She got a new car, a new job, and a new smile.

What a bangin’ day!

I’m sure the use of the “bangin” made some of you cringe, but it made me positively giddy.

Anyway. Mostly what I got today was a new car! HELLO! Well, new to me that is. Eric and I have been snooping around and we found a GREAT deal on a 2003 Mazda Protege5 Hatchback. I can honestly say I’ve never taken a second look at a Mazda in my life, but this little guy had only 42k miles on him, and well…

Electric blue. I will call him: “Zoom Blue.” In honor of Jet Blue, the departed. I’m elated.

I also kind of got a new job. But I’m not totally sure on that one, or what it is the job even entails, and when I went in to interview I didn’t really realize I was interviewing for a job. So let’s not jump the gun on this one, it’s nothing too flashy, but hopefully it’s something that will help pay for that car we got today.

Oh and I also went to the dentist! Because (if you aren’t caught up in the crazy world of SheBlogs SheBlogs) of that one time I rode a mountain bike and landed on my teeth like a graceful little swan…

Mooooving on, the dentist was VERY nice and showed me all sorts of charts and graphs to explain why I needed these new teeth…

HAHAHAHA. How lame was that set up? What’s even lamer is that I’ve been planning it for like days now and telling Eric about it! Ha NO! Despite the vampire rage the dentist did not install fangs. It was actually good news at the dentist. He explained that because of the nature of the crack the best thing to do is wait. Which is great because I don’t have insurance til January! But wait for what? I will tell you.

1. The tooth the turn a different color, which would mean a root canal and then a cap…DOUBLE BOO.

2. The tooth to break one day when I’m biting on something, which would just require a cap…no root canal, BOO.

So! Let’s hope that neither one OR two occurs, and that the tooth just exists in harmony with the rest of my mouth. Which, the dentist said COULD happen and let’s pray it does because I didn’t wear braces for 5+ years to go around spending money on caps and the likes!

Anyway, all in all it was a red letter day and it was finished off with a rainbow. No really, those of your in Provo, did you catch that crazy rainbow? It was perfection.

Ok, lots of vampire, zoom zoom kisses,



  1. Elle and Jared

    We pulled Lucy out of the bath and brought her out naked to see that rainbow yesterday. Congratulations on the car and the job! I want to hear details!

  2. darcie

    everyone is talking about that rainbow!and your new car, teeth, and job.

  3. diana palmer

    i missed the rainbow. but i'm so relieved about your teeth.

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