She’s Festive


I did this entire post using only one arm! It’s amazing what you can do with only one arm. The other day I made a sandwich! Yeah, that’s talent. What have you done with only one arm?

Well I hope you have a very Happy Halloween. Ginger is going to be a ladybug. But now I think I should have made her a stinkbug costume.



Alison and Ginger


  1. the fowlers

    oh, she's cute. love that little hat.

    i spend the first three months of ellie's life nursing almost constantly (that's why she's so chub), so i got really good at one-arming it. i can nurse while surfing the internet, which i think is the best skill i have.

  2. Elle and Jared

    I can use the restroom with one arm. It's the beginning and end of using the restroom that make this a pretty impressive feat. Ginger is so precious. Like really, really perfect. Hope you three are doing well.

  3. AaReAn

    wiped myself. pahahah

  4. Alycia (Crowley Party)

    okay… that is priceless!

  5. dana and justin

    awww so cute! i played ping pong while holding sebastian!

  6. Jenna

    Don't forget — it's not only using 1 arm, but also while lifting a 10 pound dead weight with the other!

  7. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Ok, that is the cutest thing ever. It's amazing how quickly you develop the one-arm skills!!! God gave us two arms for a reason!!

  8. Nichelle

    hahahaha that one with the hat covering her face is killing me. i can hear her pleading with you to save her from your amusement. i too can go to the bathroom with one hand. i second ells's comment that it's impressive. unbuttoning your pants, pulling them down, wiping,pulling your pants back up, and buttoning them with one hand is pretty amazing.

  9. JenErik

    Of course you made that hat right?

  10. Bek

    she's a real crowd pleaser.

  11. Liz

    In college, I had a kitchen accident (read: I'm not super good with knives) that left my hand and forearm in a cast for over 2 weeks. Luckily it was my left hand, but it was still gnarly. Showering, dressing, doing hair, typing. Super annoying. I made people make me PB&Js. It's the only way I survived. Note to self: beware of bagels.

  12. Sam and Alexis Scheid

    This is the FIRST time I have been on your blog since Londyn was born. Ahhh. I am sad to admit it. But Ginger is sooooo CUTE. That hat is soooo perfect. She looks fab in it.

  13. The Daily Kirk

    Holy crap that's a cute baby!

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