She’s ONE month old!

Well let’s all face it, this is Ginger’s blog now. And it is SHE who is one month old, obviously, not me. And she is one month and a few days old, to be precise. My little bug is getting so big! Logically I know that she is in fact quite small, but with those tiny bodies each ounce makes a huge difference!

One-month-old babies don’t do much, but Eric and I are still thoroughly entertained by Ginger every minute she decides to be awake. Even when those minutes are at 2 and 5 in the morning. And even when those minutes turn to hours. Hours of us asking her to sleep, and her looking at us like, “Um, I slept all day, why would I want to sleep now?” Then she bats her big eyes and puckers her lips to mock us.

Eric and I have also decided that we could make a Halloween Soundtrack with all of Ginger’s noises. Isolated screams, violent snorts, creaks, squeaks, squawks and a particularly lovable, but creepy, goat sound. She’s like regular foley artist that one! We’re so proud.

Most recently our princess has started to get some serious baby acne. Eric and I feel so shallow, and try not to let it bother us, but we wonder if it’s maybe how our parents felt about us when we were 13 and going through puberty. “Oh honey, I don’t love you any less, I just love you most when your skin is clear…” I JOKE I KID. We’ve just decided to invest in some baby accutane. I JOKE I KID AGAIN. Ever since I was accused of being a cat killer on my blog, I get so worried that people can’t take a joke! So I will clearly state I love my baby, and no, I’m not going to put anything other than baby-safe soap on her face. That, and a brown paper bag. BADDA BING!

Well, I’ll stop my rambling and get to the good stuff. Annotated pictures of my baby from the last few weeks.

Here she is in baby jail. I made her that little shirt from another one of my old shirts. It was supposed to be a dress, but hey, I never claimed to be a seamstress.

And here are Gigi and daddy just chillin like villains. Eric likes to act like he’s not waking her up, “She was opening her eyes!” Play with her, and then say, “Oh, looks like she wants to eat…” once she starts fussing. DADDIES!

And here’s the bug getting her first bath! I love the puj tub and highly reccomend it. She looks skeptical, but actually loves the water.

And here she is trying to fit into some fancy pants! She’s showing off her birth mark, which I hope turns into something to deter her from showing her midriff to men in the future…hey, a mother can dream.

And just in case you needed some more, you know, for the road. Here’s a few more beauty shots.

And this one sums up why we call her “the bug.”

Well I hope you’re all well. I have lots more to share on my insights into motherhood…you know, cause I’ve been a mom for a month so I’m an expert. Oh, and also stay tuned for Ginger’s distinct taste in music.


Ginger’s errand girl


  1. Mark and Meghan

    okay, first of all CONGRATULATIONS! ginger is perfect and beautiful. i hear you on the baby acne…and i'll let you in on a secret. over the counter hydrocortisone. works wonders. i haven't used it on lilly yet, but claire that girl was covered in it! (not really…a little goes a LONG way!) so there's my secret…so she doesn't have to be covered in a brown paper bag! 🙂 congrats, again new mom!

  2. mandy dominici

    I love her.
    I tried everything on Ari's skin and the only thing that worked was calendula cream. I just found it in the baby section at Target. He loved to get it on his hands and suck on it (it tastes kinda sweet), but it is "all natural" so I didn't worry to much about that. And I love to use it on my own face.
    Let us know when you are taking visitors. I didn't want to many early on because I was so tired. We wanna see you and your little bug.

  3. Jake and Jenna

    i am loving all of this. can goldie and i come see our new best friend soon? LOVE YOU.

  4. dana and justin

    i love her little legs all curled up. she is such a little dolly. i don't see this girl enough!

  5. Megan


  6. Brandon + Chelsea + Ella

    I am so glad you have succumbed to your mommy instinct to post all things Ginger-related. That last picture is a heart-melter! We'd better get to see her at Christmas! (You and Eric can come too) Hope you are having fun!

  7. Liz

    Gigi is a darling little hipster and I love her. Glad things are going well!

  8. Jessica Dahlquist

    She is too darling. She always looks bugged by the camera, with her head cocked sideways. haha. Can't believe it's been a month. It goes so fast. Just wait till you get to 6 weeks. It's a magical number. 🙂

  9. jenny

    She's so beautiful! I'm sad I didn't get to meet her at the wedding. It was so fun to see you!! <3

  10. Ems

    she is darling! and tiny honey-hair bows are the reason I want baby girls…so cute.

  11. Nichelle Jensen

    what an adorable little bug. i can't believe she's one month and only supposed to be like days old. i'm so glad i got to see her dainty face and hear her cute noises. love you and eric as parents, i think you'll win some kind of cute parents award. love you three!

  12. Pink Peach

    eventually you'll start to ask, do people not think my baby is as cute as I do? most of the time the answer is "no, they don't" but in your case it is YES. she really is delicious and keep the pics coming because i'm smighing (smiling sigh, but who am i to tell the blog queen about internet lingo) away. oh, and i DO want to see her (and steal her) but i couldn't function for the first 6 months of my first baby's life. is not everyone that challenged?

  13. Samantha

    She is so lovely and delicate. Just adorable.
    And that curled up bug picture makes me want another newborn for like, one split second, and then I'm good.

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