No really, I think I made a mistake.

I don’t know what it is guys! Seriously. Last night I was flipping through the channels and on CMT I saw a young John Travolta as a cowboy. So naturally I stopped. My jaw dropped and I squealed for about five minutes. After my eyes finished glazing over I realized I was watching a movie I had never seen, but had heard of, called Urban Cowboy. I then finished the whole thing by myself on the couch. It was AMAZING. (And not having a job to wake up for is amazing too!)

And after all this country nonsense, and seeing John Travolta in Wrangler’s and chaps, it occurred to me that I might have really missed out on a great life path, I should have been a cowgirl!

It only makes sense, I mean I have the fascination with ponies! And I was raised in Poway, which in San Diego terms is notorious for being “country” there was the Poway rodeo and there was even a cowboy gang at school. I was friends with a few of them! They all wore those camel colored Wrangler jackets and spoke with a twang despite the fact they were all totally from California.

(I actually know this person! I found her online, but I went to high school with her sister! She’s from Poway too!!)

I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, the appeal of REALLY tight high-waisted jeans, big hair and boyfriends that push you around and say, “Get me another beer and fix me something to eat!” The drama of it is all so romantic.

I can even handle some country music. I mean, the old stuff isn’t so bad like Dolly Parton. There’s so much glitter and sparkle! I could have gotten into that!

I just feel like it might be too late for me to declare myself as country. I should have followed Audra Delagrange’s example. She was in my 10th grade chemistry class and she was the Poway Rodeo Queen. She had big hair and red boots, and even though she would give out autographed pictures of herself and sign them, “Poway Rodeo Queen,” she was damn hot and had great legs.

Anyway I guess I can just blame my upper-middle-class suburbia upbringing YET AGAIN for all of the colorful craziness I’ve missed out on in life.

Man! It’s hard to be me.

In other news I have put some new things up in my etsy shop.

I love you all and hope you have a great weekend!


Alison Delagrange

Poway Rodeo Queen 2009


  1. The Yardley's

    this is such a great post. however, i must say… cowboys and cowgirls are way cooler on tv. seriously, im surrounded by them daily. its not all its cracked up to be. its borderline white trash. did i just say that outloud?! sure did.

  2. Davis Family

    just move to idaho where the real cowgirls are! as a fellow poway girl i can say that it is never too late to go country. saddle up!

  3. Alexandra

    I am so excited about this new alter ego…Gaga is brilliant in her own right, but she's getting a titch morbid lately- vma blood performance anyone?
    oh, and you're in provo? let's play.

    "There's my way and your way…and then there's poway…"

  4. Nichelle

    did you by chance see sally's amazingly serious senior pictures that she took in a cowboy hat?

  5. Mame

    Here's a promise, next year if you still live here and I still live here, we can go to Strawberry Days rodeo together. It's amazing – right in Pleasant Grove, it's great rodeo (like top riders from the nation come), they have a great clown every year, and they serve the most AMAZING strawberry and cream (hence the name). and pretty much, best introduction into country life imaginable. … you really did miss out, it's a GREAT calling … I love me my wranglers….


    oh. p.s. Josh & I watched that the other night too

  6. The Daily Kirk

    You can go Country if you want but remember, Even Cow Girls Get The Blues.

    You might just want to read the book instead.

  7. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Audra Delagrange… seriously I have not heard that name in forever!! She lived in Scripps Ranch before moving to Poway… just like us… so the cowgirl and I go a ways back. Such a character.

    And Alison, it's never too late to go country. It's just taken you a little longer than we all hoped for you to see the light 🙂 Hang out with Van for a few days and he'll have you hooked!!

  8. jenny

    You are hysterical. I love this post.

  9. Bek

    i heart dolly parton. wanna go to dollywood, lady?

  10. Audra de la Grange

    Thanks for the nice comments Alison! Yes I was a big dork in high school haha. Texas was a really fun place to live though…. If you REALLY want to try country living, I suggest taking a little trip to North Central Tejas for a fun country experience! Hope all is well! 🙂

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