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CANADA: Good patterns, Bad Television

I LOVE reviews. I hardly buy, or make anything without reading reviews first. So because I have benefited from others hard work, I thought every Friday I would share a review of my own. It might be for a pattern, or a recipe, or a really bad Canadian TV show about a pop star that you can watch two full seasons of when you have the stomach flu (Instant Star!). But just so you know, no one is like giving me perks for reviewing these things. If they wanted to, or would, I would totally compromise myself as a writer and take the perks! KIDDING…But, alas, no one has offered anything yet. I am totally unaffiliated with anyone but Ginger.

So for my very first OFFICIAL review I thought I’d review the pattern for the hoodie I just made Ginger! (For pictures of her wearing it over her jammies see previous post)

The pattern is from the Etsy shop Heidi and Finn, (which is also coincidentally, Canadian) it’s the Urban Unisex Hoodie. When I bought the pattern it was $5 , but I see the price has risen to about $6.

Here are some pictures of my finished product:




I’ll start by saying I really liked this pattern and it was well worth the money! In fact, I’m really glad they raised their prices, I think this pattern is worth $10. I get annoyed when people don’t charge enough for their handmade items! But as Bobby Brown would say, that’s their prerogative.

It is sent, as most patterns are on Etsy, as a PDF, and then you piece the pages together to make the full-size pattern. It runs from 6m-5t, so you can get a lot of use out of it. The pattern contains a reasonable number of pages, and the pieces are put together easily. This is not always the case with patterns like this.

I would say this pattern is best for an advanced beginner. Sewing with knits, as you do for the Tiny T Tutorial, would be the toughest part of the pattern. But she gives you some good tips, and honestly if you wanted to make this, but weren’t sure of your skillz, I’d make a few Tiny T’s (not to overtly promote my tutorial! Ha) because they would be a good starter project for you. If you’re comfortable working with knits, this product can be whipped out in an afternoon.

There are a lot of pictures in the pattern, and they are pretty clear. The directions are detailed and easy to understand as well. I only had one hiccup, and it was totally my fault. I didn’t believe the pattern…but I should have. You CAN turn an entire hoodie inside-out through the sleeve! My pride and foolishness resulted in about an hour of unpicking (but I had Instant Star to keep me company, oh Tommy Q!)

For my hoodie I used a cotton jersey knit with spandex for the exterior and the lining. I wanted the hoodie to be light enough for Gigi to wear on Summer nights, but I think it is big enough she can wear it into the Fall. I made her the 6M (Ginger is 8 months) and it fits loosely, but still cute. I feel if you go to all the trouble to make your baby something it may as well fit for a while.

One reason mine might be a tad looser is because I used an overlock stitch instead of a zig-zag, and this expanded my seam allowances. But it also keeps things a lot neater. But other than that I followed the pattern exactly.

I’m BEYOND obsessed with my buttons, and surprisingly enough I found them at Joanns. In fact all of my fabric (for this jacket) is from there, they have a limited selection of knits, but I didn’t want to wait and order fabric online.

So, I highly recommend this pattern, it’s a steal of a deal, and you can really customize your hoodie with your fabric or button choices.

If you have any questions, commments, or suggestions for similar patterns, or really, really, horrible Canadian TV shows, I mean, so bad that it’s like watching a car crash, you want to look away but you just keep pushing play…PLEASE by all means, let me know.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, full of Instant Star, or cheesecake. I will be making my Russian Cream for a baby shower tomorrow and I’m so excited about it I CAN’T WAIT. I should start fasting now, but I won’t.




  1. Alexandra

    "or as Bobby Brown would say" lmao

  2. Lorraine

    Allison, so great to find your outrageously creative blog and see pics of your cute family! El told me you have seen each other and it looks like you are having a lot of fun:)

  3. Cirque Du Bebe

    Love those vintage gold buttons with that teal colour. Nice job. Make sure your post it on the Heidi and Finn photo pool on flickr 🙂

  4. Staci

    This is so random, but I was actually in Toronto this past week watching their version of PBS with my 2 year old and "Gisele" from "Gisele's Big Backyard" reminded me slightly of a less-cute version of you. And then you talked about Canadian TV on your blog…

  5. Lauren

    Chad and I loved that incredible dessert! Unfortunately I spilled the berries all over my light blue blazer on my way home. But thanks again!

  6. RaeO

    Thanks for the review – I have been thinking about getting this pattern and your review has helped me 🙂

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