She’s Gone Country.

I realize that by posting two somewhat country related post in a row that it might start to look like I’m a bona fide country music fan. But in reality it’s my DAD who is the country fan. And when Craiggers gets into something, he REALLY gets into it. (Some people say we have a few things in common…) My parents were coming in town for a wedding and for my mom’s birthday, so daddi-o he thought it would be fun if all of the married Faulkners went to a concert. So Eric, my parents and Andrea and Brian and I all headed up to see Keith Urban in Salt Lake last Wednesday.

I went to see Keith Urban, not knowing one of his songs, not being able to pick him out of a line up, and without even thinking to curl my hair, put on a pair of boots or slip into some booty-length jean shorts. And despite all of this, IT WAS AWESOME.

For starters for those of you who don’t know Keith Urban looks like this:


And he is also an absolute SWEETHEART. So even though I was pretty clueless about the whole thing, the concert was an absolute blast. Keith was so genuine and adorable, even ERIC had a good time.

Andrea and I were horrified when we arrived because we realized we had missed an opportunity to rat our hair. So we figured because we stuck out like sore thumbs in our skinny jeans and flat locks, that we should really participate and get into things in other ways. They had some promos going on before the concert and it wasn’t long before Andrea and I had decided to join in on the karaoke.

As I mentioned we didn’t know any of the songs, so we had to look up the lyrics on our phones and practice a bit. Then we waited in line and were able to make our very own KEITH URBAN VIDEO!

It might have been a while since you’ve gotten to see some of my sweet dance moves…so I thought I’d share.


The video/karaoke contest was to win a guitar. I was pretty upset that Andrea and I didn’t win. But I’m hoping to make the “Best of Salt Lake” reel that is on the Verizon/Keith Urban website.

I’ll keep you posted.

Ok I’m off to make some ponies.




  1. Tim and Sara

    Fact: Keith Urban has better highlights than me.
    Fact: He and Nicole Kidman have a baby, with the unfortunate name of Sunday Rose.

    That sums up what I know about Keith Urban.

  2. The LaBarberas

    Hey, remember me, your old roomie for not long enough? I loved your dance moves, and have decided that if I could go to any party, anywhere, I would want you, and andrea, and alexis, and grant to be with me. I love everything about your posts, mainly you!

  3. jenny

    oh how i miss your dance moves! thank you.

  4. Mame

    Coming from an AVID country fan … I just wanted to tell you..

    1) very jealous of your attendance at the concert

    2) you made one of the greatest videos of all times

    3) it was great seeing you Friday night!


  5. T.RIPPY

    if only everyone in the world danced like you two…I remember a stake dance you crashed once upon a time to pick up Blake–but not before showing those 15 year olds how real women dance.

    you're awesome

  6. andrea

    you always get more comments!

  7. Nichelle

    No wonder why you lived in Poway! i'm pretty jealous actually, i would have loved that concert. where is the video of your mom and dad rocking out?

  8. Sharon

    you guys are awesome!

  9. Jordan

    This reminds me of an old Jason Mraz concert video of you two dancing…


  10. Lauren Dyer

    That video is priceless

  11. naomi

    You really do make a little magic, Alison.

  12. The Yardley's

    i think i just watched that 5 times in a row. truly amazing.

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