She’s a crazy craft lady.

Well Santa brought Eric and I a snazzy new camera. And this means exactly what you think it means…TONS OF PICTURES OF GIGI in 2011!

Tons of pictures of Ginger AND my craft projects. I warn you now because if you don’t think you can get into that, then you may want to exit the blog. And I’m not apologizing because now that I’m a SAHM, you know, a “stay-at-home-mom” I’m not apologizing for anything.

So first things first, let’s all just focus on how cute Ginger is. And more specifically how cute she is in her new sherpa vest that Santa brought her.

Ginger is a sherpa

Sigh. So in love. Ginger’s not too bad either.

Moving on. I’ve turned into one of those crazy craft ladies who makes things for all her family and friends. Then those family and friends are expected to use/wear whatever I got the itch to make. This happened for Christmas in full force. If you are ever the victim/recipient of a crazy craft lady, please remember that we enjoy making these things. Just because we enjoyed making them, it doesn’t mean that you should feel obligated to wear/use whatever it was that we spent countless hours making for you. You didn’t ask us to do it, we did it of our own volition. There is no sarcasm in my voice. Seriously, it’s our own fault for wanting to be so crafty.

So with that said, here are some of the gifts that I forced on others this year. Here is the lovely Nichelle modeling the sequin ball earrings that I made using this tutorial from Martha.

Sexy Nichelle

And if flashy sequined jewelry wasn’t bad enough, I also silk-screened pictures of my child’s face onto onesies, baby t-shirts, men’s shirts, and grandma bags. Yes, I also made the grandma bags. To top it off, I even made a little luggage tag that is attached inside of the grandma bag so the grandmas could store…you guessed it, even more pictures of my child. It was such a rush to finish these that I didn’t get too many good pictures. But here are a few.



Gigi loves me Grandma Bag

And here is proud Uncle Kirk.

Gigi loves Kirk

The shirts might have been a bit much…but Ginger insisted on them. And speaking of Ginger, isn’t it about time we saw a few more pictures of her? She has honestly like doubled in size in the last two weeks!

This picture features the cutest shirt EVER from Adrienne, the best elephant ever from Jessica, and a quilt made by my mother in law, Grandma Debbie. Who is possibly an even crazier craft lady than I am! But she does have a few years on me…

New Friends

Ginger is your friend

Well! That is all I will subject you to for now. Stay tuned for more of my thoughts on being a SAHM, Rachel Ray, and seasonal socks.


love Alison


  1. Courty

    Aww GiGi is just SO adorable. I love being Aunt Corca. And you're cute too…you and all your Beautiful crafts! You are so talented Sis!

  2. T.RIPPY

    I want that pink elephant. Also, the sherpa vest was made for her.

  3. Erin Dougal

    Gigi is SO cute! I'm pretty much chasing Penelope around at church these days so I don't have time to sneak peaks at all the other cute babies. And I'm glad you are a SAHM/ crazy craft lady- because I've been that way too. So fun!

  4. Nichelle

    ginger looks like a baby now! i mean, she doesn't look like a newborn anymore! oscar loves his gigi T-shirt, especially since it's a t-shirt and not a onesie. thank you for posting that pic of me, I need as much publicity as i can get if i want a modeling career. i love my disco ball earrings. i've always said i should have been in my early 20's in the disco days, not the 2000's. And loving gold jewelry is just in my blood right? i'm just glad i get to benefit from your daily trips to joanns.

  5. Megan

    Heart. I miss her.

  6. Megan

    … and her sneezes.

  7. We Three Zweigs

    I've never missed living next door to you more than i do right now.

  8. ashley

    Ginger is adorable. Seriously, she is a really pretty baby!

  9. Sharon

    Oh my gosh–Gigi is SO cute!! Love the gifts and the pictures!

  10. Shalee

    You are my hero!!!

  11. Kam Belly Soup

    hieee! your little one is getting so big. i love those shirts and i love cameras and crafts too.

  12. Edward Quist

    So cute! I'm coming over. Love the shirts too. You are so talented.

  13. Brandon + Chelsea + Ella

    Ok honestly most babies are kind of crusty and splotchy, but Gigi has such neat hair and gorgeous skin. She is just perfection.

  14. Tiffany

    alison you are hilarious, gigi is beautiful and i like your earings better than marthas

  15. Lisa

    way to go on making such a beautiful child! I mean really though, most babies are just not that good looking. They're cute because they're babies, you know, but not, good looking. But yours is!!!! (i think mine are too, but I'm biased 😉 she's gorgeous!
    and seriously you're so smart for getting a nice camera early on in her life–i finally got one and my oldest is four. I cringe whenever i look back at all the poor quality pics of him when he was younger!! Such a good investment.
    Keep 'em coming!! xoxo

  16. Lisa

    If you sold those sequin earrings i would buy them.
    And maybe even a onesie for my 1 yr old too….just to display that he's already getting the love from the ladies 😉

  17. Alison

    Lisa Thank you!

    Gigi loves so many people I really have considered it!


  18. Nicole Christensen

    Though she and Dash have only briefly met, and there is a large chance that Ginger was asleep during the meeting, he would still LOVE to sport one of these, because we both know they are bound to love each other.

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