She has a donut cupcake internal struggle.

I have been watching Cupcake Wars on Hulu. In my opinion the only reason to get cable would be to have the Food Network, and now Cooking TV. But my days as a crook are over.

Anyway, back to Cupcake Wars, the host is BEYOND ANNOYING. He’s always saying these melodramatic snarky comments (worse than mine, I swear). But, it has rekindled my obsession with baking. Which has been overshadowed lately with my obsession for felt and leather.

I can’t stop thinking about cupcakes…which brings me to donuts. Because I LOVE this print from Ashmae, (I may have shared it before)



I think the sentiment is true. Except I do not agree that cupcakes are passe or not worth our time and attention. Yes they were a huge trend for a while, but I don’t think that makes them evil or uncool. How could something so delicious be uncool? Sometimes we denounce trends once they go “mainstream” for the sake of being hip perhaps? But I won’t do it with cupcakes.

But I have made my fair share of cupcakes, and I’m ready for a new challenge. And that challenge is donuts. I’ve hesitated in the past because deep frying always makes your house smell horrible. And I have a small house. But the donut’s siren call is too sweet and sensual to ignore.

I have a few recipes in mind, but if you have any that YOU’VE tried, I would love to be directed to them. I guess if you have any that look good, let me know. But I have found dozens that LOOK good. I’m more interested in tried and tasted.

Either way. I will most likely be sharing my adventures in donut land. For my sharing cannot be stopped, and there are many calories to consume!!!


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  1. Nichelle

    my sentiments exactly! i sure hope you have tried the chocolate on chocolate donut from 7-11 in the middle of the night when their shipment comes in and they're fresh. i know it sounds too white trash to be true, but they're soooo good. anyway, i actually have mastered one kind of donut, and it's only because nate' mom/family makes hundreds of them every year for christmas. so my take is that mastering the donut takes a mentor and practice, practice, practice. unless you're alison freaking robertson and you can just nail anything on the first try

  2. Heather

    I like cupcakes, but I LOVE donuts. I must admit, one day I was trying to give Ashmae inspiration and I said, "You need a kitchen painting..make something that says 'donuts are the new cupcake' and this print is what happened. True story. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to steal ANY thunder from my dear cousin, but I must admit the print is pretty "sweet". Haha. I'm terrible.

    Item #2. The host of cupcake wars is terribly obnoxious.

    #3. You can ALWAYS bring me cupcakes. I will eat them faster than you can say cupcake.

    #4. I'm been wanting to try this baked donut recipe for A WHILE now..maybe for fringe fest?

  3. Heather Lea Zweig

    This is all very exciting.

  4. Melany

    hi there i'm just a random commenter who found your blog through "clothed much" and i HAVE to agree with you about the cupcake wars host!! i complain to my husband every time we watch it about how he reminds of a little annoyingly smug little keebler elf. ha!

  5. River Trout

    i want to start a donut tradition this fall because i love the jensen family tradition so much. they are so delicious. i am behind you on this endeavor and am going to start my own experimentation soon too. maybe we can do it together. forget the pie!!!

  6. Alison


    STOP IT. I cannot stop laughing!!!
    Keebler elf is SO DEAD ON. Honestly, Ted Allen is a little much, but we all accept him. That guy? Can we like vote him off?

  7. Jenna

    Baked donuts, girl! I make some deliciously wicked pumpkin ones at Halloween time (and Thanksgiving time, and Christmas time, and … oh heck, all year long!). Super easy without the frying smell.

  8. Elle and Jared

    this is just like elementary school when all the kids were talking about that show where everyone got "gacked" with slime on nickelodeon and i didn't know what they were talking about because we we were too poor to have cable. the food network is the only reason besides the real housewives (all of them) that i want cable.

    i hope you succeed in your doughnut mission. these doughnut holes look pretty amazing to me:

  9. hanner

    lately i am craving donuts all the time so i agree with this sentiment. and it is unfortunate that cupcakes have a bad reputation these days, but i am constantly reminded of how tired i am of the craze when i drive by georgetown cupcake (of dc cupcake "fame") and see the line going down two city blocks. i will bake cupcakes and charge those fools $2.75 if they would rather skip the line.

  10. Sarah Flib

    Just remember that I'm only a block and a half away and always happy to be a taste tester. Or to come over and play with your baby while you make the donuts. Good luck on your quest!

  11. Luz e. {Wee Waldorf}

    I'll take a donut over a cupcake any day. Not that I need it.

  12. tori.nelson

    Ok, I'd like that print to get in my house. I will say, though, that there is no donuts OR cupcakes. I think the world deserves to have both.

  13. Sharon

    Unfortunately the best recipe! My daughter loves to bake, & she made these once.

  14. Alison

    elle- HULU!!! yOu can be in the know!


    Hannah- oh come on, don't deny the tourists their fun! there's hardly anything else to do in DC… 🙂

    Sarah: NOTED

    Sharon- THANK YOU!! I will totally put it to a taste test!

  15. ashmae

    Alison, I have to say I have nothing against cupcakes. I will eat them in a house, or with a mouse, but I love donuts, and how kind of sad this bear looks eating the whole platter. thanks for the shout out!

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