She’s taking a survey.

Cute pie plates are in short supply. You know, pie plates. The things you bake pies in. I’m sure you’ve all been searching long hours on the Internet for pie plates like I have. And I’ve been really shocked at the lack of selection.

I know, it’s amazing and truly shocking what I can get preoccupied with. I once spent an entire week researching giant round balloons, and another week researching terrariums.

Anyway, currently the reason I can’t get my work done or sleep at night is pie plates.

So I’ve decided to make some of my own using bake-on transfers. Mostly as gifts. And I can’t decide which phrase is best to adorn my pie plates. So you tell me if you had a pie plate, what would you like it to say? Let’s use “Gwyneth and Chris” as the names of the pie dish recipients. Don’t worry, I haven’t reduced myself to sending her gifts…yet.

Option #1: Shut your pie hole.

Although this is OBVIOUSLY HYSTERICAL, I feel like as a gift it might be a bit abrasive? So to tone it down a bit perhaps…

Option #2: Shut your pie whole. Baked with love by Gwyneth and Chris

Option #3: Me oh my Gwyneth & Chris made a pie!

Option #4: Marriage is as easy as pie. (as a wedding gift)

Option #5: Pie baked with love xoxo, Gwyneth and Chris

There are my options so far. But I’m totally open to your opinions, perhaps you have some other fantastic sayings with “pie” that I’ve overlooked.





  1. Mame

    What about "to Shut Your Pie Hole with, xoxo -said couple"

    love your blogging

  2. France is


  3. France is

    aka 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510

  4. Liz

    I vote for option #2.

  5. mandy dominici

    "I'm an Adult and I can EAT PIE whenever I WANT."
    Not for Gwyneth, but for me!

  6. Wordy McGee

    No "slivers" allowed. The design could be revealed a piece at a time rather than one message in the middle of the plate.

  7. noelle regina


  8. mgfaulkner

    I like shut your pie hole and I don't like Gwyneth and Chris, because who cares about them?

  9. mgfaulkner

    I like shut your pie hole and I don't like Gwyneth and Chris, because who cares about them?

  10. mgfaulkner

    I don't know why my comment came up twice. I'm technologically challenged.

  11. Alison

    it's a sad day when my mother makes it apparent that she isn't reading my blog.

    have you not seen the reasons im not Gwyneth series????


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