She’s got talented friends.

So I’m so ridiculously lucky to have such amazing and talented friends. I’m even luckier that one of them just moved into my neighborhood!

Heather, of The Coterie, Kantan Designs and Heather Mildenstein Photography, yeah, this girl gets around, moved onto the block just in time to offer to take some newborn pictures of my little Ginger.

And I’m SO GLAD she did! Because not only did the pictures turn out wonderfully, but I certainly didn’t have my act together enough to try to coordinate a photo session without some serious help! How any new mom is on top of it enough to get pictures taken is BEYOND me. I’m calling these newborn pictures even though Ginger is technically around 4 weeks old. I mean, the girl was born 4 weeks early, so I think it’s pretty much sixes.

Anyway. If you’re in need of some pictures Heather is so, so, so amazing to work with. She doesn’t mind if you have to breastfeed before every shot so your child won’t be crying…and she’s full of fabulous ideas. She also got some shots of Ginger’s nursery that I’m sure one day I’ll be glad to have.

So without further ado…here are MORE PICTURES OF GINGER! It was hard, but I just narrowed it down to a few of my favorites.

I love that last shot, not because it’s full body 4 weeks post baby…but because I know it will be fun to remember the house she was a newborn in. As she was leaving we walked out to say goodbye, and Heather, genius that she is said, “Wait! I have to get this shot!”

She also took some of her nursery. I illustrated that Ginger bottle looking at some vintage spice bottles I have. And then I transferred it to cloth and embroidered it. I also made her bedding, her changing pad cover, and that little elephant. I always forget to take pictures of all the crap I make. So I’m glad Heather did!

Thanks again Heather! You are the best! To see more of her great work be sure to visit her blogs!


  1. emilyhutchison

    These are wonderful. I love these Ginger shots.You can post new pictures of Ginger everyday and that would be cool with me. You both are looking seriously good. I am also glad I get to see little Gigi's room. All that "crap" you made is unreal. Talk about talented friends.

  2. Heather

    Thanks girl!

    This was probably the most fun photo shoot I've ever done! You two are fabulous!!

    Thanks for the kind words!!


  3. Liz

    "I illustrated that Ginger bottle looking at some vintage spice bottles I have. And then I transferred it to cloth and embroidered it."

    Who are you? Stop being so talented yourself!!!

    Love the pics. I'm a fan of Kantan Designs. I have the "Fat gives things flavor" print proudly displayed in my kitchen.

  4. Amanda

    Um, I've never been on top of it enough to have photo sessions for either of my kids. I guess I have a couple more weeks before Eleanor doesn't look at all like a newborn. Eh, I probably won't do anything though.

    And I love all the pics. Your daughter and your nursery are utterly adorable. I miss you, and hope that I'll get to see you and Gigi when we're in Utah for 10 days during Christmas. Please tell me you'll be around!

  5. Wendi

    So I haven't looked at your blog in a while… and holy cow girl! Your little babe is so stinkin cute! Just like her mama:) And I'm lovin the name Ginger, love it! Those pics turned out just lovely! I hope you're getting enough sleep:) Wish I could give her a little sniff, cause babies always smell sooo good:) Can't wait for mine to come in another 26 weeks. Take care Alison!

  6. Nichelle

    ditto to emily's "crap" comment and everyday pictures of Ginger comment. I love her! she's got so many little different expressions already! but fave is the one where she's crying. But i also like the one where your pretty hands are in it and where you're gazing and smiling at her. ok ok i love all of them really, so it would be cool if you posted some more of her like every day.

  7. dana and justin

    she is so cute! i love the one where you are smiling at her. you look hot;) love them!

  8. We Three Zweigs

    These pictures are adorable, really really adorable but I must say I was under the impression that after we moved you wouldn't make any new neighbor friends–an unspoken deal we made.

  9. Jessica Dahlquist

    Love these. You will never regret taking too many pics when they are so itty bitty. I especially love the one of her laying on the changing table (yellow pad… is that the changing table?). Love the top of her little head. You look so great too! One hot mama!

  10. Brandon + Chelsea + Ella

    Just wanted to tell you, Ella is carrying Ginger's postcard all over the house and hugging it and saying "bay bee" like it's one of her dolls. It is the cutest thing. I really hope we get to meet her at Christmas!

  11. Jendar

    you and your baby are so beautiful! great pictures!

  12. darcie

    just came by to visit gingy poo again. such a bundle of pure cute wonder.

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