She’s The Littly Tiny

As you know, I’m always pretending like I’m really busy, when in reality what I’m usually busy with is a bunch of voluntary craft and art projects that give me an excuse to keep my house perpetually dirty and stay up late watching My So-Called Life reruns while I finish them.

I recently came to the realization that even if I have freelance copy writing work to do, and a house to clean, and a baby to feed (they eat like, all the time, those darn babies) I will always spend whatever time I can making and baking and crafting things. So I decided like every other Mormon mom…I better start to turn that into a livelihood if at all possible.

My first step in that direction is to take part in the Bijou Market in Provo, that is coming up on April 8-9th. And I’m really excited about it!

My line of products is called The Little Tiny. I plan on making mostly baby-related craft and sewing patterns. What I’m creating for the Bijou Market is a line of Baby Mobile patterns, and also a few plushie patterns.

My fabulous friend and also Bijou Market vendor, Heather took some pictures of a few of my mobiles. Here are my Russian Dolls Mobile and the Owl in the Trees Mobile.

Russian Dolls Mobile

Russian Dolls Mobile

Owl in the Trees Mobile

Owl in the Trees Mobile

And here’s a sneak preview of my Ahoy! Mobile, the picture is from my phone. I’m really loving this one…


The patterns will include step-by-step how-to’s on how to make your very own mobile! You don’t even need a sewing machine! They are PDF’s (burned onto a CD) that have very clear picture-based instructions, a material list, pattern pieces, and resources for stitches and all needed skills! So even if you aren’t crafty at all, you can totally make these. The kits I’m selling at the market will also include Baker’s Twine and some other needed goodies. I have been making some for friends and I have a hard time giving them away when they are done. They’re so cute to look at! I think they make a fun decoration even if you don’t use it as a baby mobile.

Also, in time for Easter, I’ve created this Peek-a-Boo Bunny Pattern. It’s super easy, but really cute (I think) and little kids love to play peek-a-book with the bunny’s floppy ears. I’ve been making them out of flannel and they are so soft and cozy!

Peek-a-boo Bunny in mint

Peek-a-boo Bunny gives a profile

I will have some actual mobiles and bunnies and some owls for sale at the market. There will be one of each of my 5 mobiles for sale. But mostly I’ll be selling the patterns, because what I love more than anything is creating the designs. I’m not a professional production machine! I love doing the mobiles because they are entirely done by hand and are so sweet, but it would be hard to sell them for a price that is worth the time. They take quite a bit of time. Though they are totally worth it!

So, sorry to like promote myself. But then again, not really! Ha! I have to promote it to remind myself to FINISH all I need to finish! Which is…A LOT!

Ok! Love your guts! But before I sign off, I’m sure what you REALLY want is a picture of the REAL Little Tiny, in the flesh.

Cute as a Cupcake

Yeah she’s cute as a cupcake.




  1. Heather

    YES YES YES! I'm SO excited about everything you do (like you don't already know that!). I'm posting about you and your craftiness first thing tomorrow!

  2. The Greens

    I'll be honest, i didnt read your post. I just scrolled down to get my fix of little miss ginger. she is darling! ok, i'll go back and read 🙂

  3. Wendy

    I'll even say she is cuter than a cupcake! Love the craftiness you are showing! Good luck at the fair. 🙂

  4. David and Shalynna

    Oh, I'm so excited! I love the Bijou market. I hope to see you there!

    The mobiles are just darling. I can't get over the Ahoy! one. We just found out that we're having a boy. I should buy the pattern (or mobile) for his nursery.

    I have a great idea. You MUST put together a pattern for that Christmas tree advent calendar you made. I've thought about that thing a million times and I even made it as one of my new year's resolutions to make something similar. Please make a pattern! I'd buy it! 🙂

  5. Nichelle

    First things first, we've not talked in so long that we have not realized that we are both simultaneously watching "My So-Called Life." Ugh Jordan Catalano, that leaning. Those mobiles are out of this world, REALLY. I don't even know how you are my friend, I make nothing. The real star of this post though is Ginger, I am dying to see her and kiss her. I'll call you tomorrow.

  6. Crystal

    I think I need one of the 'owl and trees' and one of the 'ahoy'. How do I go about getting that if I can't make it to the market?

  7. Club Narwhal

    L to the OVE!!!!! also, love the whales on your Ahoy mobile. Might just need to put them in my pocket.

  8. mandy dominici

    I have been wondering what you have been up to. I am glad it is something amazing and fun. SUUUPPPPERRR cute! That little cupcake is to so precious!

  9. Tiffany

    Love them! My goal in life is to one day be as talented as you

  10. Justin J

    I am not crafty and you kinda have me wanting to make one of your mobiles if i ever have another baby! Also, Ginger is so cute and I'm pretty sure she really likes me after your last visit;)

  11. Justin J

    This is not justin it's dana… sorry!

  12. Alison

    Thank you!

    Crystal, I'll be putting them in an online shop soon after the market, but the pattern are PDF's so they can be sent via email! (when they are done…)


  13. Jessica Dahlquist

    Oh my… you win. Craftiest mom with the cutest little ladybug! Miss you guys!

  14. meg

    I love this Alison. Seriously I can feel your craftiness floating over to my house. It is inspiring. Can't wait to be a CUSTOMER!

    ps. Your ginger cookie could not be any sweeter.

  15. tori.nelson

    The bunny is the cutest thing I've ever seen… second to the REAL Little Tiny!

  16. Nicole Christensen

    so pumped for bijou

  17. Sam and Alexis Scheid

    LOVE all this craft. So amazing. That plushy bunny look so yummy! MMmmm. xoxox

  18. Diana Smith

    What an adorable Mobile! that is sooo cute! I love it!

  19. miss macri

    oh my – I am SO in love with your mobiles!

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