She’s not going to apologize.

My sister insisted that we show up to her dinner party with a talent. We brought them this. It was not rehearsed, I just let my heart guide me and my moves. Honestly when I was doing it I thought it was going to look soooooooo good. I’d like to say that if I had known I looked like this I would have stopped…but let’s face it. We all know I can’t be stopped.


  1. Breanne King

    um you do look good!

  2. AaReAn

    you're freakin awesome…awesome and hot. Now that is a good duo.

  3. Corca

    You have some sweet moves. I love this.

  4. Heather


    Watching this will be a daily routine for Cole and I! You are the BEST! (Eric was pretty good too!).

  5. Adrienne

    This. This is why we're friends.

  6. Jenna

    You made my whole life!

  7. Whitney

    That is amazing. So old-timey. My heart breaks over the cardigan. I even searched in other places for it. It is too cute to be replaced by a brown wannabe. We miss you guys and want to see more pictures of the baby.

  8. Whitney

    P.S. Scott laughed out loud the entire time. He says that Eric is awesome.

  9. darcie

    it looks like you and dr. dre have the same home layout. twins! oh, and nice moves. eric steals the show a little bit though.

  10. Julie

    That is amazing. We laughed the whole time. I can't believe you made it up as you went. – Joe and Julie Meyers

  11. andrea


  12. Crystal

    well I'll be…. I hardly know what to say, in fact, I'm just sitting here giggling.

    That was fantastic. The best part being the "star" you made at the end and your "performing face".

    Eric is a great pianist, and I love the double thumbs up at the end that said "that was awesome, right!?" Maybe it's a good thing he had his back to you… bahaha, I kid, I kid. It was fan-freaking-tastic, and this is why I love you.

  13. Matt and Jennae Porter

    They should have hired you to choreograph the Napoleon Dynamite dance!!

  14. ashmae

    i'm not going to lie, my whole family just watched this together and boy was it a great way to start out the day. that was awesome. I'd like to come over and dance.

  15. mandy dominici

    You are a women of boundless talent!

  16. Dal-El

    I know her!

  17. marshall p


    Great Performance! I laughed! I cried! I laughed so hard I cried…

  18. Jessica Dahlquist

    We all have Eric to thank for bringing you out of your shell. To him, we are so grateful. I love it!

  19. PerniPwr

    way to unleash the dragon!

  20. Staci

    AHAHHAAHHA That was AMAZING! Eric and I had one heckuva laugh. Will you come to my next dinner party?

  21. JenErik

    ok. so first of all you should be on the Lawrence Welk Show. Second of all thank you so much. Third of all why weren't you singing the words the whole time at the top of your longs 🙂 I love you (too much).

  22. emilyhutchison

    I watched this 3 times now. Such a catchy tune, such catch moves. You two are one hell of a team.

  23. tori.nelson

    hahaha. Super sweet moves. Thanks for making my day!

  24. Heather

    Officially submitted to Ellen…

  25. Julie and Kyle

    i hope your not mad at me, but i just posted this to kyles facebook. too great to not share.

  26. rebecca @ older and wisor

    I've never seen such freakin' awesome "wings" (that's what they're called right? It's been too long…..) in my life. I'm outta breath just watching this. If it doesn't end with a booty pop and a blow kiss, it doesn't belong in a talent show. Brava!!

    {Linked over from For The Love and you've captured my attention and now I'm poking around, quite smitten. Really. Deep. Smit.}

  27. Cynthia

    how have I lived the past 10 months without seeing something so amazing!!! I love this and that your sister insisted on bringing a talent. Girl, you brought it!

  28. Alison I love you! I don’t believe for a minute that this wasn’t rehearsed! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

    Sophie xo

  29. jackie

    New to your blog and i love you now.

  30. Emily

    You rule at life so hard!!

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