Well I hope you had a refreshing holiday! Mine was FANTASTIC. My family was in town and we had tons of patriotic fun. My mom, who is the nicest person in the world, took pity on her fat daughter, and even bought me some new clothes! I’m feeling far less frumpy. Now I’m just becoming terribly uncomfortable…all the time. And I can only imagine it’s going to get worse? Oh brother!

I hope your weekend was a blast too…but I doubt it was a great as mine. Why am I so sure? Because I doubt your weekend involved this matching mother-sister-pregnant daughter attire. If this isn’t patriotism, I don’t know what is:


Apparently I “look pregnant now…” even though I thought I looked pregnant 2 months ago. It seems as though I was mistaken based on the following comments:

1. A coworker said last week when I walked in, “Oh, you look pregnant NOW.” As a way of greeting me. Not, hello, or, you look cute, but, “OH! you look pregnant now.”

Well thanks. Should I take that to mean I just looked questionably chunky BEFORE? Or that I am startling HUGE now? Ha. I’m well aware the comment was meant with NO offense whatsoever, but pregnancy seems to be a topic like bad break ups and death: people have a hard time saying anything right.

2. Another girl at work who I don’t know at all asked me, “No offense…but are you pregnant?”

And I said, “Well I’d be offended if you thought I wasn’t pregnant!” And we both had a good laugh. But I WANTED to follow that up with…THAT IS THE WORSE WAY TO ASK THAT QUESTION EVER! If I wasn’t pregnant I’d be even MORE offended. Haha. There is NO good way to ask someone you don’t know if they are pregnant. She then tried to follow that up with a, “Well you can never be sure, all my friends who get married just gain ALL this weight, and I think they must be pregnant but they aren’t!” This poor, poor girl. Should we make up a pamphlet of things NOT to say for her?

and my favorite

3. On Sunday, my favorite three-year-old, who sees me fairly often, started STARING at my belly when we stood up to sing a hymn. I mean STARING. When I sat down he whispered over the pews in utter shock, “How did your belly GET SO BIG?”

Haha, I told him there was a baby in there and he nodded his head in approval and said, “Oh, ok.” Then turned around.

Who knew being pregnant could be so much fun!? And I had no idea, I mean NO IDEA, how important the size of a bump on my body could become to me! I feel good with this size and wish it would stop growing now. Not my baby girl of course, just the size of me and the bump. But we all know that’s not how this works…

Oh well! Here’s to a great week! And please do share any fantastic pregnancy comments you’ve received…or accidentally given. We won’t judge you, just love you and shake our heads.


Alison and baby


  1. mandy dominici

    Ha, HA! Just wait till you are holding your adorable 6-month-old baby girl and someone asks you when you are due!
    P.s. My former baby bump, Ari, and I love you and your baby bump. You look adorable!!!!

  2. andrea

    I love Gigi.

  3. the fowlers

    customers would ask me questions when i had my back turned and, when i turned around, they would say "OH MY GOSH, YOU'RE PREGNANT!" i guess i didn't look pregnant from behind?
    i loved when my bump got big – people are usually extra nice to pregnant ladies. enjoy it! after you have the baby you'll be still be chubby but nobody knows why.

  4. MamaZweig

    I am just ecstatic that you finally posted a picture of the ever growing bump, you look amazing!!!! Also, from the hint of furniture behind you lovely ladies, the house is looking fantastic as well!

  5. Amanda

    Just the other day at work a co-worker said, "Whoa, your belly got really big since last week!" Because I don't know her well enough to say, "That is not what you say to ANY pregnant person" all I could say was, "Yeah, I guess I really 'popped' over the last week."

  6. Staci

    you are the cutest freakin person I know. I wish I had written down all the stupid comments I got when pregnant. I mean all of them. We should write a book. It would be hilariously awkward.

  7. ashley amber rose

    Hi Alison,

    I have spent most of my day reading your blog. I started in the present, then went back the entire way to follow your stories.

