She’s having a baby…on Friday.

Yes, not only am I having a baby, I’m having a baby on Friday September 17, to be exact. Or it could possibly be Saturday, September 18, or, but let’s all please pray it’s not…Sunday, September 19. It really just depends on my cervix. Who knew I’d ever care SO MUCH about my cervix?! Who knew you’d ever have to hear so much about my cervix?

BUT! Regardless of what the cervix says…this baby will be here before the week is through! Which is exciting and somewhat overwhelming. (Somewhat being and understatement.)

If at this point you’re thinking to yourself…”Isn’t that kind of early?” Or, “Is Alison the type of girl, like a high-paid celebrity, who scheduled her induction and her tummy tuck all at once?” Well the answers are yes and no, respectively.

Though a tummy tuck WOULD be nice, what really happened is the midwives and doctors decided that our sweet little lady needed be brought into this world in September instead of October, exactly 4 weeks early. Why? Because I have a liver condition, or disease, or thing, which I’d like to add was not brought on by a secret childhood drinking habit, but just by pregnancy hormones, called cholestasis. Basically what this “disease” causes is increased liver enzymes which make me itch, specifically on my hands and feet. And not just your normal pregnancy-induced itching, but itching from within, palms-of-hands and souls-of-feet on fire with itchiness itching. Let’s just say it’s been a rough month with lots of blood tests.

So now that YOU’RE feeling itchy, just hearing about all MY itchiness, let’s all take a moment to scratch.

Ahhhh, that feels nice.

But other than just being itchy, cholestasis can be a problem for the baby, so they generally deliver women with this condition at 36 or 37 weeks. In my case, 36 on the dot! The good news is she is looking like a big girl, and is already about 7 pounds! Or so they say, I know they are usually wrong. So we shall see…soon. Very, GASP, very GASP soon…

So all in all, I’m SUPER excited, although it took a bit to get over the disappointment initially, because I had hoped not to be induced in any way, and to have the baby all naturally. But that’s why we get pregnant right? To be reminded, time and time again that we are not in control of everything.

Also, I know the midwives I’m with are doing what they need to do to keep us all safe and alive! They are fantastic and I feel very confident with them.

So! Long long story short, I don’t have to be pregnant ANY MORE! HOORAY! And people keep telling me that the baby will make it all worth it. We’ll see, won’t we? I JOKE! I KID. I’m sure she’s more than worth it!

Because I will soon just look pregnant, but no longer be pregnant, here is what an “about to give birth Alison” looks like.

Yeah, she looks the full 40 weeks, I KNOW. The ultrasound technician said, “Whoa, you’ve got a lot of fluid!” Which is actually good, because the more weight that is fluid and not butt cheek…the better.

And the look on my face is also saying, “Missy, I love you, but if you don’t get out of my ribs I’m going to have to reach in there and remove you myself.”

So please keep me, the baby, Eric, and my cervix…in your thoughts and prayers. Think “RIPE!” And I’m sure I will have a melodramatic tale of my birth and endless rants and raves about how my baby is the most beautiful baby in all the world, in no time.

This is childless, non-mommy-blogger Alison signing off for good, soon to be replaced with Uber Mom 2010.



*****At this point I’m going to ask that all horror stories, opinions on induction, and general negative comments of ANY kind having to do with anything baby, birth, or itchy disease related are kept to yourself. And if you really REALLY feel the need to share these thoughts, write them in a letter and perhaps send them to your mother, a close friend? Just not the pregnant lady. THANK YOU! ****


  1. Emily Frame

    4 weeks early! so lucky. all i will say is you are in for the most amazing experience of you life. can't wait to see her!

  2. katie

    I LOVE your post script. Happy birthing!

  3. We Three Zweigs

    I am dying for some Ginger. Also, in a related note…I was scratching my arm while reading your blog post.

  4. Jenna

    It'll be great! Push!

  5. Scott and Kristine

    good luck with everything! My sister had the same thing and she had her baby last week (3 weeks early) and everything was fine. You'll do great

  6. Krista

    good luck!!! my boys came at 36 weeks and 2 days. everything went great and we only had the normal 2-day hospital stay. sending you all kinds of good vibes 🙂

  7. naomi

    Girl, you got this

  8. Nichelle

    are those your harem pants?? looking good! I can't wait for oscar's girlfriend!

  9. Holley

    soo good and excited for you!

    ps, you are amazing in that green

  10. the fowlers

    we can't wait to see her!
    you get a whole extra month to love her and dress her up. ooooooo. we definitely will be thinking about you all weekend.
    good luck mommy and daddy (and baby)!

  11. Mame

    I am so excited for you!!! And I am sorry you didn't get to go as all naturAL as you want, and it makes me sad that you even have to ask for no horror stories, but I have heard many, many, many magnificent stories. you will love her any way she comes out. (And probably be very grateful once she is out). Good luck. Enjoy. and I am sorry to hear about the itchiness. that sounds no fun. but a BABY!!!! YEAH!!! Can't wait to hear what her name is :o)

  12. Erin Dougal

    Aaaah! That is sooner than we last talked about it! Yay! You are going to do great. Absolutely fantastic. And the midwives are great. They will help you. They really do know what they are doing. And you know what you're doing. I could write a page full of encouragement but I'll stop. I'm so excited to meet (and hopefully hold) Ginger soon! And I expect a text or call in the next week or two asking for a Cafe Rio payback. I'M SERIOUS. Sending lots and lots of love and luck!!

