She’s having a good day.

Some days nothing can go right. No one can say the right thing, nothing can make you smile, and by the end of the day you’re left lying in bed wondering why you ever bother getting out of it at all.

And then there are days nothing can go wrong. No one can say the wrong thing, nothing can make you mad (well almost nothing), and even the simplest little thing can make the world seem better.

Maybe your days aren’t quite THAT extreme, but welcome to my world.

So which type of day is today? Today is a good day.

It doesn’t matter that it’s been snowy half the day and sunny the other half. I’ve seen the sun. And it doesn’t matter that none of my clothes fit…and my belly looks more “fat” then “preggo.” I’m creating life. And it certainly doesn’t matter that I have to pee EVERY 5 minutes or that my bra is strangling my will to live. Why? Because I’m enjoying a plump tangelo and several slices of smoky cheddar that my neighbor gave to me. And right now this cheese is better than sex. (Sorry pookie)

I’m so grateful for the miracle of life. And I figured I better write it down before I forget it! I feel so completely overwhelmed and inadequate to be carrying around another human, another beautiful spirit. I just want everyone to know I know how lucky I am to be able to get pregnant and have a child. There are so many women who have to work so hard and struggle for so long, and my heart just breaks for them. I try not to take for granted that I am lucky enough to be a mom-in-training.

Anyway. Can we all say HORMONES? Ha. But I don’t care. I love the tulips, I love the ice cream truck that drives by my house playing that creepy version of “The Mickey Mouse Club” and I love all of you.

Here’s a picture of me “loving life” this morning. I know I’m making a “poo poo” face in the picture. But that’s just because I can’t take myself seriously enough to smile. Please note our tulips (who finally decided to join the party). Oh and you can kind of see the panises I planted, you know the ones that had me convinced I had caused my baby brain damage.

As you can see I’m not much of a pregnant lady yet…but I’m working on it. One piece of cheese at a time, I’m working on it.

I’m also working on a badge design that reads:


You can send your orders in now.

WELL! Now that I’ve shared all that love I feel like I can get up and continue on with my life. Have a fabulous day.




  1. Holley

    that badge will be amazing. seriously, people need to know.

  2. the fowlers

    after you make that badge, can you make a badge that says "i know i'm fat, but i just had a baby"?

    i feel like i have to take ellie everywhere with me so that people know why my stomach resembles waterbed.

  3. Tim and Sara

    Count me in for a couple of those badges…

  4. Elle and Jared

    looking good girl, looking good!

  5. PerniPwr

    i want that badge so i can just wear it on days that i do look fat. imagine how much better it would make you feel!

  6. POJO Fitness

    so happy for you!

  7. Courty

    I love you sis! Your pooch is starting to pop and I am excited!

  8. Amanda

    I'm definitely at the stage where I'm starting to just look chubby. Not into maternity clothes yet, but regular clothes are just not hacking it anymore. I can't wear a "baby on board" t-shirt or anything, because that's just tacky… but maybe a badge would do.

  9. Liz

    I vote for a full on t-shirt that says "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant." And just wear it everyday. If I saw a sister in one of those, I'd totally give her a high five. People need to know.

  10. Lisa

    hahaha….in my next round I'm going to wear that badge on my forehead!!!! I hate that in between stage; dont worry it will pass soon enough, and you'll be able to bump all kinds of things with your belly. and i totally HEAR YOU about the strangling bra!! what the heck! Brock is 4 monthes old and my ribs STILL havent shrunk back down!
    P.S. pregnancy looks beautiful on you 😉

  11. Syclist

    Fun idea for the badge… but you need to be fair and make one for guys that takes a nice sarcastic angle… like "I know I'm fat, I work on it tomorrow…" perhaps?

    May 3, 2010   |   Reply
  12. Syclist

    yeah, I made a typo… that's why I never write anything at work.

    May 3, 2010   |   Reply
  13. Sarah Flib

    Oh, that ice cream truck . . .

    May 3, 2010   |   Reply
  14. jenny

    congrats on the bun in the oven ali!! i think i had already heard this news but i forgot until i hopped on your blog today and it made me so happy to think of you as a mom. you will be such a fun cute mom! hooray for babies. and hooray for tim riggins, i loved the friday night lights shoutout. hope all is well!

    May 6, 2010   |   Reply
  15. JenErik

    I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Circus is a great idea!!

  16. caitlin

    how about a badge that says…"i am not pregnant, it's just winter time"

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