She’s showing you EVEN MORE pictures of herself.

Seriously. How many pictures of me can you handle? Can you handle more? I barely can. To justify it I tell myself at least they’re not myspace-esque self-shot pictures, with me holding the camera at an angle while trying to look forlorn AND sexy. These pictures are way better than THAT, even if they are pictures of me.

So Diana, of Yan Photography notified me this morning that a selection of our shots from the other week are finally up on her blog.

Here are some of the ones I like. But there are a ton more, if you’re so inclined, and you can find them here.

Look! There’s my Rootbeer Cake!

Thanks Diana for making Eric and me feel like we’re still on our way to becoming America’s Next Top Model(s).

Diana was SO fun to work with. So be sure to check her out. Also! I was just notified that Maddie, Diana’s SUPER CUTE apprentice for the day has some shots up at her blog too! Geesh. I’m going to be a glutton for attention. Maddie’s work is great too! xoxo

I will be back later today to continue an installment of

REASONS I’M NOT GWYNETH PALTROW. Or something like that.




  1. becca

    LOVE THEM. love the other ones on her blog as well. the colors and light are so good! is that in your house?

  2. PerniPwr

    love these!! i wish i had someone to take modeling shots of aaron and i! you look soooooo hot!

  3. Alison


    yes! See, it's two birds with one stone, us AND the house.


    you are already such a model. if you lived here she would have chosen you!

  4. Whitney

    We sure do miss having you across the hall. Now we don't even have an "across the hall". What we do have is an "across the street" daycare center where crazy parents park their cars in the middle of the street and leave them there while picking up their rugrats. Blurg. That's what we have.

  5. Tiffany

    i of course went over and looked at em all. aside that they all turned out amazing a few thoughts

    1. i am obsessed with you organizing you books by color. i want to organize everything by color now.

    2. can i have some of that cake?

    3. can you dress me in the morning?

  6. Alison

    Laura thank you! You took away your comment but I still saw it and I'm glad I did, I had no idea!

    Maddie is/was a doll!


  7. Crystal

    I'm in love, I love them, you embody love, love, love, love…

    Alison, these are absolutely incredible. I love your shoes, I love your outfits, I love your make-up, your skin looks flawless, your house looks beautiful and how do you stay so slim while eating all of your delectable baked goods?

    P.S. I hope to never hear you say that you are not skinny ever again. You ARE skinny and look at that jaw line. I would KILL for a jawline like that.

    P.P.S I might submit your pictures to ANTM. You're a shoe-in

  8. Maddie

    hi alison! that's so funny, i just saw diana's post of your pictures and i was checkin out your blog like 10 mintues before you commented! you guys were soo much fun at that shoot!! it was one of the best photo shoot experiences i've ever had, no joke. thank you so much for letting us come to take your pictures! you two make a beautiful couple 🙂

  9. meg

    These are really pretty pictures, Alison! Probably because you a really pretty girl.

  10. David and Shalynna

    You are absolutely gorgeous! And your husband's a cutie too. I love these photos so much. I looked at Diana's website and she is amazing. You are lucky to have been able to work with her! How did it happen? Did she find you through she blogs she blogs or did you know her before???

    I adore the photos on the red couch and at the yellow table the most. Please let me have that mustard skirt, black shirt, and those turquoise shoes. PLEASE.

  11. Nichelle

    these are the coolest! you guys look so handsome and gorgeous! my favorite is the left one of the two bed pictures. you can totally tell eric is drumbeating with his hands and you are singing. i love you two! this photographer is GWEAT!

  12. Breanne King

    ahh you guys are too cute! by cute i mean the hottest couple ever, with outfit changes and all! eddie and i really want to come by sometime and see if your place could possibly be as GREAT as it looks! i'm sure it is.

  13. mgfaulkner

    Your pictures are adorable! xoxo YoMama

  14. darcie

    stop being so stylish you! love the house. i want to see you guys.

  15. manda

    you are looking a thousand cutes

  16. JenErik


  17. Scott Christopherson

    I'm way better looking than Eric.

  18. Holley

    ps, i LOVE these photos. so great. you ARE a model!

  19. Adrienne

    eric looks like he belongs in a guy ritchie movie. whoa, muscles.

    you look great, too.

  20. Bek

    your pictures are amazing. you pretty, lady.

  21. Emily

    Gorgeous photos Alison! Love em! Maddie & her sister Chole work at Jon's office- small world. Oh and also, LOVE your house.

  22. Steph

    HEY! I drove past you guys when you were gettin that shot in front of the hot pink Mexi Mart. It looked like you were having fun.

    Awesome pictures. But then again, you two are so stinking adorable together that it would be hard NOT to shoot awesome photos of you.

  23. Amanda

    I just popped on over to the blog and I thought the pictures were super cute! I would love to know where you got your bedding, it's precious. (love the colour)

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