALLY closest to. Even if they are just superficial relationships at first. Because honestly, I think I spend more time making casual acquaintances ONLINE, than I do in real life. And if I’m not careful I might just become like that Sandra Bullock character in the movie The Net.

ANYWAY. Not to get all deep and heaven forbid didactic, but I’d thought I’d just throw it out there as sort of an “AH-HAH” that I’ve had lately. I’ve been having all sorts of Mr. Roger’s moments.

I think as I get older I’m becoming more sentimental because with age comes life experience. And with experience pain. And nothing makes your heart softer and more open than pain.

And so, on that note of blatant sentimentality, I will leave you with these pictures of some really amazing dads. I hope you have a Father in your life that was worth celebrating yesterday.

I’m very blessed to have quite a few.

Chicken Whisperer


Eric and Gigi with Cousin Josie and Uncle Brian (who encourages the girls to baby brawl)

Have a fabulous Monday!



p.s. I made the steak again (for my Father-in-law) STILL SO AMAZING
p.p.s. I guilted my Mother-in-law to baking me a WHOLE cherry pie, now I have a whole pie to myself
p.p.p.s and now you’re thinking, “Why doesn’t she share that pie with her neighbors?”
p.p.p.p.s. but I ask you, “Is pie really made for sharing?”


  1. Heather

    1. Megan really is/was the BEST neighbor! She (and YOU) make me want to be a better neighbor.

    2. She has the best tan on the block, hands down. Super hot bod…my goal body for post baby.

    3. Pies are awkward to share. They just get goopy and weird. Eat the whole thing by yourself…out of the pan.

    4. Do you like how most of my comments on your blog consist of numbered lists?

  2. amanda jane

    thanks for all your flower tips! PS. You have SUCH a cute little family. I can hardly stand it.

  3. tori.nelson

    This is so sweet, and now I am jealous and dying to move to a neighborhood with chatty, tan moms to talk to. The best I've got is an elderly gentleman who likes to mow his yard in red hotpants 🙁

  4. Rachel

    I'm sorry for your loss. I too am not a big crier or emotional person but I can understand that loss because not only was she your neighbor but also a close friend who was always there, day in and out. That is a huge loss. I hope as the years pass you two keep up in other ways, making each other a priority!

  5. Harley Dee

    I'm fortunate in the neighbor department too..

    P.S. I featured you on my Fun Monday post 🙂

  6. Megan

    Alison!! Honestly, I'm touched. Really though, I needed you more than anything.

    What am I ever going to do without countless diet cokes/dr. peppers delivered to my door, yummy delicious treats that made me gain 15 pounds (but really who cares, because they were all SOOOO amazing), calling to each other from porch to porch, and honestly just the best friend ever?

    Now you will just have to text me pictures of all your latest creations. I don't want to be out of the loop.

    As we drove away on Friday I sobbed. Hardest thing EVER. Way harder than moving there four years ago.

    And Heather…you are an AMAZING neighbor. The mattress…oh the mattress. Saved my life.

    As for the tan, everyone will get the last laugh when I am 50 with skin cancer from head to toe. But you know, whatever.

    And those pictures…I love those two babies. I miss them.

    Love you!!!

  7. Megan

    sorry for the novel…

  8. Crystal

    no pie is not made for sharing, unless it's a whole, unadulterated pie.

    And Alison, I made the steak AND the Russian Cream for my mom's birthday and all I can say is THANK YOU! it was fanfreakintastic and all i've been doing is receiving praises ever since.

    Thank you for always sharing your favorite things, you are a wonder.

  9. Alison

    tori- that's something no one can take away from you!

    crystal- I am honored that you trusted my recipes for such a special occasion! And THRILLED that they turned out!! xox

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