She’s got an egg, A REAL egg, in her roost

It’s all happened so fast so I have yet to mentioned Eric’s latest project: The Chicken Coop.

You might not know this about my husband, but he’s real man of the land. The only way to see my husband lately is to go outside. Which I don’t mind doing, but sometimes it’s cold! However, the second it was dry enough, and moderately warm enough, that boy has been workin’ in the yard.

Let’s recount shall we? First he uprooted the old lawn, and then he put in new garden borders in the backyard. Then he planted all sorts of veggies in the garden box. Peas, onions, lettuce, some other good stuff we both can’t remember. (We love surprises!) But after the grass seed didn’t take, he uprooted the lawn AGAIN, and decided it was time for sod. So he put in higher newer, BETTER garden borders, and then spent days trying to get the sod delivered. Once the sod came, Eric, his ever-present helper, his father, and my little brother laid the sod. Then it rained for three days, and while everyone else was bummed out, we rejoiced and praised the sod Gods.

You would think the man would be satisfied with his peas and his sod. But no. Eric decided we needed chickens. Personally I think it’s all an excuse to avoid painting the kitchen, but he assured me we definitely needed chickens. “Think how cool it will be?! Fresh, non-genetically modified eggs? The baby will love the chickens!”

He had me at baby.

So after spending countless hours researching coops online, he decided him and his dad could EASILY make one. For three days straight the only thing Eric could concentrate on was THE COOP. He could hardly sit still long enough to let me tell him about my all my aches and pains…YES I’M STILL PREGNANT.

Meanwhile, Eric did have to do some real work. But he seemed to figure out a way, as he always does, to mix work with play. And on a job at a customer’s house that had a very large chicken coop, he mentioned how he was going to build one and then him and the homeowner became BFF’s. Next thing you know Eric’s been given two full-grown hens that the man will just hold onto for him until Eric is done with his coop.

This motivated Eric to get things done EVEN faster. And BOOM. Yesterday morning Eric completed the coop, and yesterday afternoon he picked up our hens.

We named them Clack and Cluck. Clack is black, (I’m a firm believer in mnemonic devices) and Cluck, the Queen of the roost, is brown.

Eric has been outside staring at the chickens ever since. And I could barely get him to concentrate on eating, EATING, because he wanted to go back out and check on the chickens.

So that’s how I left him this morning. Sitting on a chair “checking on the chickens.” And then about 10 minutes ago, I got a very exciting email from him with this picture…

Our very first egg! Thanks Clack. You’re a real gal pal.

Anyway, pictures of what we have deemed “Cooperville” are on the way.

Hope you’re having a fabulous Spring!


  1. Holley

    i love it! the more i hear about this the more i want some. it just sounds like the right thing to do. now to convience ben of this…

    May 6, 2010   |   Reply
  2. ashley

    Our friends have a chicken coop and George loves to visit and chase them as well as eat their eggs. It was kind of weird for me at first but they taste great.

    May 6, 2010   |   Reply
  3. noelle regina

    i want chickens.
    i'm not even kidding.
    and ali… they are BEAUTIFUL.

    May 6, 2010   |   Reply
  4. the fowlers

    i'm pretty sure you two would be welcome at the natural disaster fortress james is dreaming up for our future. not just because he likes you, but you're also major assets.

    May 6, 2010   |   Reply
  5. We Are Three

    You have no idea how mad I am that I missed this!

    May 7, 2010   |   Reply
  6. James, Natllely, Riley & Eva

    lol…you're too funny…they are adorable…enjoy them.

    May 7, 2010   |   Reply
  7. Scott Christopherson

    I personally feel that you should have named one of them "Clucky the Chicken" based on the SNL skit. If you haven't seen it look it up.

    May 7, 2010   |   Reply
  8. Matt and Jennae Porter

    You can take the girl out of Poway… but you can't take Poway out of the girl.

    May 7, 2010   |   Reply
  9. mandy dominici

    Ari LOVES my parents chickens.

    May 7, 2010   |   Reply
  10. noelle regina


    May 7, 2010   |   Reply
  11. Roberston

    I just scrambled their eggs. My socks were knocked off.

    May 7, 2010   |   Reply
  12. Nichelle

    i seriously can see eric prancing around happy as can be imagining how you guys are going to be problem free with your water purifier, chicken eggs, and garden in the event of armageddon

    May 9, 2010   |   Reply

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