She’s LOST in the hotness of it all.

Is it just me, or is IT FRIGGIN HOT? I MEAN REALLY REALLY HOT? Like you want to strip naked, rub your body down with Popsicles, and invite Jack Frost to lick them off you, hot.

Unfortunately, as I’m finding, I might be the only one who is THAT hot. When I walk in to work, which by the way is INSANELY stuffy and hot, and void of any windows, I have to stop myself from immediately sighing and gasping. Because my first inclination is to say, “WHOOOOWEEEE! Man is it hot in here! You guys are hot right? Geez it’s hot!”

I try to keep these thoughts to myself because these comments are usually met with blank stares, or muffled laughs as people look at my large belly. Silly pregnant lady, work is for regular humans!

Thankfully our swamp cooler at home is more than efficient, but my car air conditioning is lackluster. When you first turn it on the air blows out so warm it burns the eyes.

Anyway. Because it’s so hot I really have no choice but to stay inside as much as I can, with the swamp cooler blasting, and watch LOST on my Netflix on demand. The characters of LOST have started taking over my dreams, and I find myself getting a bit too worried about Claire and all the danger that could befall her and her baby. “DON’T LEAVE HER ALONE WITH THE FRENCH LADY CHARLIE!!!!!”

But I’m just starting season 2 SO DON’T BLOW IT FOR ME. I’m still trying to forgive Nate Barnes for calling me over Christmas break 4 years ago and giving away the end of the first season after I had spent two straight days watching it, and I only had two episodes left before the finale! It’s ok Nate, I’m working through the anger.

Anyway, season 2 starts off with an awesome song. And really, that’s the WHOLE point of this post. I know, took me long enough. But anyway. I think should all be inspired by this. And I also think I should start looking for moo moo as awesome as Mama Cass’.

So get out there, even if it is so hot you want to die, and make your own kind of music, even if nobody else sings along! SING YOUR OWN SPECIAL SONG!

I love you all, stay cool.




  1. AaReAn

    yes yes i agree! It is SO hot. All the time. My feet especially. the other day I was cooking dinner and I thought I was going to DIE. I just sat on the kitchen floor fanning myself. haha Maybe it has to do with being prego…or having to wear layers of clothes or maybe its b/c its summer?!?! Or maybe its all the above. 🙂 Today I am going to the store and purchasing a really really good fan for our room. I am sick of paying for the AC to run through the night! Okay wow didn't think I would type this much. 🙂

  2. Krista

    at least you don't have to deal with the crazy NC humidity as well… i'm just very, very glad that i wasn't 'too' pregnant with the twins during the summer…

  3. tracyjax

    whoa sparkle dress! love her voice! I'm so sad LOST is over–listening to that made me all nostalgic. I'm glad you're watching it! You're going to love the part where..ahh just kidding.

  4. We Three Zweigs

    Well Alison, everyone knows not to conceive so the pregnancy is during the hottest months of the year.

    Just a tip.


  5. Nichelle

    FYI it is 112 degrees right now in Arizona, and last week it was 115. I pretty much just stay in the house.

  6. Diana

    and all these years i thought her name was mama cats. huh.

    either way, that woman has groove – vocally and physically, no? and am i the only one that this song sincerely inspired? its like one of my fav cat stevens, "if you you wanna sing out, sing out, if you wanna be free, be free – 'cause there's a million things to be, you know that there are…"

    also, i am just going to show up to your house one day with your cd of pictures and a big bag of ice. it IS hot (said the post pregnant woman)

  7. Alison


    DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! And bring that little munchkin' with you when you do!

  8. Brandon + Chelsea + Ella

    Season 2 was my favorite! Ah the memories… Watching them all at once is sooo much better than waiting week by week. ENJOY!

  9. Jessica Dahlquist

    I didn't know moo moo's could come with sequins! Fancy!

  10. JenErik

    SOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!
    Ok, so erik and I have been re-watching (yes we love and miss it that much) LOST. Let it consume you. There is nothing like that show. 🙂
    Coming to UT and will be there for awhile – can we get together so I can see your baby belly?

  11. Mame

    I am so hot TOO!!!! That hotttttt. Strip me down naked. so instead I lift my shirt up so it looks like I am wearing a crop top. Unfortunately not in public. Just in my house. it's so weird when I am preggo my stomach gets SO HOT. My stomach more than anything. JUST MY STOMACH. (did you know the placenta runs at a temperature of like 104??) very weird I know. So being here in Dallas, where the heat is 103 with 90 percent humidity, pregnancy is a fully indoor job. Or IN the pool, not BY the pool.

    oh. and sometimes if I watch too much of one show, they show up in my dreams.

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  13. darcie

    lets talk about LOST all day every day. two words. Desmond. Hume. two more words. Jack. Shepherd.

  14. Kam Belly Soup

    im seriously laughing so hard right now. i was wondering why i havent seen you at target lately.

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