She’s been married for 2 years today

To this guy…

Lover of ponies and all that’s good in the world.

I’ve said this before, but I’m pretty impressed with myself for my incredible decision to marry this man. Sometimes I just sit and think about how wonderful he is and then I pat myself on the back for being so smart.

If you’re married, I hope your spouse is as wonderful as mine. And if you’re still looking for that special lover…here’s some advice. Which I only feel qualified to give because I found myself such a winner.

Yes, sexiness matters (I mean look at my sexy lumberjack), and yes common interest are nice, knowing that they work hard and can hold a job…yes that can be important too.

But I’ve found that more than anything what matters most is how they treat you. How loving they are. I married the nicest, sweetest, most tender man in the world, who not only treats me like a Princess, but also doesn’t walk out of the house when I act like one. Go for the nice ones, the dear ones, the precious ones. And life will be that much easier. Also go for the ones who bring those traits out in you. And you’ll find yourself turning into a better person because of the one you love.

Then we’ll all just be spreading that much more love in the world. And that’s a beautiful thing.

I love you Eric. You are my everything. Here’s to 2,000 more.




  1. mandy dominici

    congrats! Ari approves of your choice of husband too.

  2. Liz

    Awwww! I love it. Congrats on 2 years!

  3. Amanda

    Congrats you two. Before you know it you'll be an old hag like me with a kid and going on 5 years. It creeps up way too fast. And couldn't agree more about marrying a nice guy. I love mine, and from the few times I've met yours I can tell he's a keeper.

  4. Lisa

    Alison–it's me, stalker Lisa. I've been a lurker for some time now but this post just SPOKE to me and I could remain in the shadows no more. I married myself a "nice" guy too–and it was the best decision I ever made. 5 years and two kids later and somehow I still find myself falling in love with him over and over again, every single day. Congrats on two years–it only gets better with time. Enjoy your happily ever after!!!
    p.s. you may or may not remember me…Lisa Smarinsky from freshman year at BYU? I was kind of a dork. Still am, but at least i snagged myself a cool guy ; )

  5. Jendar

    thats great advice. i need it. so thanks! and congrats!

  6. McKayJoice

    I, like Lisa, can no loner remain in the shadows, I too have "lurked" on your blog for quite sometime.

    I have not found the Mr Right yet, and this lil' post just spoke to me. . . how wonderful you must have it.

    If he has a brother, send him my way.


  7. the fowlers

    aw. we love your love.
    so happy that you are married.
    you two are seriously cute (and will have some seriously cute babies someday! can my babies marry your babies?).
    the fowlers think the world of you both.

  8. Scott Christopherson

    In reality, Eric is a big time chump and a pansie.

  9. Tim

    go for the ones who have a year or two worth of light stashed away too…

  10. cropstar

    happy anniv and thanks for the advice! you guys are adorable.

  11. Jake and Jenna

    i love hearing you talk about your lover. this brings me serious happiness.

  12. Matt and Jennae Porter

    No way it's been 2 years already!! I remember that stunning wedding like it was yesterday 🙂 Eric is an amazing catch, but I kinda think you are too! You are a darling couple and I'm so glad I got to see you at Court's wedding. Kisses xoxo

  13. Tim and Sara

    Got a little teary eyed…it was so nice to see you guys, and I love you both!

  14. Julia


    Knowing your hubby and loving mine I second everything you said about what to look for.

    We sure lucked out.

  15. PerniPwr

    agreed. love you both! (but i love eric in a romantic way)

  16. mgfaulkner

    This kind of married happiness is a Mom's dream for her daughter, so thanks for making my dreams come true too! We love you.

  17. dana and justin

    awww congrats! hope you're coming over this thursday. last tv night for a while!

  18. Alycia (Crowley Party)

    CONGRATS :)!

  19. Sam and Alexis Scheid

    ahhh i love you guys and I am sooo glad you found Eric. I love him. And you already know I love you. Congrats on the 2 year anni!!!! I can't believe it has been that long. wow

  20. Alison

    Lisa, welcome and yes! I totally know who you are!

    Scott, Eric is still better looking that you.

    Everyone else! Thanks so much for your sweet words and love and support!


  21. James Fowler

    I would have married him too.

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