She’s such a mom.

First off, Eric and I read, and reread, all of your sweet, loving comments congratulating us, and they make us feel warm and tingly! Well, Eric probably won’t admit to being tingly, but he does love to check the blog and read them. So thank you! As you who are parents know, you never, and I mean never, tire of other people being excited about your new bundle of joy.

Ginger has now totally recovered from her jaundice. She was our little glow worm for a few days after being hospitalized. They sent us home with this blue light she had to be wrapped up with. A neon hue illuminated her tiny body at all times. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t fun and it definitely added stress for me, the already stressed out mother. I imagine no parent likes to see a hose coming out of their child’s blanket! But now it’s gone! And I love being able to feed her without getting blinded by blue and having the lyrics to David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” stuck in my head. Though I must say, she was the cutest glow worm I’ve ever seen.

My mom has been in town helping me out, so I’m actually hanging in there. I know that when my dear, sweet, angel of a mother…who brings me ice water as I nurse, magically whips up delicious meals, cleans the kitchen and bathroom as I nap, plays with Gigi while I shower, and even sleeps over a few nights to help me get sleep…leaves, reality is going to sink in. But fortunately I think Ginger is sweet enough to make up for it. Right people? RIGHT?!

As for pictures, on the one hand I want to share every picture I possibly can of her. On the other hand, she is so precious and tender and magical to me, I almost feel crass posting her sweetness on the web. But that’s something I’ll probably get over because she is too cute not to want to share.

But the MAIN problem with pictures, and I’m guessing this is a major temptation/problem for a lot of parents, is that I want to annotate every picture I take of her! I cannot simply take a picture and let it be! NO! I have to take a picture and then make up some quote for Ginger. You know what I mean right, like a picture of her squinting and then a caption of, “Get that light outta my face mom!” Really ripe comedy stuff like that!

The problem with annotated baby pictures, and I’m not criticizing those of you who do this because it’s almost impossible not to, but the reality is that they are usually a lot funnier to the parents and Grandparents, then they are to anyone else.

But this is where I have a problem. I know they aren’t really that funny, I am conscious of the fact they should mostly be accompanied with a “wakka wakka” after them, and yet, I still, for some reason think I’m some exception to the rule! “I’m a copywriter!” I reason, “This is what I do for a living! Write captions to pictures! People pay me to do this! Hallmark paid me to do this!” And then I come up with all sorts of wise cracks “from Ginger” and think I’m SO FUNNY. Like honestly, the funniest person in the world.(It could be the lack of sleep.)

And so I have to stop myself from just posting picture after picture, and then littering them with my “Gingerisms.” Because really, is it fair to assign a voice and character to someone who is not yet able to do it for themselves? Probably not. THEN AGAIN, now that I’m not pregnant anymore, I know how HORRIBLY MISERABLE I really was, and I feel sort of entitled.

So now that I’ve recognized the problem, I will do my best to avoid it, but at the same time, I can’t promise to circumnavigate it entirely. Because like I said, I still think I’m pretty darn funny. And yes, I’m a mom, I guess I say darn now because that’s what came out naturally!

Anyway. I can tell this whole mom business is going to take some SERIOUS getting used to. But I’m so horribly infatuated, dizzy in love, enamored, and taken with my baby, that I don’t even care.

Isn’t is amazing how long you can stare at your newborn? It reminds me of when Eric and I were engaged. When you’re just SO IN LOVE you can stare and stare for hours and hours, and it’s more entertaining than anything else in the world. Every coo, every noise, every change in their expression is a monumental event. Each thrust of their tiny hand, or kick of that small yet powerful leg that used to be lodged in your ribs…is worthy of celebration. How can something that hardly weighs 7 pounds have such complete and total control over you? It’s beyond beautiful. It’s a miracle. I know, I know, I’m such a mom.

So here are a few more pictures of our beautiful little lady. I embroidered that “G” on the onesie. Ginger wore it out of the hospital. Both the Grandma’s honestly at first thought that the “G” was for grandma…Yeah, she’s the first grandchild on BOTH sides of the family.

And how AMAZING is that sweater! A friend and neighbor of mine knit it for her! This girl has three boys, and is pregnant with her fourth (a girl)! And she still busted this sweater out! I want one in my size. You should check out her blog. SNICKERDOODLE, she’s a knitting/craft genius.

And this is how Ginger felt about her blue light.

And this is my favorite face she makes.

Don’t you just want to kiss her?

Alright, well the princess is snorting and hiccuping, which means I’m being summoned. But I love you all. Again, thank you for your love and excitment. I hope that happy, joyous things are taking place in your life as well. And if not, well, I hope you are at least enjoying beautiful Fall, and the freedom to go get a diet coke whenever you want :).


