She gobbled she gabbed


It’s been a while. I hope you all had a very very gobbly thanksgiving! I was in San Diego all last week. It was a Faulkner family fun packed week that ended with a wedding! My brother Evan tied the knot with Megan Kakadelas and it was ab fab. The happy couple is now on their honeymoon.

Thanksgiving was great. However I was kind of sick all last week, then I got better, then I woke up yesterday with a horribly sore throat! Today it’s even worse. I sound like I swallowed a pine cone. But I have a raspy voice anyway so when I try to tell people at work I’m sick they kind of just think I’m being dramatic. But I promise, it’s really sore.

I’m incredibly excited for the Holiday season. Usually I’m a little bit of a bah-humbug about listening to Christmas music in November, but this year I was all about it! This is my first year having a house for Christmas and I want to go all out!

This includes, of course, putting Christmas lights up all around the outside. But Eric, who is usually so helpful and willing to do anything I command, is being a big ol’ boob about it. With silly protests like, “There is no electricity on the outside of the house.” Or “I’ll have to walk out to the shed in the snow to turn them on.” He even went as far as to try to dissuade me with, “Well we will be saving money if we don’t get them.” HA! As if you can put a price on CHRISTMAS CHEER!

Eric doesn’t believe that I survived for 24 years without his MANLY help and seems to think I’m incapable of hanging them myself without also securing severe bodily harm. But I beg to differ!

I will not for a second pretend that I have done things like, change flat tires, move in and out of apartments, or turn on the gas in the house without the help of a man. Those are not where my skills lie. But I have, quite successfully, done all of those things by getting HELP from men around me. And I am really really good at that. Why? Because I’m friendly, I’m chipper, and dammit, I can make one mean VW tire shaped cake as a thank you present!

So! I have a master plan as to how to get my Christmas lights up. And it doesn’t even involve breaking any of my marriage vows. I can’t share it with you, because I told Eric he can’t know because he won’t help. But I will say that I’m pretty sure I will have the best looking house on the block!

However, if you have any tips or pointers, or if you would like to volunteer your muscles, I’m still accepting offers.




  1. We Three Zweigs

    Best looking Christmas house on the block Alison? GAME ON!

  2. Roberston

    Our neighbors have a ladder if you need one. Ours isn't tall enough.

  3. Breanne King

    hey tell me how you're going to do it! i seem to have married scrooge…

  4. Nichelle

    eric hates christmas???

  5. Jake and Jenna

    go get em girlfriend.

  6. Jendar

    i would help if i wasn't in the other side of the country.

  7. ferociousnate

    I would really love to help but do NOT want to get in between you and Eric.

  8. JenErik

    heard you went to lunch with my mother 🙂 She loves you. Hope to see you when we are in town.

  9. ferociousnate

    My favorite economist likes Lady Gaga too!


    can't wait to see it!

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