She’s got a big weekend!

Hello beautiful.

Well, I have been literally barely sleeping (ironically Ginger now sleeps through the night HOORAY!) and working around the clock for the Bijou Market which is THIS Friday and Saturday! Even if you’re not in the baby mobile or plushie pattern market…there are a lot of great vendors and fun things there! Like I’ve heard rumors that Diana and Martin of Yan Photography will be taking instant photos for all market-goers! That’s worth the trip right there. You all know how I love Yan.

I’ll be working the Market from 10-2 on Friday and Saturday, if we haven’t met in the flesh, come and say HELLO! I look a lot like this minus the adorable baby:

So happy together

And I’ll probably be wearing that same shirt too! I’ll be in and out after two…and Ginger might even make a few appearances! I know, alert the paparazzi.

Here’s all the info! If you live in the area I think it’s so great to support local peeps. So show your love!


And I LOOOOVE you all!


The Little Tiny


  1. Kristin

    Adorable baby is right, geez. I just wanted to tell you this photo has given me the confidence to maybe cut bangs again. I've been all, "But are bangs COOL, still?" And you are the coolest, soooo. Yes.

    Good luck at Bijou Little Tiny!

  2. noelle regina

    wish i could be there. you know how much I LOVE CRAFTS. know you will rock it. xoxo

  3. ashmae

    cute! i am working then too! i'm excited to see your stuff!

  4. Jessica Dahlquist

    Good luck! So proud of you!

  5. Diana

    well aren't you the sweetest and sassiest thing. i might have just bought myself a bijou outfit today. dress to impress right? not that target is all that impressive…

  6. Carolyn

    I love her big smile!!!

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  7. tori.nelson

    Good Luck crafty mama!

  8. Whitney

    I wish I could go. You ladies look great and I don't know if I've ever seen a cuter baby girl. And if you don't tell me where you got -or heaven forbid if you made- Gigi's yellow sweater in the last post, I'm going to cry. And it ain't pretty when a fat, pregnant lady cries.

  9. meg

    Yeah. I am the proud owner of a Little Tiny masterpiece. My life is ummm oh like a million times better because of it.

  10. Nichelle

    GINGER!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUU! how cute is she! i mean you look hot and skinny and glowing, but that ginger is way too much to stomach. i love her! i so wish i could go:( i am so sad about this. may you be blessed with many sales

  11. Nichelle

    and who's cutting your hair?? patrick? it looks amazing! should i do those soft bangs you have?! you make me want them cause they look so good on you! but i haven't even had mine grown out that long. why'd you do this to me? i wasn't even thinking about bangs!

  12. Jordan P

    I love that picture of you and ginger! xoxo

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