She’s outta here!

Eric and I are going on a cruise! PAAAARRRRTTTYYY!

The only negative side of that is I be gone over my birthday, which is Tuesday November 10th, which means all of the THOUSANDS of people who would like to wish me a happy birthday will not be able to.

Please, please, no tears. I just couldn’t handle that.

But I will be turning 26, so I’m going to be needing at least 26 comments by the time I get back to make my feel good about myself.





  1. Danielle

    Alison, I hope you have a very happy birthday fiesta!

  2. andrea


  3. Breanne King

    Heres one! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i really hope that advil worked. consider that your birthday gift :)!

  4. We Three Zweigs

    Man, I'm sure going to miss you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lisset

    a cruise! a cruise! i can't think of a better way to spend a birthday. i'm a little jealous.

  6. Jessica Dahlquist

    I was waiting for your birthday plug! But no wishlist? That is so unAlison-like! Nonetheless, happy birthday. I love you!

  7. Taylor

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Nate

    BIRTHDAY GIRL! have fun on that awesome cruise. we are so jealous we are not on a birthday cruise with you. happy birthday pumpkin head! i love you!

  9. Carlita

    happy bday!

  10. dana and justin

    Oh my gosh fun! And I guess no Top Model/Glee this week either 😉 I want to take you to lunch when you get back!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  11. Wendy

    I don't feel the least bit sorry for you missing your birthday! YOU are able to celebrate with your great hubby on a big ship in the ocean! Have a great time! 🙂

  12. mjb

    You suckered me in to leaving a comment with the whole fact that it's your birthday. but have a fun cruise!

  13. diana palmer

    three words to remember: tan it up.

    i know its cooler now to actually take care of your skin, but who cares?!

    also happy birthday and thanks for the allison magic you spread all over the world.

  14. Court R.

    Happy Birthday! That is a great birthday gift!

  15. Jake and Jenna

    happy birthday TOMORROW my LOVE! hope you have a blast on your cruise. MUUUAH.

  16. Lep

    I'm a stranger who thinks your blog is fun! I'm glad to wish you a Happy 26th!

  17. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Happy Birthday pretty lady! So many fun bdays in November! Have a great time on your cruise. Where are you going? 2 words- midnight buffet. Don't let me down. Muah!

  18. lenalou

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

  19. PerniPwr

    i think mine is the 19th comment…only a few more to go! happy are loved today and always. a little something should be on your way soon…i don't think i have your current address though:( love you puppy!

  20. David and Shalynna

    Happy Birthday! 26 will be a great year… I love even numbers. 🙂

  21. Megan

    yayyy!!! birthday!!!! kisses.sprinkles.bunnies.rainbows.hearts.

  22. JenErik

    I left you a message on your phone – that is better than a blog comment. I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday you should drink two DC and DP mixed!

  23. Patricia

    I left this blog on my google reader so that I would remember to comment on your birthday, even though I realize that you're going to check them all on the same day so it doesn't really matter. Either way, it's your birthday, and it's probably really happy even without me saying it because it's you and you have Eric there.

  24. ashley

    Hey Alison! Happy Birthday!

    I was sad I missed your call the other day– hope you have an unBELIZable time on your cruise. Are you going to scuba dive blue hole or whatever it is called? Hope you don't miss the sharks this time and avoid nitrogen narcosis.

    Can't wait to chat when you get back.

  25. River Trout


  26. River Trout

    birthday ladyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  27. mgfaulkner

    I love you 26 times more than anyone else. You're 26 times cuter than anyone else. 26 snarling wolves couldn't keep me from wishing you a happy birthday. 26 years ago I had one of the happiest moments of my life, and I can still close my eyes and see you, brand new and pink and absolutely perfect, coming into my life! 26 years from now, even though I'm suffering from dementia, I'll still be wishing you a happy birthday! 26 was the year I had my first baby! Hmmmmmmmmm! Just kidding. Love you doll.

  28. Jendar

    where is this cruise? is it a caribbean cruise? anyway, my sister's bday is also on the 10th, except that she is more older than you. not that you are old. ill be turning 26 in the couple of months. i hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!

  29. Trent & Brooke

    woo hoo! 26!!! hope you had a great birthday!!! love you!!

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