She’s real mad.

So, I’m serious, I probably spent 10 hours putting that tutorial together. And now it’s gone. Blogger was having some problems, and for some reason, it’s gone. GONE GONE GONE.

Erased. Done. Never to be heard from.

So I’m really sorry. I will try to regroup and rewrite it I guess. But until then. I don’t even know what to say other than



  1. Sweet Little Smoothie

    I completely share your sentiment! Why Blogger, why?

  2. noelle regina

    don't rewrite. same thing happened to me yestereday. POOF! and then it came back. give blogger a chance at redemption.

  3. Becca

    do you have it set up to where it emails you the post when you post it? if so, you could just save out the photos and copy and paste the text. if not, then that is very frustrating indeed. 🙁

  4. Becca

    also, i know a couple of people who've said their posts that went missing were somehow recovered by blogger. so maybe there's a chance that will happen.

  5. Alison

    Noelle- I hope so! Everything else that was gone came back…BUT THAT!

    Becca- I'm setting my thing so it does that email when I publish! I didn't have it like that but now I see the value! Thank you!

    Thanks for your sympathy! LUCKILY my friend had it open in her browser and was able to send me the text. I'll just have to drop the pictures back in. Which still is annoying, but not as bad as trying to remember what I wrote! But I'll give blogger til monday to redeem itself!

  6. tori.nelson

    Bummer. I erased an entire post the other day. The only logical thing left to do was kick the computer…and cry.

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