She didn’t shoot the sheriff.

 Tragedy struck at the Faulkner/Robertson home today. A while ago, like before Ginger was born, I made this giraffe.

Behold, Niles.

His name is Niles. I also, incidentally, posted a pattern for him, and the instructions on how to make him:

But this isn’t the tragedy. The tragedy is that today I found Niles like this…

The Scene of the Crime

Yes, those are his entrails. And this is EXACTLY how I found him. Dead in my slippers.

It’s especially sad because just days ago, Ginger was enjoying Niles like this…

Gigi Lovin on Niles

She loves grabbing on his little flappy arms, legs, and mohawk spears. But how can Ginger enjoy Niles now?

Nile's Entrails

Now that he’s dead.

It’s a good thing that I have this unbelievably adorable baby to cheer me up.

Ahoy! Ginger

I’m pretty sure she could win some kind of award in those pants. But maybe that’s just me.

Either way I will have to see if I can resurrect Niles.


  1. Jake and Jenna

    um can i have those pants? i want to eat ginger. sorry to hear about niles…

  2. emilyhutchison

    Those pants and matching shoes are the hippest thing I have seen on a baby. THOSE PANTS ARE KILLING ME. Who was the genius that thought of high waisted for a baby? I need to see her awake in real life.

  3. The Greens

    OMG!!! she is too adorable 🙂 i love her little outfit!

  4. Amanda

    She makes me look like a slob. Gigi is so put together. My baby lives in sweat pants. As do I.

  5. mandy dominici

    A true tragedy. Good thing Ginger is there to cuddle and comfort you. My condolences go out to you and I hope the giraffe might make a full recovery.

  6. Jana

    ahhh this may be my proudest moment that I can take credit for those pants and shoes. (well at least for picking them out.. they only look good cause they are on that adorable baby of yours.) gigi is such a hit.

  7. courtni

    I NEED ginger pants. trendsetter. LOVE niles. tragic. XO

  8. JenErik

    cutest picture ever. ever.

  9. Nichelle

    she's so old now alison!!! i can't take babyies changing so fast, it's sadder than niles. ginger is soooo cute and i think she has your eye shape. she looks so precious with those huge pretty eyes!

  10. Jessica Dahlquist

    That outfit! Dont' you have a matching one?

  11. Alison

    Jessica I wish! But seriously I think used to have pants just like that, but gave them away in one of my many crazy cleaning rampages where I'm "simplifying".

  12. dana and justin

    ginger is the most stylish baby i have ever seen. period. i am loving her smile! i am back in provo and i need to come see you!!! antm starts like the 23rd or something too!

  13. Nicole Christensen

    those pants make me want a girl like, NOW! poor Niles.

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