She has an announcement.

This also counts as, what I think is, a VERY good excuse for my lack of posting.

That’s right. I’ve got a bun in the oven! This is longest cake I’ve ever baked! I’m 13 weeks along.

We’re pretty excited. And so is the new Greek place in Provo. Where I now spend a majority of my time.


The Birds


  1. Heather

    Congratulations!!! That's so so so exciting!

  2. naomi

    That. Is. The. Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope things go well! You're already in the 2nd trimester!!!

  3. lisset

    hip! hip! that is some awesome news. hope pregnancy is treating you well. babies freaking rock.

  4. Lisa

    Congratulations!!! Especially on making it thru the first trimester–hopefully the rest will be smooth sailing! Get ready for your share of advice, it will come from all sides!! 😉 Can't wait to hear all the updates on the pregnancy. I'm curious to see if your taste for DC changes too–mine did, as well as a few other pregos I know. We all couldnt stand the taste during pregnancy which was a reason to mourn for sure!! My taste for chocolate however, was not affected 😉 Congrats again and again!!

  5. mgfaulkner

    Soon – to- be Grandma Faulkner says HIP HIP HOORAY! Let the shopping begin…

  6. Trent & Brooke

    ali..yay!! that is the BEST news ever- you guys will make great parents and i'm so excited for you!! Congratulations to both of you!!!

  7. Emily

    Congratulations Alison!!! That's so exciting! Your baby is going to be such a rockstar. Can't wait to hear some great prego stories!

  8. the fowlers

    hooray! we're so happy. i hope you're feeling really well. i can't wait to see the adorable little bitty robertson.

  9. David and Shalynna

    This means you were pregnant during Nichelle's shower! No wonder it was so perfect- you gave it your motherly touch. 🙂 So excited for the two of you. This little baby is going to be so loved.

    Hope you are feeling good!

  10. Krista

    congrats to you guys!!!

  11. Crystal

    Hooray! Hooray again! Oh I'm just bubbling over with excitement that i don't know what to say besides congratulations! I hope you're feeling well and not tired down into your bone marrow like I was. Oh I just can't wait until October now!

  12. Ashley Diane

    YAY!!!! Laura is due in july, they can be best friends! Congrats to the both of you;)

  13. Emily Frame

    ah yeaahhh!

  14. Mame

    YaY!!!!!! YaY, YaY!!! I am so friggin excited for you guys. congrats over and over and over again.

  15. Elaine

    Ahh!!! Congratulations!!!! You're gonna look so cute preggo.

  16. hanner

    yeah little bun!

  17. Steph


    (PS– I LOVE that Greek place too!)

  18. lenalou

    Omigoodness! That is so very wonderful and exciting! Hope you're feeling well…

  19. Jill


  20. AaReAn

    oooooooooh congrats!!!! YAY FOR YOU! so cute!

  21. Bek

    congrats, lady! you will be a very loving mommy.

  22. Amanda

    I've been waiting for the blog announcement! I heard the scoop a little bit ago and was so excited for you and Eric! You guys will be great parents! And talk about cravings for Greek food… I am always in the mood for a gyro. Wish I had a place close to my house.

  23. Holley

    congrats! you will be the cutest!

  24. Alison

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Lisa, SO FUNNY, I could not drink any diet drink the first 2-3 months. I literally would spit it out. However, my taste is back! ha, but I'm keeping it way to a minimum!

    But so funny, chocolate has no appeal! Cheeseburgers however, TONS OF APPEAL!


  25. Julia

    Yay. I'm so happy for you two. I'm convinced this will be your best baking ever! Pictures?

  26. Club Narwhal


    words cannot express 🙂

  27. Sharon


  28. Liz

    Could not be happier that you have a fetus in your womb.

    Were you pregnant when I saw you in AZ? I think you WERE. OMG. I wish i would have asked to touch your tummy… I hear pregnant ladies LOVE that.

    But seriously, CONGRATS! You and Eric are going to be the coolest padres ever.

  29. Ginny

    whoops my computer just freaked out..I wanted to say..Congrats congrats! Hope you are doing well. You will be a wonderful mother 🙂 That is wonderful news!

  30. Sabriel

    this is wonderful! you are so talented and hilarious and witty and beautiful. i really like your use of the word "damn". it has now justified my possible overuse of it.

    i don't know you but I know becca foster and found you through her. stunning. really.

    and congrats!

  31. Trevor

    Wow, that is exciting! I am stoked for you guys!

  32. stacie and geoffrey...

    Congratulations! I've been frequenting your blog for the last couple months because your hilarious, I can't wait to read your posts/experiences as an expecting mother! (I'm 35 weeks prego.)

  33. Chelsea

    congratulations…. so exciting!

  34. Krista

    Congratulations! I love your blog, you're extremely entertaining. 🙂 You'll be an awesome mom.

    Also, this is probably weird, but I saw your sister on this blog today and thought you might want to see.

  35. Alison


    That's so fun! Thanks! I'll be sure to show my sis!


  36. cropstar

    What?! That is fantastic! Congrats!

  37. Jake and Jenna

    you KNOW how i feel about this!!! love u.

  38. Nichelle

    37 comments! make it 38!

  39. Sarah Flib

    Wahoo! That's so fun. I hope everything goes well for you!

  40. Diana

    no way no way no way!!! woweeeee! eric, you dog.

  41. Sam and Alexis Scheid

    yipeeeee…. finally the announcement! I am so stoked!!!!!! Our lil ones will be secret magic babies together! xo

  42. felonymelanie

    hooray!!! So excited for you. I hope you are feeling better- you are going to be a wonderful mom!

  43. Roberston

    thank you all! seriously so sweet.

  44. Shannon

    Oh man, I am just seeing this! That is amazing news!! So so so excited for you guys.

  45. jenny

    Awww congratulations Alison!!!! That is so so so so great.

  46. Court R.

    Yay! I am so glad I checked your blog today!! Next time I am in Utah with my husband, we are meeting up with your new little bird. 🙂

  47. Elle and Jared

    Jared and I are so thrilled for you both! Talk about mixing some good genes!

  48. France is

    this is very very very very very happy.

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