Oh yes, yes she did.


I wait for you all year. And last year when I couldn’t find you, I thought I might die.

But don’t worry, I limited myself to three boxes. For starters.

This year it really is a toss up between Tagalongs and Samoas for my favorite. But now that I’ve discovered the additional smear of peanut butter on top…things could get a lot worse.

I personally have never understood the Thin Mint phenomenon. If you feel strongly, please explain. In the meantime I have some Tagalongs to attend to.




  1. Davis Family

    thin mints lessen the "holy crap i just ate a whole box" feeling with its delicate minty-ness.

  2. Patricia

    Thin mints are one of my happy places. Have you ever eaten them right out of the freezer? So divine. I haven't seen any Troops around Gainesville, but you're making my mouth water. MUST. FIND. COOKIES.

  3. Liz

    There's not too much difference between thin mints and Keebler's grasshoppers. (Have you had Grasshopper shots before? Don't worry, not alcohol involved, just lots of chocolate…)

    Why would I pay so much for something I can pick up at the grocery store at any time throughout the year?

    However, we bought one box of them this year, because, like Patricia here, my husband likes to eat them out of the freezer.

    I haven't tried the peanut butter on top of the tagalongs thing before. Brilliant. Who says I need to wear my bikini this summer?

  4. Adrienne


    Of smearing pb on a cookie.
    Of killing a man.

  5. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Somehow you feel less guilty eating Thin Mints because they have the word "thin" in the title. Guilty as charged!!

  6. mgfaulkner

    It's samoas all the way. I want some now. They beat Thin Mints all day long. Though I'll take them too!

  7. JenErik

    Ok, I knew I loved you – but now I really LOVE you! Tagalongs are THE best! How have I never thought of putting more peanut butter on? Brilliant.

  8. Edward Quist

    Gotta love these Girl scout deLights! We have had some fun with the Samoa cookies this year, Heat the little Samoan up a bit (stove or micro) and tuck them under a scoop of ice cream and bingo bongo…Sweaty Samoan!

  9. noelle regina

    7 boxes

  10. kimmib

    Thin mints are the best…. frozen!! My mom always immediately pops them in the fridge and they're awesome! 🙂

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