She’s Got the Christmas Spirit


I know it’s been like a month since I posted last, I’m sure you were all counting. But that’s because I’ve just been SO busy acting on my Christmas spirit! So FA LA LA ON THAT! All I can say is that this house has been turned upside down with Christmas crafts galore. Obviously I can’t share them with you, because a lot of them are gifts.

But even though I usually don’t know what day of the week it is, let alone day of the month, and I don’t leave the house much other than to go to Joanns, I DO know that Christmas is right around the corner. And how can I be so sure?? MY ADVENT CALENDAR. Huge duh. My little tree is almost full! This is what I spent most of last Christmas making, and it brings me so much joy I thought I’d share it with you.

Advent Calendar

I didn’t have a pattern or anything, but I saw this one and loved it so much I wanted to make something similar. I’m not gonna lie, making 24 tiny ornaments out of felt, and embroidering 24 numbers, and stitching on 24 squares and so on and so forth, well it took A LOT OF TIME. But this time last year I was wanting a baby, and I kept getting misty eyed thinking of my children fighting over who got to put up which ornaments in some future December. Well, it made the whole thing worth it. I used really nice felt so it would last for years, and I did a lot of measuring to make sure it all would fit together.

I don’t know which little doodad is my favorite…do you?

Rudolph and friends

Santa n' Crew

Advent Calendar

I’m kind of a sucker for those little mittens. I won’t tell you what the last little ornament for the tree is…but here’s a hint.

Advent Numbers

Ginger doesn’t care about the calendar this year. But she is pretty enamored with these dorky little balls I decided to hang from the ceiling. All I did was wrap yarn around Styrofoam balls. She loves them so much you’d think it was the King of Spain up there! Here’s Dad posing with her in her Holiday outfit.

Ginger loves those Christmas Balls

I hope your holiday season has been full of sugar cookies, cocoa, and Christmas balls. I love you all!




  1. Tim and Sara

    She is so beautiful. I like the reindeer the best. It looks hard.

  2. Heather

    Hi Ginger.

    Oh, and those sugar cookies were to DIE for! I can't stop nibbling on them. They're delicious! And Cole loves them too!

  3. Nichelle

    are you kidding me with that advent calendar?!?!?! that had to have taken you ate least 20 hrs and it would have taken me YEARS to finish. actually i wouldn't have finished it at all cause you wouldn't have been there to force me to finish what i started. i see so much of your face in Ginger now, i love it. especially in that picture of her with eric. she is gorgeous, tell her i said so. and tell her she's getting too old already. put her back in your belly for a bit.

  4. Scott Christopherson

    She is way better looking than her chump of a dad.

  5. Nichelle

    actually, i change my guesstimate to 60 hours. don't know what i was thinking with 20 hours

  6. Alison

    HAHA Nichelle. At least 60. Some of the ornaments themselves took 2 hours! ha. but if you want one for Christmas put your order in now for next year:)

  7. hanner

    ummmmmmmmmm i might have to copy that. maybe i'll work on it during the next 11 months.

  8. mgfaulkner

    Cutest baby ever.

  9. mgfaulkner

    By the way, I hope she enjoys the advent calendar because I bought the kits to make her a quiet book and I still haven't even bought the materials, it's been six months. At this rate it will be ready for HER grandchildren…. sorry, gammy

  10. Brooke Reynolds

    I love how it turned out.. I know it takes forever, but every year when you pull it out you'll get to appreciate it all over again!

  11. noelle regina

    gigi is getting SO BIG!
    and i love your advent. amazing.

  12. Jessica Dahlquist

    You are so talented. Just think about the excited face Ginger will make when she realizes how hard you worked on that calendar. She's obviously wowed by the balls.

  13. Amanda

    I had good intentions to make some holiday crafts with felt this year, namely a garland of felt mittens and felt trees, but with a newborn it kinda slipped by the wayside. You, on the other hand actually got a more difficult felt project finished. You are my hero. That being said, I may steal this idea and make one for myself.
    In other news, when do you get back to Utah? We'll be there Dec. 24th – Jan. 4th.

  14. Lauren Kay

    Thought I'd send this along since I know how much you love Gaga:

    Merry Christmas! Your calendar is so cute.

  15. Bek

    can you stop being so talented? it's giving me a complex.

  16. Wendy

    Love those Christmas Balls! 🙂 I'm glad I gave you the idea….

  17. andrea

    Ginger plus me equals love

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