The MOM and Ginger


  1. Breanne King

    this makes me SO excited…just a couple more months…

  2. Tim and Sara

    Beautiful. At first as I was reading this post I started getting really nervous that you weren't going to post more pictures…but then you did, and all was well. Her little present was put in the mail this morning.

  3. Kristin

    I think you are so great.

    Your baby is gorgeous. And I love that you called her magical. You two look magical together.

  4. ashley

    She is so cute! Congratulations!

    Bring on the captions. I love them (as you probably know from our blog) and hope to hear from Ginger as much as possible.

  5. Brittmae

    Congratulations! I love the G-onesie. Ours will also be the first grandchild on either side and I might actually throw a G on a onesie and convince both grandmas its for them! Beautiful pictures…it makes me so excited…just one more month!

  6. Jake and Jenna

    oh ginger. we love you so much– could kiss your little face all over. i'm so happy you're loving those blankets… are you obsessed with them like i am?

    looks like motherhood is suiting you just fine, alison faulkner roberts, as i knew it would. pretty amazing, huh.

    love you. love ginger. love eric. LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL AROUND.

  7. Amanda

    I knew something had changed when you busted out the "darn". Such a Mom. I love it.
    I can't wait to bask in the joy of having motherly assistance when I pop this next one out. Seeing sweet little Ginger makes me want to have this baby NOW!!! I'm so done, so over being pregnant and can't wait to just stare at my newborn… and to be honest have back my esophagus (due to heartburn), my pelvis, my stomach and ribcage back. Oh babies. So worth it.

  8. tracyjax

    Stop it–you're making me cry! I love this baby! I seriously can't wait to see her! Glad you're doing well and that Mar has been there to take care of you.

  9. kimmy girl

    been waiting, checking, and checking again for this!!! she is SO cute! congrats missy!!! xoxo

  10. Mame

    ohMYgosh you make me so excited to have a little girl. And how does your hair look so perfect in that last picture?! aaaaaand I love that you have a Aden&Anias blanket. It's perfect. Tell your momma I say hello. If you have a moment. Love you & congrats.

  11. Jessica Dahlquist

    Those pics just make me smile. you can NEVER post too many. Please keep them coming!

  12. France is

    HOly mackerall. this is beautiful. thanks for posting g.

  13. The Snead Family

    ok i wanted to wait and not overwhelm you with comments- but gosh!!! Ginger is soooo adorable!! I LOVED your latest post- so true from a mama in love with her new baby. congrats to you and your family. your a beautiful mama;)

  14. Staci

    wow. It's good to hear your brand new mommyisms! I sometimes forget that I did actually want to get pregnant again. 🙂 She really is a gorgeous baby.

  15. Wendy

    You have every right to be proud- SHE is incredibly beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics.. 🙂

  16. Matt and Jennae Porter

    She is so gorgeous and precious. not that we expected anything less, but really. What a doll. Glad her "tan" is gone and hope there are many many more pictures coming! Will you guys be in San Diego at all for the holidays? Would LOVE to see little Ginger (and you!) in person!

  17. BrittWilk

    ahhh!!!! she IS perfect perfect perfect and so beautiful! congrats! i'm so thrilled for you. p.s. the snorting is the cutest thing ever, no? i think maybe we should continue snorting when we're hungry throughout life. can you imagine how entertaining dinner would be?

  18. emilyhutchison

    I get that jaundice is sad and stuff, but that picture of Gigi with the glow light is so cute I can not handle it. Your baby is so good looking and usually I think newborns are really weird looking. Why am I not surprised she's the exception to that?

  19. Whitney

    Hi Ginger. You dress better than I do. Jones and Scott and I wish we could meet you.

  20. Michelle

    She is truly precious. And I love moms too. I think having a baby is one of the times we appreciate them the most because they are so amazingly helpful through it all!

  21. JenErik

    I am so jealous that my mom got to hang out with you and Gigi. She is darling. Darling. Darling. Wait, did I mention that she is DARLING?

  22. Steph

    Merciful Heavens, she's a beautiful baby! Can't wait to see her in person.

    (p.s. thanks for the kind words)

  23. jenny

    She is so beautiful! Congratulationssss!

  24. JessAnn

    She is gorgeous! We'll have to get together sometime so I can meet her!! Let me know if I can bring you anything.

  25. JGP

    oh yay! I want to meet her!

  26. Diana

    seriously, she is so beautiful

  27. Club Narwhal

    i think i just died of cuteness! congratulations!!!!

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