Well hello, Monday.

In my opinion there’s only one way to start a Monday. And that’s with two breakfasts…CHECK…and a “Goodies by Ciara” Pandora radio station…DOUBLE CHECK.

I suggest you do the same. Because if one breakfast is good for you, imagine how healthy you’ll be if you eat two! In fact you could possibly LOSE weight. It hasn’t been working for me, but then again I do have a parasite the size of an orange.

Other than that the most exciting things happening in my life are the fact that Eric and I are getting sod for the backyard today! (And it’s a sad sad day when getting sod is actually a very thrilling event in your life.) And the fact that I ordered this for myself:

It’s a SNOOGLE! Have you seen/heard of these? I’m THRILLED about it. If you have any insight DO SHARE. But if it’s negative, keep it to your snotty little self. My SNOOGLE and I will be in love and we don’t want no haters.

Anyway. Enjoy your day!




  1. samsam

    i love sod.

  2. Crystal

    I have a snoogle! I used it during my entire pregnancy and I loved it. You will too. Good buy!

  3. the fowlers

    i have heard that the snoogle is the only way to sleep while pregnant. unfortunately, i didn't hear about it until i was almost done and didn't feel like spending the money.
    if it gets good reports i might break down and get it the second time 'round.

  4. Brandon + Chelsea + Ella

    I have heard good things about the snoogle. You can use it as a nursing pillow too. ps I ate second dinner every night of my pregnancy. and it was delicious!

  5. Davis Family

    i have something similar to that and it's the best thing since graham crackers and frosting. it will save you 1000 times over.

  6. Whitney

    I wanted a pillow like that when I was pregnant and I assume that you will love it so much that you'll want to marry it.

    I still have second breakfast.

  7. mandy dominici

    Poor Eric, you will never need to snuggle again! That pillow looks amazing!

  8. meredith

    is that lady wearing a onesie? I hope so.

  9. Alison

    haha, sorry I think it's actually just a matching set.

  10. Sam and Alexis Scheid

    I almost ordered one of these about a week ago… then I didn't! haha… I read too many reviews… plus I have four pillows that all work perfectly for my sketch pregnancy sleep. i am SURE u will love it. P.s. I had TWO breakfasts today too.. haha. Two eggs then a smoothie. MMmmm mm.

  11. Lezlie

    i actually really want one of those. I fell alseep last night with a pillow between my legs, this would solve everything.

  12. Liz

    I hope you wear your snuggie while you're in the snoogle.

    And then take pictures for us.

  13. Lesley Barr Photography

    Hi, I found your blog via Yan Photo and just had to pop in and say you will LOVE your snoogle. Mine was named Fred and kept me and my GIANT belly (full of twins) very happy!

  14. Jessica Dahlquist

    Genius… but you probably will need to also buy a bigger bed:)

  15. Patricia

    the pillow was featured in jlo's hit new film the back up plan. you guys must be spiritual twins.

  16. Steph

    Oooooo, jealous. (of your snoogle AND your sod)

  17. darcie

    you'll keep snoogling long after the baby. once a snoogler, always a snoogler. sorry eric.

  18. Kassey

    you'll love it forever!

    ps you are fantastic, just like I remember!

  19. Nichelle

    i love that lezlie wants one of these! i have never heard of this before, too late now. nate and i were laughing the other night driving home at midnight seeing this cat cross over a main blvd from his house over to the gas station to go hang out at night. and now we've been noticing all the other cats on our street that come out at night together and do weird things roaming around the whole street.

  20. Tiffany

    wow i had no idea people were so passionate about the snoogle. id never even heard of it before. the whole time i was reading this i was pronouncing it snoggle in my mind

  21. Chaunté Vaughn

    i'll openly admit that when i saw it i thought it would make a great cushion for a super villian to lay in while wearing a languid gown, looking into crystals, and conquering the universe…… or for cuddling when pregnant of course.

  22. Court R.

    Have you seen back up plan? It has some funny parts, oh how we love JLo. She has this though…go see it. You will laugh. 🙂

  23. mandy dominici

    Mikey is pissed because he wanted to invent this.

    May 2, 2010   |   Reply
  24. Jake and Jenna

    wow i really could've used this.

    May 6, 2010   |   Reply

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