She’s Nesting

Well sort of.

I think traditional nesting would involve making your house neat and tidy, not creating more messes for yourself with an endless series of craft projects and deciding on a whim to make a triple batch of chocolate chip cookies. Think about it, you want a cookie right now don’t you? Well I’ve got 4 dozen of them.

Moving on, I’ve been working hard on little accessories for my baby girl…a blanket, a crib skirt, embroidery work, thank you cards…the usual! And I decided I needed/wanted to make a mobile for above the crib.

My first thought was to hang one of my gold metal birdcages (I have like 20 from our wedding centerpieces) above the crib, and then use some of my leftover blanket/crib skirt fabric to make little birds, or mushrooms, or something cute, to dangle from the cage. I suggested this idea to Eric and he said, “Um, could we do something less dangerous?”

HAHAHAHA. I’m going to be the worst mom ever. The thought that one of those birdcages weighs at least 7 lbs, perhaps more, and that it’s probably NOT SAFE AT ALL to hang above our small small infant’s head, never occurred to me. And I had been thinking about this for months! Good thing this baby has got her dad to protect her. So, because Plan A led to the possible death of our firstborn, I had to move on to Plan B.

I started to do some research on Etsy to get some inspiration. Now, I respect creative copyright and don’t like to rip people off. But if something is easy to execute, and I think I can make it better, well then I will do so. In my searching I came across many mobiles that were cute, but you know, typical.

And then I found it.

The best mobile on the face of the earth. The best part is, this mobile is so creative and so original, that I would never even attempt to replicate it. So that means one less mess for me (cough, Eric) to clean up.

I just ordered it, and I’m so excited about it, that I decided I wanted to share it with all of you. It is not “baby” related at all, so you might find you need one for your home.

Ok ok ok, so without further ado, here it is…


I know, it may seem like an odd choice for my baby’s room, but I don’t like things that scream BABY. The baby, I’m sure, will do enough screaming on her own. Plus, look at that igloo LOOK AT THAT TEPEE!

I am in LOVE with this seller. And GIDDY about this mobile. I love puns! She also had some other tempting choices such as the…



and my other personal favorite


Here is a link to Jikit’s etsy shop
should you decide you need any of these mobiles as much as I did, or if you want to see more of her stuff. It’s all super cute.

I’ve decided to be more vocal with my support for things I love. Because the Greek Restaurant I love, and tried to promote to you, is now out of business. IT’S A TRAGEDY THAT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED! I’m holding myself personally responsible. It was too little, too late, and I should have done more to save them!

So, support handmade! Get yourself a mobile before they take the Internet by storm and are gone faster than 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies in the clutches of a nearly 8-month-pregnant lady.

I adore you all.


Alison &
the very large baby in her belly who thinks she’s in a bounce house


  1. We Three Zweigs

    Alison, I adore that mobile almost as much as I adore you. Not a joke. I'm being totally serious here.

  2. Nichelle

    hahahaha i can hear eric's tone while saying that and then the exact laugh of yours where the first ha has the loudest and most emphasis. i love you guys! i miss you soooo much! hanging a 7 lb metal cage above the baby's head!!! anyway those puns mobiles are genius! how do you creative types come up with stuff??

  3. Amanda

    Well if you can't hang the birdcage as a mobile, at least you could probably use it somewhere else in the baby's room. I'm excited to see this little gal's nursery when it all comes together. You better post pictures… that is for certain. And we too have bought stuff for baby's room from Etsy. We just got some artwork though. There's way too much to choose from though.

  4. Kim Baise

    alison, thanks sooo much for posting my mobiles. your blog is wonderful!!

  5. mandy dominici

    I wish Mikey would clean up my messes, and I wish he would let me get chickens.

  6. Staci

    I'm just so glad I know you. 🙂 Your blog brings me joy. I'm happy for you and bounce-house-baby and I think all the other babies on the block will be jealous of her WAY-better-than-Winnie-the-Pooh mobile. I love it!

  7. Natalie

    Lady, I love you and your mobile. Your parenting skills don't scare me, you learned from the best. I loved being with your padres this weekend, some of us Brufs lounged around their new house sipping decaf chai tea and devouring cheesecake. Don't worry Amanda and I broke in the guest room for you and the rest of the Faulkner kids. Can’t wait for the new baby!

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