She’s appalled.

So I’m sitting here, as we speak, enjoying my morning dose of The Price is Right. It’s helping me get ready for the day and putting a smile on my face.

PLEASE HOLD KEVIN IS ABOUT TO PLAY PLINKO!! THEY NEVER PLAY PLINKO! 3 CHIPS. $100, then $1,000 and yes, yes, now KEVIN WON $10,000!!!

OK, so anyway, right after Jeffery DIDN’T win a Jeep, the show, as it is wont to do, went to commercial. And this commercial came on:

Have you seen this commercial? The Luvs Hippie Baby Commercial. Where a “Luvs Van” pulls up to a Woodstock-like setting full of babies in diapers?

WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? Some sixties throwback creeper? Honestly, I have written my share of odd and some might even say ill conceived comercials. But I have never committed the heinous crime of putting a hemp headband on a baby.

In the commercial the baby hippies are even protesting! They have little signs that say, “No more leaky diapers!” The babies are crowd surfing and swaying to music.

Now I’m not some huge perv, but of course with all this Woodstock hoopla the next association is that the baby hippies are romping around dropping acid and sharing their infant bodies with each other. Yes, I know that’s horrid but SO IS THAT COMMERCIAL.

I think the only thing worse than this commercial is the fact that it’s been playing for MONTHS now, which would suggest that it has received positive feedback and wasn’t lynched by the masses, as it should have been weeks ago.

I think sometimes we let commercials float over us without stopping to say, NO, THAT’S JUST WRONG. And I wanted to be sure that you all knew, how wrong I think that commercial is.

THANKFULLY I still have a few more pricing games and a showcase showdown to erase the image of babies sharing sexually transmitted diseases.

Kimberly is putting for a car now.




  1. Heatherly

    I think Atticus was in that commercial. Oopsies!

  2. jenny

    ooh i'm with ya. i never got the drug references (i'm a bit naive), but it's just a dumb commercial.

    sorry to hear about your teeth! chris had 2 of his teeth fly out during a ward turkey bowl game awhile back and it has definitely been a pain! good thing you are an excellent blogger so at least you got a good story out of it, right?

  3. jenny


  4. Nichelle

    you should be appalled at wendy williams, get eric to dvr her disgusting show. love you

  5. Fish Nat!on

    Since the commercials during the price is right are geared towards really really old people and their diabetes, those people aren't going to pay much attention to a baby diaper commercial. Rather, they will just be waiting for Wilford Brimley to suddenly pop up amongst all of the hemp clad babies and offer them a great deal on medicine. When this fails to occur, they will simply be distracted by the next Jazzy electric chair commercial that comes on, and will completely forget about the appalling nature of the baby woodstock.

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