She’s ready to KICK some…

Ok, I know I talk about sports like….NEVER, but my brother is marrying a crazy awesome soccer player, Megan Kakadelas, and her little sister Kelsea, is amazing as well and plays for BYU. Yesterday, while I was at work, my brother Evan, his beautiful fiance Megan and some other family went to watch Kelsea’s soccer game against New Mexico. Last night the game was featured on ESPN…WHY?


I’m so glad I was not at this game! I would have gone MENTAL with rage! The girl who gets her hair pulled goes to church with me and is the sweetest girl in the world! Anyway, I just want everyone to know how horrible this Elizabeth Lambert is, and how she should probably be shot. Sorry Lizzie’s parent’s you probably tried your hardest. You just failed MISERABLY.

We don’t usually hate on this blog. But there is for sure NO LOVE. Except for those BYU soccer players! This is how the classy cougars responded:

GO COUGARS. And yes, they won.




  1. Nichelle

    oh my gosh i had no idea megan's sister played for byu which means she was in that game last night. i think everyone and their mom watched that PSYCHO on the ESPN highlights. how was she never thrown out of the game! ps. time to brag about your sister n' law megan…didn't she go to santa clara i.e. permanently ranked #1 girls soccer team in the nation?

  2. Lauren Dyer

    That girl is CRAZY. She needs to be admitted somewhere for anger management and violence issues

  3. Kristin

    Ugh the worst! I didn't think I would get angry finally watching the clip, but I did, I got angry! That is the meanest hair pull I have ever seen!

    Also, I would like a tooth update. I worry sometimes, about your cracked tooth.

  4. Trent & Brooke

    OH MY GOSH. i played this like 3x. Crazy! that girl is nuts- she could have snapped the other girl's neck! ahhhh this makes me angry.

    anyways, i do love kelsea and megan– so fun to have them in your fam.

  5. siovhan

    HA! lambert got suspended!!!

    she is one angry wench. i showed it to everyone in my office today because i was so angry.

    and way to be classy cougs! i'm proud to bleed blue!

  6. Tim and Sara

    What the??? Is this what we're to expect in New Mexico???

  7. Kalli Ko

    I saw this last night on the news and was immediately ENRAGED! If I had been the girl Lambert was pulling that crap on, one of us would have left the field in a body bag and I can guarantee it would not have been me.

  8. Elle and Jared

    totally, totally nuts!!! nothing makes me angrier than mean girls. i keep having all of these fantasy revenge plots go through mind now.

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