She’s a new woman!


I honestly feel like a new woman! I worked for so long, and so hard getting ready for The Bijou Market, that I didn’t sleep, or EVEN EAT! for weeks! And now I’m pigging out, getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep (asking for more than that is just greedy in my opinion) and feeling like a human again. It’s wonderful. You can even KIND OF walk through my living room…kind of. And to top it all off, Ginger is taking her SECOND nap of the day. Did one of you come and switch babies with me in the middle of the night? Well, no trade backs! This one is a keeper.

The Bijou Market went really well! It was a great learning experience and it gave my new shop, The Little Tiny, some great exposure. People acted like, and told me as well, the mobiles and patterns were awesome! And that’s always nice, to feel awesome. There really was nothing else there like it, which was good and bad. I think when people buy a pattern they need to think about it for a bit because it’s commitment to spend time making something. And when people go to a craft fair they are more expecting to do some impulse buys. So that was an interesting thing I didn’t think about. In the future I hope to be able to have all of my products completed in time to put them out there on the web for people to think about BEFORE they see them at the market.

Eric was a CHAMPION and dismantled Ginger’s crib for me…and then reassembled it at the market. Because, the ONLY way to display my goods was in and over a crib. I could not use a table! I didn’t get any great pictures, everything happened so fast, but here are a few to give you a taste. They are really yellow…




I think my packaging was pretty awesome. Anyway, there were so many great things at the market! And some of my very favorite were some new nursery prints by Kantan Designs! There is this Lion that will steal your heart! Look at him! I’m also really digging their number prints and little dinosaurs.

So freaking cute! Heather is offering 30% off on these and doing a give away on her blog The Coterie and I just love them so much I wanted to give you all a heads up! The give away ends on Friday!

Today is also my sister Andrea’s birthday! So if know her, send her some love. If you don’t, well, she’s a lot like me…only crazy in a different sort of way.

Ok! I love you all. Go fight win!




  1. Heather

    Your booth was SO SO amazing! It knocked everyone else's displays out of the freaking water!

    Thanks for the shout out!

    And Happy Birthday to Andrea! We'll be stopping by later today!


  2. Crystal

    hello… I still want to buy one of these, but I don't live anywhere near provo. Would it ship??? I want the 'owl' one and the 'ahoy' one.

    Glad it went well at the market, now start getting them out to the world (aka Logan).

  3. Becca

    good for you! wish i could've seen it in person.

  4. Corca

    Your set-up for the market looks awesome. So sorry I couldn't make it. Love all your stuff. I'm glad it was successful! 🙂

  5. mandy dominici

    You are my hero!

  6. tori.nelson

    Your booth setup was so cute! The crib was a must!

  7. Jordan P

    love your display and packaging! so cute!

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