She’s a Crest girl now.

Gas stations are a place for addicts.

I may have mentioned this before, but I will mention it again. Gas stations are the place where people go to get their daily fix. Whether it be of candy, caffeine, or cocaine, ok ok, nicotine (but I was loving the alliteration!) the gas station is where it’s at.

One thing you probably know about me at this point, is that mama loves herself some diet cola. And this means I have my very specific preferences about gas stations. Yes I know this puts me in the company of a colorful crowd, and I’m not above that.

I used to be a Maverik girl through and through. I mean, it’s “Adventure’s First Stop!” And I sincerely believe that. The frozen yogurt is tops, I like the fountain drink selection they have there, and I always love the workers. What can I say, I like a place where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

But even though I’m a gas station aficionado, one thing I never understood was why some gas stations had drive-thru windows for your drinks and snacks. I mean, how lazy do you have to be not to want to filler-up yourself?

HA! That is what I thought BEFORE I had a baby.

Now I realize the important place drive-thru gas stations have in our society. Do you know how amazing it is that I can get a fountain drink without having to jostle Ginger out of the car? It’s the best thing ever!

I remember when she was a few weeks old I was driving aimlessly around town because the car was the only place she’d take a nap. I didn’t want any food, but I did want a drink. And then boom! It hit me! That’s what those drive-thru gas stations were for!

I now frequent the Crest near my home, even though I still love the Maverik, they don’t have a drive-thru. I love how the ladies who work at the Crest never look at you like a lazy fat slob for making them fill your drink and grab your M&Ms. They are so nice! Plus, they Crest 32ouncers have “Bigswig” written on the side of the cup in a sexy Old English looking typeface. It would make a fetching tattoo.

Anyway. I just wanted to publicly declare my love for these drive-thru gas stations. And my love for Diet Dr. Pepper, and the women who work at Crest, and peanut butter M&Ms.

Now the only thing left to do is think about what I will tell Ginger when she is old enough to ask why she can’t have any of mommy’s drink. What do you do? And boy, do I sound like an alcoholic or what?

“Shorry shweetie, no sips from mommy’s special sauce.”

And on that note…I sign off.




  1. Heather

    Crest is THE BEST! At our old house I could walk there in about 10-15 seconds flat. Yes, I said seconds. There was a guy in our old stake that actually said in a talk that, "The Crest girls don't judge". They really are THE NICEST! They'd always give Wanda beef jerky when I brought her in.

  2. Kimberly Ngarupe

    Crest on 9th has always been my go to spot. I love the drive-thru!

  3. Mame

    ALISON!!!!! There are not enough drive-through gas stations anywhere!!! I dream about them!! In texas, they have drive through gas stations …. where you can buy alcohol … in a glass. Gotta love TX. Love to see you blogging again. I am being induced tomorrow!!

  4. Jessica Dahlquist

    Funniest thing ever. It is so true. We don't have any drive though gas stations here to my knowledge. If I want to drive though somewhere it has to be a Mcdonald's… gasp! Glad you've found a way to get your fix without having to wake the babe!

  5. Tim and Sara

    I totally thought from the title that you had re-dedicated yourself to brushing. Wrong Crest. Sounds like you are on a good path towards needing some Dr. Timmy in your life! Haha! As I shove Macadamia nut clusters from Costco and fruit snacks in my face!

  6. PerniPwr

    remember when we would take the shell card (i think it was a shell station in poway) that you were supposed to only use on gas, and we would buy treats whenever we pleased? ahh the good old days. i remember always buying tigers milk bars…why the heck did i spend free money on tigers milk bars?? gross. thank you marilyn and craig:)

  7. Lisa

    oh so jealous!! we don't have any drive thru gas stations in WA. boo. I resort to Mcds. When my 4 year old became old enough to ask for my drink I told him it was too spicy. That lasted for awhile…..
    now he asks for sips of my spicy drink and swipes it when I'm not looking.
    he's a 4 year old addict. what can I say? its in his blood.

  8. Alison

    Heather I SLAPPED MY KNEE and clapped my hands. We need to make "The Crest girls don't judge" t-shirts!

    Lisa. "too spicy!" I LOOOOOOOVE it.


  9. Liz

    I was a fan of the drive thru Crest on 9th during college for sure. I had no child, just a sucker for convenience. I could go in my PJ's for crying out loud! With no bra on!

    Gold Bless Crest. You bet your bottom dollar that I will pay that place a visit every time I'm ever back in Provo.

  10. summer

    hi alison!
    i saw your cute nursery and adorable ginger over on the coterie blog.. and i'm just wondering, could you tell me where you got those cute animal prints (the duck and the raccoon) behind her mobile? i LOVE them!

  11. Ems

    I'm glad you brought to my attention the necessity of drive-thru gas stations for motherhood, I see it will be invaluable. I'm a bit away from that point still, but it's good to start scouting out possibilities for the future.

  12. Tavis Johnson

    im not too proud to say that i frequent that crest gas station for either a cherry coke or my all time personal favorite… mt dew.

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