She welcomes you to Cooperville

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and chickens of all ages, to Cooperville.

This is Eric, proudly showing off Cooperville. We still need to make a town sign. That’s my job, that’s why it’s not done yet. Obviously if it was Eric’s job it would be completed.

Eric chose the orange roof for me. I’m a sucker for tangerine. Eric also laid ALL that gravel. It used to be dirt. The dirt where the cats pooped. YES THOSE FREAKING CATS. Which have now taken to pooping in our flowers.

Here are the girls, making a mad dash for it. Clack (the black one) and Cluck (the brown one) looooove when Eric lets them roam around the backyard. Eric loooooves when they try to eat our peas that are coming in. Eric just planted that little tree. It’s an apple tree that our sweet old neighbor gave it to him. Our sweet old little Latin neighbor who is the person at our church who stands at the door and greets you. He’s ADORABLE. He also hates the cats, and told Eric that a couple of years ago the cat problem got really bad. Then he said to Eric in a low voice, with his thick accent, “This is just between us. But if you put some broken glass in some ground meat…poof! No more cats.” That’s my kind of man.

Here’s a beauty shot of Cluck. Clack just would not hold still. Cluck is probably the more beautiful bird, but she’s also the top of the pecking order, which trust me is real, and she bullies Clack around. So Eric and I both like Clack better.

And here’s a picture of what Eric does when he’s not outside looking at the chickens and marveling at his back yard. He’s inside, looking out the window at the chickens, marveling at his backyard. But he still finds time to do the dishes and rub my feet occasionally, so I’m not complaining.

The one thing we didn’t take into account is that chickens are not silent. They make noise people, NOISE. This city girl did not know that. And they make a lot of noise when they are about to lay an egg. This became apparent to us the second morning that we had them and Eric and I were both awaken by a, “Bok, bok, bok, BOK, BOK BAAAAAAAKKKKAAAWWWWWWWW.” It was cute. Really cute. And I bet the renters downstairs, and the next door neighbors, both the upstairs AND downstairs ones, thought it was especially cute. Granted it was 7:15 a.m., not 5 a.m., but 7 a.m. is still early for us. (I know, I know, JUST WAIT FOR THAT BABY) Still, it’s not a wake-up time I feel comfortable forcing on the neighborhood. But Eric finds if he opens the window and talks to them they shut up. And hopefully some fresh eggs will placate the neighbors. But other than that, the girls are just fine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay here in Cooperville. Come back and visit us soon.


Town Scribe of Cooperville

Mayor of Cooperville

Town Bully

Town Moron (sorry Clack but it’s true)

********EDITOR’S NOTE**********

What we ACTUALLY did for the cat problem is sprinkle some orange zest in the flower beds. They don’t like citrus apparently, and this seems to be helping a great deal.


  1. Holley

    omg, i love that old man, he is hysterical!

  2. Nichelle

    hahahahahahahahahaha i dont even know where to start. i've never seen eric happier

  3. Roberston

    After the Jazz decided they didn't know how to play basketball anymore these chickens became my lifeboat.

  4. Matt and Jennae Porter

    I'm so glad you got these chickens, because no doubt it will lead to many great blog posts!!

  5. Courty

    Your yard looks so good! I can't wait to meet the famous Clack and Cluck.

  6. Breanne King

    oh it looks great! i love that eric started your coop after us and we still haven't finished our all the way and when you started you didn't even have little chickies waiting for a home…they're feeling cramped in the garage…

  7. noelle regina

    more chickens please.
    maybe you should start a blog of just cluck and clack?

    i think i love cluck the bully.

  8. JGP

    i would love to pay a real visit to cooperville. Looks great!

  9. Mary

    ha ha ha ha! Please post a video of the sound the hens make as they lay!

  10. Alison


    Eric doesn't work regular hours. He has a HUGE advantage! And his dad is the best helper ever! You should bring your chickens over to play with our chickens!

