She’s fallen and she can’t get up.

Since my last post I’ve literally spent every spare, waking, minute trying to finish my patterns for the Bijou Market. The patterns are 10-11 page PDF’s and so, well, they take A WHOLE LOT OF TIME. I’ve also been busy making some instructional videos that will come as part of the pattern. Just another stepping stone on my path to becoming the SUPERSTAR I’ve always thought I already was.

While I’ve been busy working on my product line: The Little Tiny, the little tiny herself, Ginger, has learned some new tricks. Little Gigi, at 6 and half months can finally roll from her back to her tummy. As first time parents we were thrilled and so proud of our little dumpling for her new trick. “Oh Ginger!” we exclaimed, “You’re so smart! You’re such a genius! An Olympian! You ROLL girl!” Ok, I might have said all those things while Eric just said, “Oh good job Gigi!!”

Little did we know all the strife this little dog and pony show would bring us. Even though Ginger has been able to roll from her tummy to her back since she was about six weeks old, she for some reason can’t figure out how to do it now that she can roll onto her stomach on her own. Sometimes she can figure it out while playing on the floor, but only with a lot of dramatic grunts and writhing. If she happens to roll onto her tummy while in her crib, well, all hell breaks loose.

She’ll play for a while, then when she just can’t take it anymore, she puts her face into the mattress and starts wailing helplessly. I swear I can hear her saying, “I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP!” I’m happy to turn her over. But it mostly presents a problem because she can’t stay on her back long enough to get a nap. Which means, she gets irritated that much faster because she’s tired. If only we could get her The Clapper, it always worked wonders for the old lady in the commercial. Then again, she can’t clap yet, so it looks like I’m just screwed until she remembers how to roll the opposite way.

Here we are in St. George (we went with Eric’s fam a few weeks ago), I’m beaming with love for my baby, and Ginger is showing you all just what she really thinks of me.

Gigi Thinks Mom Stinks

And here she is in a 6 month photo showing what she really thinks of all of you.

Ginger at 6 months

And here’s an owl I designed. (Not that giant Knit one, the little flannel ones. The knit one was made by women in Kenya.) I call him the Happy Hooter, and the pattern will be for sale at the market.

Happy Hooters


Ginger’s personal Clapper


  1. Heather

    HAPPY HOOTER?!?!?!!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! I love that! Can you get ANY more clever?! I think not. Can't wait to see your happy hooters at the Bijou Market!

  2. Heather Lea Zweig

    I get so excited when I see that SheBlogSheBlogs has an updated post in my reader. Really, really excited. Thanks for not disappointing the Zweigs with another winner of a post.

    Also, great new header!

  3. Shelly

    I LOVE those Happy Hooters!

  4. Amanda

    Ugh babies… They're so helpless. They're lucky they're cute. Gigi has some priceless expressions. She seems to love to give her mama some sass.

  5. Whitney

    Can you pleeease tell me where you got that yellow cardigan for Ginger? And if you tell me you made it or something I'm going to die.

  6. tori.nelson

    Haha! Happy Hooter. Classic!
    On an artsy but totally unrelated topic, I have lost my mind and decided to let my blog readers plan my wedding. Yep. Every bit of it! I would love to feature your Etsy shop with options of invites/prints for readers to vote on if you are down with that!
    Let me know!

  7. ashley

    Amazing. I wish I could be there at the Bijou market… maybe I need to take a road trip. You are so creative and I love everything you make, including Ginger. She is so cute and I want to give that cute face a kiss! I bet George would too– he's a kisser!

  8. Nichelle

    you look hot

  9. Holley @ Lunges and Lashes

    babies and old people, everything always comes full circle doesn't it?!

    ps, i choose "lunges and lashes," thanks for you help!

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