    I find myself in similar situation(s). We are close in age, careers, and love life.

    I'm very new to the blog process, but working in digital media for my fourth year now I have really taken a large interest since I love writing so much and have been at it for about a week now. I don't have as much on my blog as you do but I would love it if you could stop by from time to time and see whats new.

    PS I have tagged you on my blog bc you are hilarious and make me laugh out loud (think Sprinkles on the wall in felt).

    Anyways, check out my blog, or get in touch with me I have a macbook as well and use iChat, Gchat & maiil, etc.



  8. Michelle

    Ali you look fabulous and so does andrea and mar. I miss you guys sooo much we must get togetha soon! I can't wait for that little baby to come she is blessed to be with you two! There's nothing you can do about stupid comments when your prego other than to learn from other people's stupid mistakes ha ha! I never ass.u.me anything anymore :). Talk to ya later chicka

  9. The Greens

    its not so much what they said, its their reaction..walking at the mall, heads were seriously turning and mouths were dropping…a couple of girls did a double take..i felt like the freak show …lol…

  10. Cindy

    Your hair is so long and flowy and pretty!

  11. Megan

    You look darling! Can't wait to see that bump in person so I can make awkward comments about how big you are! … And no, our weekend was not as good. We fell apart without Craig and Mar …

  12. The Beastmaster's Beauty

    Ahh I love all four of you in these pictures! You guys look goood.

  13. Nichelle

    luckily your mom allows herself to have a facebook account and i got to see these cute pictures before i finally saw them here. i love these cause they are the first preg pictures i've seen of you and you look sooo cute and adorable. i just love you.

  14. JGP

    Love you 3 (and a half!) beauties!

  15. Kam Belly Soup

    i was cutting kara arnold's hair today and said, "I'll cut it to this chin." we both starting cracking up and i felt so bad since she just went on about how she hates her face when she is pregnant. sorry kara.

  16. Sarah Flib

    So funny. Who was the three-year-old?

  17. Alison


    So you're saying I HAVE A DOUBLE CHIN?!?!?! 🙂

    And Sarah: Quinn!

    Everyone else,


  18. dana and justin

    You look beautiful! Thanks for these pics. By the time I get back your baby girl will almost be here, crazy!

  19. David and Shalynna

    You're adorable. So is your sister. So is your mom!

    When I was pregnant David said my KNEES were getting big. I was so offended. I think I cried. 🙂

  20. JenErik

    first of all you're gorgeous. second of all any girl who makes a comment is probably just wishing they could be ask cute as you. third of all i cannot wait to see your baby!
    My favorite was after I just had Bennett and my mom and I were getting a pedicure. This lady sat down next to me (stick figure with a baby bump) and after chatting for a moment – " So, how much weight did you gain?" I just looked at her thought, "who asks that question to a girl who has just had a baby?" (or anyone for that matter) People are clueless.

  21. Matt and Jennae Porter

    First of all, I LOVE ME A BLONDE ALISON FAULKNER/ROBERTSON. Your hair looks fantastic. I seriously love it. My belly doesn't get too big with my pregnancies (I'm pretty sure I actually carry my babies in my rear end… it gets ginormous) but a friend of mine had a bad pregnancy run in. She is also a PA and one of her patients asked her how much weight she had gained. She said (at 7 months along) "25 pounds, which is a little more than I wanted, but oh well!" and the lady responded, "No, that's not ok. You should go stick your thumb in your mouth and suck on that instead of eating." Totally serious. Are you kidding me??!! Everyone has an opinion when it comes to a pregnant woman's belly. It is so annoying!!

  22. Shannon

    You look so good Alison… love the family shot!

    Okay, some random cashier told me that she knew I was having a boy because I was carrying it not just in front but also on the sides. WHAT?! Are you basically allowed to tell people they have love handles just because they are pregnant? I think not!

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