She’s a frump.

Lately, one of my main goals…other than becoming a better person, to stop talking so much, start caring about politics (HA), and refrain from speaking about things and people I actually know little about…is to avoid looking like a frump.

Yes, a frump.


It’s a pretty good word. It’s one of those words I got from my mother. When Andrea (who you should know by now is my one and only sister) and I lived at home, my mom would get all dressed and then ask, “Does this make me look frumpy?” And if she did, we knew exactly how to de-frump-ify her.

Frumpy is such a choice word because it describes EXACTLY what you want it to. Hair can be frumpy, and outfit can be frumpy, a person can be a frump. Use it as a noun! Use it adjective! You can be frumpilicious, frumptastic, and frumpdiddlyumptious.

Dowdy doesn’t cut it, sloppy is too harsh, and mom-ish, well that’s just insulting to all those stylish moms out there. But frump? It’s just right. Frump implies a bit of stooped posture, an unflattering fit, and an overall feeling of defeat. Frumpy isn’t just physical, it’s mental too. Which means frumpy is a state of mind. One that you must overcome…and when gaining uncontrollable amounts of weight and growing out of pants every other week…constantly battle to avoid at all times.

I think my impending frumpiness is a combination of a lot of things. I’ve been married for a while, which means I have less exposure to the outside world and more exposure to a husband who wears camo cargo shorts from Wal-Mart. This is probably skewing my reality in ways I can’t comprehend! I also work at BYU, and though I do work with some stylish people, well, it’s still BYU, perhaps it’s seeping into my pores? I don’t have money to go shopping, I need to buy a crib and stuff like that! And I might have just spent a lot of hours devoted to a tacky TV show shot in the early 2000’s, on which all of the characters dress HORRIBLY. Say it with me now, “WILDFIRE!”

Oh, and there’s the fact I look like I’m carrying a pillow under my shirt…and on my hips, and my butt, and let’s not even get started on my boobs.

Yes for those, and many other reasons, the frump is hot on my trail.

And I really don’t have a huge solution to the problem, other than I’m just gonna’ run (or waddle) like hell.

Anyway. My baby is doing acrobats and being adorable. And I guess that’s what matters most. But sometimes it’s hard not to just want to give up and surrender to the power of the frump.

Together we must all stay strong!

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Enjoying lots of soccer, or bad ABC family series, and all the fabulous weather.

Maybe by next post I’ll have a solution…

But until then, may the frump NOT be with you…as it is with me.




  1. melissa marie

    uh, hey alison. once my friend diana took your pictures, and that's why i read your blog. (in case you were wondering.) anyway, i'm 1st time pregnant too, probably about a month or so ahead of you, and i am totally with you on all of your observations about pregnancy so far. and this one is no exception. i started feeling less frumpy about a week and a half ago–suddenly. my belly looks more prego and my clothes make me look prego, and i started doing my hair again. so frump has faded slightly.

    i think there's just an annoying few months where you are just pregnancy-induced frumpy ("you" meaning "me" of course).

    and to end on a positive note, i don't really believe that you're frumpy because i saw the photos diana took and you don't look like you have much frump in you to begin with. the end.

  2. Wendy

    Everyone has a "frumpy" time- even after your kids are older like mine. It becomes a constant battle- we fight together as women! I think you look adorable 🙂

  3. Audrey

    I cannot accept this post. You are on my top 5 best dressed friend list, clear winner in the hipster meets Anthropologie category. How much are you rocking those animal print leggings from H&M these days?

  4. Mame

    Oh MY gosh – bad ABC family series. They are so naughty, so dumb, so fake, and yet I love make it or break it. I just do, I just can't handle it. I have watched it on Demand from the beginning now.

    And I couldn't EVER see you in Frump.

  5. Nichelle

    can you fill me in on which shows you are talking about? i'm not getting the hints and the quotes and i need some t.v. to watch. my personal solution to defrump: add a pair of giant rosie perez gold hoops to ANYTHING

  6. Kristin

    Frumpy IS a choice word! I haven't ever thought about it much except when people are like, what do you mean by that, "looking frumpy?" And I'm like, what do you THINK I meant? FRUMPY. It's so painfully obvious.

    Although a lot of times I say I FEEL frumpy, meaning the same thing, and I guess that might sound like I feel grumpy?

    I don't know, there's no excuse.

    Also, you're not it. No way.

  7. Erin Dougal

    Pahaha… Frumpy??? No way! In fact, tonight I was pretty much jealous of every single piece of clothing you were wearing while I stood in the corner with spit up shirt and the kid who talks like a dinosaur on my hip. You are not frumpy. In any sense of the word.

  8. ashley

    You'll never be frumpy. You have too good of taste to look it and an attitude that is too positive to be it

  9. Davenport Dame

    I totally watched Wildfire. Didn't it star a young Hayden Christiansen? Sexy!

  10. Liz

    i agree with nichelle, there is no way to look frumpy if you have huge gorgeous earrings on. That's always my remedy.

    Being pregnant sounds really hard, but it also sounds like everyone has the same issues with gaining weight like mad, so at least you know you're not alone.

    And at least you have a pair of animal print leggings. Awesome.

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