  11. Liz

    Could your life BE any more entertaining?

  12. samsam

    i understand why eric likes to look at the backyard. when i finish decorating a new room i've moved into i like to walk out for a couple minutes, then walk back in to see it anew! i do this with a lot of things…. like a yummy meal i just cooked or a freshly planted garden.

  13. Julia & Mike

    Allison this is Julia Nixon andrea's friend. I love that you have chickens! Funny story my parents have a chicken coop too! They live in this fabulous neighborhood and have a chickens running around! I think it is awesome!

  14. rachel

    Do you really mean what you said about the cats? What if you had neighors who were annoyed with your chickens cluck-clacking in the early morning and they put glass in your chicken feed? I realize some people don't like certain animals and that is fine, but I think it's horrible that you would kill a cat, because of little poop. I understand that you are being funny by writing things about your adorable glass-feeding neighbor and Eric getting a BB gun, but you seem serious about considering killing cats. You really seem like you do not care and that is horrible! Your blog has always been really entertaining, but I cannot accept how mean you are towards animals. I'm sorry I wrote a mean comment…I just hope you really don't want to kill animals.

  15. Nat

    Rachel! Thank you so much for bringing this to light! I was beginning to think that I was the only person offended by the casual references to animal abuse! I think it is great that you are trying to live organically or just have fun raising chickens or whatever it is that you are doing, but the way we treat the things around us that have the least amount of power says a great deal about the kind of people we truly are. Thank you sheblogs, for reminding me that it does not matter how cute or attractive your cupcakes and dresses may be, they do not disguise our humanity (or lack thereof). I'm sure having one less person reading your blog is not going to change your life, but your blog has really changed my perspective. I think you just turned me into an activist! I'm sure that is something you will take pride in and maybe even blog about.

  16. Alison


    I sincerely apologize that my casual references offended you. I thought it was implied by my tone that the suggestion of ACTUALLY killing cats, is so absurd, and that clearly the old neighbor I'm referring to is pretty close to senile.

    I would never suggest or support the actual killing, teasing, shooting or harming of animals in any sense. My husband would never actually shoot a cat, or put glass in food! I used to be vegan for goodness sake. As you may of noticed, I tend to exaggerate and dramatize for the sake of the absurd.

    I do think, however, I'm guilty of venting frustration with some unwanted company (not even human company, simply company that is incapable of reading) with completely unrealistic scenarios. And apologize again if I crossed the line. Sometimes I do that.

    I would like to remind you that I am not a company, not an organization, and I certainly do not make money from my blog. I'm just a girl. One who is trying her best.

    And from day one with my personal blog, I have made it a policy to NEVER make fun of others, especially readers. I do not mock comments or opinions. IN fact I delete comments that are degrading to anyone other than myself.

    I do not delight in offending others. I'm actually, if you have not noticed, extremely sensitive, and the only person I feel comfortable poking fun at is myself. I in no way "take pride" in offending you and I certainly would never write a blog post to point out anything about your personal character. I'm just saddened that you think I would do that.

    Also, I feel to make a fairly personal attack on someone's humanity based on a flippant blog post, (you have not met me in person I assume, but perhaps you have) and to suggest there is no more substance to me than cupcakes is kind of harsh. Because as I said before, your readership does not a have dollar amount to me. I'm simply doing something I love, writing. And I'm trying in my own small way to create a shared experience for others.

    So thank you for letting me know that I crossed the line. I mean that sincerely. Because I don't want to come across as someone who truly supports animal cruelty. And sometimes tone is lost in translation.

  17. Alison

    Ah yes,

    I also just added in the post what we REALLY did for the cat problem. Hopefully this more peaceful solution will help set the record straight.

  18. Liz

    Alison, i think you're the next Dooce. You know you've 'made it' when you have haters that don't understand sarcasm.

  19. samsam


    Remember when my cat Neville got hit by a car and died and you bought me flowers? I still have the vase.


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