She needs a little love.

Hi there lovers.

Thank you for all your warm wishes on the house bashing/remodeling. Because you all asked so nicely I am going to post some pictures! Unfortunately I don’t have that many good “before” ones, so I’m going to see if I can find some from past tenants. Which would be awesome. We shall see.

In other news I have finally opened an etsy shop. Right now it doesn’t have too many things in it, but there are still some gems! I’ll give you one guess what the shop is called…



I will be selling cards and prints and little things. I don’t have a job yet, still, (unless you would like to give me one) so I figure this is a fun way to be productive while I look for one!

Here is the url:

I have a sidebar link on the side but I know a lot of you use that fancy google reader. I’m fairly insecure and selfconcious about sharing my ponies with the world, but I figure I don’t have much else to do/lose so why not! Plus every one and their mom has an etsy shop.

Here’s a picture of one of my pony cards, I made them with my gocco:

And yes, “I’m a big deal in China” Barnes, the pony figurine is completely necessary.

I would love it if you hopped over and checked it out. You of course don’t have to, but I can see how many people view the shop and when my numbers go up it makes me feel good about myself. Which I need right now seeing as how I’m unemployed in Provo Utah.

So there’s my unabashed self-promotion. I hope you’re all doing well.

I’ll be back soon with those pictures.


Alison &


  1. Alexandra

    At first I read "The Pony Daddy never got you" like watch out, Pony Daddy (like baby daddy) never got you! ok.

  2. Lezlie

    i went to to site (twice) … and LOVED IT. You are amazing

  3. River Trout

    i will probably go way more than 2 times and will probably love it way more than lezlie…you ARE amazing!!!

  4. siovhan

    OH MY! These are AMAZING!! I love them! I can't wait to visit your awesome shop!

  5. Heatherly

    oh okay. so that's what you do over there in your "craft room." good to know.

  6. Tim and Sara

    It ALMOST made me wish I was in YW's again so that I had a reason to snatch up the values cards. ALMOST. I love everything, you are so talented.

  7. Nichelle

    ok i will probably go to the site double as much as tara and lezlie combined. AND, i think you are so far BEYOND amazing!! where's that pony cake? and where's the latina? i'm so glad you have these up and for sale! way to go girl!

  8. Trent & Brooke

    love you ali! and love sprinkles!

  9. andrea

    when are you going to tell everyone how much you hate horses?

  10. Alisha

    Do you know how much joy this brings to my heart? How much I love sprinkles and how much, dare I say, how much I love you? You are a precious gem!

  11. Megan

    Just came home to the pony daddy … He got me, and I love it!

  12. Alison


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