  13. Crystal

    oh my gosh! This has gone so fast (for me, hahah). Alison, GOOD LUCK! You're going to do great; and it really is true, no matter what you have to go through, it's all worth it when you get to hold that little miracle (and when you've got some drugs pumping through your system). I can't wait to see the little beauty and hear all about it.

    and P.S. Thank your lucky stars that you do not have to go through the last month of pregnancy… month number 9 (plus an extra week for me) makes the other 8 look like a walk in the park (although I didn't have a "liver disease" so I'm sure you've had a rough go yourself).

  14. Courty

    You'll be a pro at labor and birth! Can't wait for little Gi-Gi!!!

  15. Steph

    Good luck! You're really in the very best hands possible with your midwives. I attended a birth a couple of weeks ago that Jessica and Erica were in charge of and I was thoroughly impressed.

  16. manda

    you look beautiful, i miss you.

  17. Kim Baise

    i agree, you do look BEAUTIFUL…i was just gonna say that too!
    can't wait to see your sweet little girl <3

  18. Staci

    YAY!!!! Go mamma go! You can do it and it will be beautiful even though it isn't what you were planning on. And you are totally a sexy pregnant lady. Don't ever think otherwise.

  19. Amanda

    Dang, I was hoping our babies would be born on the same day… but Sept. 17th is a beautiful day to have a baby. I'm hoping and crossing my fingers it isn't the 18th or 19th for you. In all actuality I'm jealous. I'm over being pregnant, but I have no excuse to deliver early. I'll be thinking of you on Friday and sending good mental vibes your way. Love you.

  20. Matt and Jennae Porter

    I hate that we have to tell people not to leave negative comments!! But yes, you are right, pregnancy is one of many reminders that we are not in control of everything. Savannah was born just before 36 weeks and is healthy as a horse. Plus, your baby will be so cute and petite! And will actually fit into newborn clothes for more than a few days! You are going to do awesome. Oh, and it looks from the comments like her name might be Ginger? Not that my opinion matters, but I L.O.V.E. that name. Love it. Especially since maybe she'll have a touch of strawberry blonde hair? Ooohhhhh!!!!

  21. mandy dominici

    You look beautiful.

  22. Megan


  23. Emily

    You're going to do awesome! can't wait for Uber Mom! My best friend had cholestasis, I'm so sorry! I'm thinking of you!

  24. Sharon

    Good luck Alison! We will keep you in our prayers and know that all will be well. You'll be such a great Mommy!

  25. Sharon

    Good luck Alison! We will keep you in our prayers and know that all will be well. You'll be such a great Mommy!

  26. The Collins

    What an exciting feeling to know that you are going to free of being pregnant in the matter of days, and that you get to hold that little bundle of love in your arms! I love being pregnant, but there is a time when you just want that baby out!! You will do great! She is going to be one darling little baby, and has one cool, awesome mom! Best wishes to you on friday! I am so happy and excited for you to be a mama!

  27. Mary

    Wow girl you look awesome!…BTW you really did look like a pregnant celebrity at your baby shower! Here's an early congratulations. Thank you for your cute card. We are excited for you and Eric! Love you

  28. Summer

    You'll be amazing! Good luck to you and the little lady!

  29. Liz

    A) you look gorgeous and of course you're dressed super hip.

    2) Itchiness = not awesome

    d) being pregnant for less time = awesome

    So excited for you guys and I will be sending prayers your way!

  30. Michelle

    Positive Story: I was induced with Zoe and it was my easiest birthing experience! 2 pushes and hello baby! I am so excited for you I can hardly stand it! I hope I can pop by and see you in the hospital unless you have too many visitors and not enough sleep then I will drop by your house after a few days or something.

  31. Jessica Dahlquist

    Can't wait to meet the precious little lady! You can do it!

  32. Kam Belly Soup

    dang! im missing it. good luck.

  33. Whitney

    Speaking of fluid, in case I haven't already told you, I lost 30# in the first 3 weeks after having Jones (on September 19th by the way!). So you can look forward to that. I know you've already had sweet Ginger so I hope you are feeling well and I can't wait to see some photos. I hope she has a mop of red hair.

  34. jenny

    can't wait to hear all about your cute baby girl!! hope everything went great!

  35. Bek

    i'm sad you're not pregnant anymore bc you're the most adorable pregnant woman alive.

  36. Shannon

    Here I am checking for some pregnancy updates and you're probably holding your babe by now! A couple things: you look great at the end of your pregnancy (words cannot describe how large I was, which you can attest to because you saw me 2 days before I had E), and secondly, you are so lucky you get to skip out on the last 4 weeks of pregnancy misery.

    Hoping you + Eric + baby are doing great!

  37. diana palmer

    holy crap! i just realized that since i'm reading this tuesday the 21st, when you say friday, you meant last friday! wow, i'm almost crying for you. i hope you are having some magical/terrifying/but still mostly magical first week together as a family.

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