She’s right, yet again.

Sometimes it’s hard always being right. It means I have to sit back and watch people be wrong and figure things out the hard way…why all the while I stare and wonder when they will learn how to be right all the time…like me?!

I try not to argue with people when I know I’m right. I try to respect their decision to be horribly wrong and take pity on them. But we all know I’m a lion, not a lamb, and so occasionally I get a little snarly. Roar.

One thing I have always been snarly about is my opinion on the popular artist Kanye. And it is this: Kanye West is a butt head. Yeah I said it, a total butt head.

Yes some of his songs are AWESOME, you know how much I love pop music and a good hook. I had to turn down my Lady Gaga just now to answer the phone. And I won’t deny that I have given up some of my best dance moves to Love Lockdown. But I wasn’t fooled into a false sense of his coolness by his remix of Daft Punk or those sunglasses with no lenses. No, I have always known, no matter how cool everybody thought he was, Kanye was and is a total and complete tool.

Lots of people have argued with me on this. Saying that all rappers and pop artists are jerks, that’s just what fame does to you. But I have always stood firm in my belief that Kanye is a bad bad person. And consequently I will not buy any of his music or support him in any way (other than occasionally dancing, but I can’t be blamed for that, can I CAN I?)

Last night on MTV’s Video Music Awards I was proved right yet again, when the aforementioned butt face, got on the stage while sweet annoying little Taylor Swift was accepting the award for Best Female Video. In a totally inexcusable drunken haze, Kanye TOOK the mic from Tay Tay, and told her Beyonce should have won. A valid, albeit, horribly horribly nasty thing to say to a 17-year-old girl, even one as hot as Taylor Swift.

I came home from work (have I mentioned I’m working part time at the Flower Basket these days, yes that college degree was worth every penny) and Eric showed me this horrible clip:

I’ve heard some people saying it was staged. Which I doubt, due to the genuine horror on Taylor’s face, but I thought I’d take a break from being so positive, just to show you why you should always listen to me. Like I said, it’s hard work always being right.

And you know I’ve wanted to say it the whole time, oh Kanye, you idiot, how could you be so heartless?

In other news my brother Evan is engaged! Which is SUPER exciting! So congrats to Evan and Megan Kakadelas. She’s a babe Evan and you are one lucky man.




  1. The Yardley's

    yes, kanye is a douche. however, did you watch the vma's? lady gaga is INSANE.

  2. Kimberly Ngarupe

    saw it. what a jerk!

  3. Nichelle

    hahahaha i love julie. yeah nate and i went back and re-watched that katrina fundraiser to see the horror on mike myers' face when kanye started rambling off on who knows what and then says bush hates black people. i saw him in concert in slc and fully grasped the extent of his insanity. i've been freaked out by him ever since. you should also here nate make fun of his rhyming skills.

  4. Holley

    liz-lame! kanye needs to get punched in the face!

  5. Alison

    Oh julie, I just watched it.

    and my answer about Lady Gaga's insanity is the same answer i have about martha stewart's insanity:


  6. Nichelle


  7. Kenny

    i know megan! same ward out here in the CA

  8. andrea

    greg is gonna beat kanye up

  9. emilyhutchison

    Kayne West saved the 2009 VMA's. Fact.

  10. River Trout


    1. kanye has REALLY good taste
    2. he knows his limits
    3. he's da bomb even though he sometimes uses the same words to rhyme. he will never been known for his flawless flow.
    4. that was the best thing that could of happened to t. swift.
    5. she showed up in a carriage?
    6. beyonce is, without a doubt, the greatest human on earth.
    7. chris brown is SOOOOOO HOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!

  11. Alison

    TARA aka river trout


    #4???? Is it really up to you to decide which bad things should happen to taylor swift?

    I thought I knew you. I was so wrong.

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