She’s stumped!

Well it looks like somebody has a case of the mun-days! And that somebody is me!

Actually, I’m having an OK day so far (and I hope you are as well), it’s just that my brain isn’t ready to produce yet. Every once in a while it’s a pain having a job where they expect you to be creative on demand.


Because sometimes my brain just isn’t up for being creative in the way that I choose. Like right now for example. My brain is preoccupied with thoughts of Valentine’s day treasures that need crafting and treats that need baking, not headlines and billboards that need writing. Red felted roses = yeah!!! Billboards = booo!!!

So, I’ve been staring at my computer for about an hour now, and I’ve decided it’s time to solicit help. You want to help me right?

I thought you might. Here’s what I need baby cakes:

I need things that seem bad, but then with a fresh perspective and a positive attitude, can also be good.

Do you see what I mean?

Here’s an example:

Can’t breathe in your jeans.
An excuse to wear sweats.

See, the first line is what seems bad, the second line is what it CAN be with a fresh perspective.

However, I have only been able to come up with lines like this:

Everyone’s married but you.
Your life still has some sense of mystery.

But that’s just not going to work now, is it?

So show me what you got! Seriously, it would be so helpful. Even if you can’t think of both parts, even just some negative seeming things would help, then I could think of the rest, because well, I am getting paid to!

Oh but, um, anything you give me will automatically become property of BYUtv. So keep that in mind as you share all the best your brain has to give.

Ok, I have to get back to writing mediocre and mildly disturbing headlines.




  1. Liz

    How about this?

    You get really horribly sick with the flu…But then afterwards you realize that you lost 10 lbs.

    I haven't had the flu yet, which is unfortunate, becuase I was really banking on that to take care of my Christmas cookie weight.

  2. Liz

    Or this:

    You get in a fender bender… but then while your car is in the shop, you get hooked up with a rental car way nicer than your original ride.

  3. Alison

    YES! This is good. This is moving in the right direction!

  4. Liz

    or how about this:

    You are at a resturant and what you ordered comes out with something nasty in it… but then they don't make you pay for it and then give you a humongous free dessert.

  5. Tim and Sara

    I've got a negative (don't I always??):
    Your dog has persistent, unconquerable, disgusting dandruff!!! And you have spent hundreds of dollars at the vet to no avail.

    But at least…he's not a pit bull that turned on me and ate my face off?

  6. lexilou

    how about:
    You are pregnant, sick, slightly depressed, losing weight..

    but soon there will be a little bundle of joy to make up for it all..

    ughh.. why can't the stork just drop it off!

  7. lexilou


    Your sick and tired.. can't get up off the couch or out of bed..

    So your lovely husband does all the housework, laundry and meals!!!

  8. lexilou

    how about:

    For now you can't afford a really nice outdoor grill.. they're just too expensive.. bummer.

    But then you settle for a charcoal grill and you get the very best charcoal, smoked taste chicken you've ever had.. something you would never get if you had settled for the expensive electric grill!!!

  9. lexilou

    You order a pina on the beach or by the pool in the beautiful island of Kauai… and so do all your kids and the bill is probably a few hundred dollars after the first day of vacation..

    But then you get yours and they forget to make it virgin.. so your stuck with an extra little pop.. that you pretend not to notice… but it just makes the sand crab show that much more entertaining!!

  10. lexilou

    Your at work… in your 9th hour.. and haven't had a break yet…

    But.. you have time to leave 5 totally awesome/annoying comments on your friends blog.

  11. noelle regina

    how about this one

    "lexilou is pregnant and YOU didn't know


    lexilou is pregnant"

  12. Alison

    I like the last one best YEAH!!!

    And the one about your mom pretending not to know what Rum taste like…


  13. Breanne King

    or how about you have such a horrible memory that you forget every simple, daily thing


    every time you watch re-runs it seems brand new!!

  14. jenny

    Can't learn French.

    A good excuse to keep speakin English.

  15. Julia

    You missed the metro…then you find out that it was so incredibly delayed and you would have been stuck in a tunnel for half an hour crammed up to everyone else in the car, half of whom have no sense of what's appropriate in confined spaces and the other half don't shower.

    Will that fit on a billboard?

  16. Tiffany

    Thanks for humoring me babycakes!! im thinking maybe a tyra/alison collaboration given your new modeling experience??? seems like a great idea to me.

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