She’s got competition!

I am beyond thrilled to announce the birth of my first and only niece, and Ginger’s one and only cousin:

Josie Jean Williams!!!

Baby Jo Williams

My beautiful sister Andrea gave birth to little baby girl Jo on February 12, at 11:28 pm. Baby Jo popped out, with great difficulty, weighing 9lbs 7oz and measuring 20 inches. So basically she’s a little giant. But a super cute and beautiful one!

Both Brian (dad) and Andrea are so in love with their little doll, and so are we! After a little bit of a rough entrance for both mom and baby, Josie and Andrea are now safely home. Yesterday we got the cousins together for their first encounter. I think it went really well…don’t you?

Cousin's first meeting!

Haha, Ginger was actually loving it, and smiling the whole time, just not of course when the camera was brought out. I can’t believe Ginger is already 5 months old, she seems so much bigger than baby Jo!

Here is baby Jo and her mom looking beautiful. It is so amazing to see my little sister take to being a mom so naturally. Maybe I haven’t needed to mother her all these years…

Beautiful Mom

On Saturday night we anxiously waited outside of Andrea’s delivery room for hours and hours of what we later found out was a very intense labor. Then all of the sudden I heard this little cry. I immediately welled up with tears, and shouted, “I heard her!” She didn’t have a name yet, but I was overcome with so much love. Aren’t babies incredible? I’m amazed at how much I already love my little niece. I thought there was only room in my heart for Gigi! But apparently I can love another.

My niece Jo

Isn’t the hair amazing? It’s sooo soft. Ginger and I are only a tiny bit jealous of it.

Andrea’s husband said the cutest thing about Josie, and I thought it was the best way to describe having a new baby. He told my mom (Grandma) that, “It’s like a cross between having a new toy, and a crush on a girl.” Don’t you LOVE that!?

Anyway, welcome welcome welcome little Josie. We love you with all our hearts! Ginger’s not even jealous she has to share the attention. But she did insist on just one more picture of her…just to even things out. What kind of mom would I be if I said no to such a reasonable request?

You lookin at me?

Love you all!


Aunt Alison


  1. AaReAn

    aaaaaah oh my gosh. okay she is just beautiful! 9 lbs! Way to go Andrea!!!! So glad everyone is okay! 🙂 She is just perfect!

  2. Elle and Jared

    She is so beautiful! Talk about two babe-babies! Congrats Andrea!!!

  3. Breanne King

    I am SO EXCITED for Andrea and Brian!!!!! I'm jealous, and I want to go over and look at her, but I'm showing such restraint by not!! Yay for Faulkner/Williams/Robertsons!

  4. noelle regina

    oh goodness. jo is ADORABLE. can't wait to see matching cousin outfits!

    is andrea ok?

  5. dana and justin

    awww congrats to andrea! the thing her husband said really is the cutest. i love her dark hair!

  6. Nichelle

    that hair! that skin! what a little doll! and only 2 oz lighter than Oscar! ok but let's get back to ginger now, she's so old and big now! and her face is ridiculous alison. i really am falling head over heels for ginger. what a beauty queen. it's those eyes man, those eyes. ugh i want to smother her face with kisses

  7. Nicole Christensen

    all that dark hair is amazing!

  8. Amanda

    I love her newborn double chin! What a doll. Ginger and Jo… those two are going to be trouble!

  9. JenErik

    Hooray for Andrea! I love her name. SO cute. Isn't it crazy how big Gigi seems next to a newborn. Crazy.

  10. Alexandra

    Did you know GaGa's boyfriend's car is named Ginger?! WIN.

  11. Brad

    Oh, what a lovely angel!
    Brad Fallon

  12. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Ok, she is seriously adorable!!! And baby Jo is too! 🙂 Does Gigi have a little birthmark on her tummy? Couldn't really tell from the pic. Shelby has one right in the middle of her forearm, and it never bothers me except when people ask me what she burned herself on. Awesome. Glad Andrea got that little missy out and hope she is recovering quickly. Love ya!

  13. jendar

    she is so beautiful!!! i'm so happy for andrea!

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