She should have her own show on HGTV.

That’s Home and Garden TV for those of you who don’t frequent THAT type of channel.

Eric and I have been in makeover/remodel/cleaning 4-year-old filth CITY for the past two weeks. When we arrived to his house in Provo…well let’s just say it wasn’t in the best shape.

No, let’s not just say that. Let’s say: IT WAS DISGUSTING. I mean make your head spin gross. And my standard of clean is not even that high people. When I moved the oven to clean behind it I found baby toys. Maybe that doesn’t sound that weird to you. But it will after I enlighten you with the fact that Eric has owned the house for three years and rented to single men the whole time. Yeah, that means those baby toys have been sitting in their oven-encrusted-filth for at least four years. HELLO! The carpet in the front room looked like, as Eric likes to say, someone had poured coke all over it and then rubbed dirt in to seal the deal.

One of the bedrooms was lilac, which is fine if you’re a female under the age of 6, but unfortunately neither of us are, and this lilac bedroom was fashionably paired with dark forest green carpet. Worse than the tackiness of it all was the fact that after being married I know just how yucky boys can be. So the thought of using their same carpet was a mental no go. The linoleum, sigh, kitchen floor looked like it hadn’t been mopped in a decade. And the toilet well…we bought a new one immediately.

It was a full week of 7am-12am days before we could even begin to move in the furniture. It’s crazy how differently you clean as a home owner. As a renter a little wipe down seems sufficient for most surfaces. But as an owner I’m like a one-woman-wrecking crew on grime and scum. It was a ton of work but thankfully we had a lot of help. Eric’s fabulous amazing father, Michael, donated probably 40 hours of grueling slave labor. He ripped up carpet, painted, “I’m really good at painting,” he informed me. And he is! He sanded and scrubbed. And all the while I just tried to keep up with Michael Roberton’s stamina for home repair.

Eric’s whole family pitched in. Andrea’s husband and brother-in-law came over and helped install new baseboards after we took the coke/dirt carpet out. They were amazing. It was grimy and gross, but watching so many people help us was really humbling and wonderful. We’re glad to be around family.

Anyway, we ripped out carpet, refinished wood floors (rented a giant sander and everything) got new carpet in the bedrooms (adios green nightmare) and painted and cleaned like our lives depended on it. Then and only then did we unpack our car and move the furniture in.

There’s still a lot of unpacking and organizing to do, but things are looking good. I’ve been trying to take lots of pictures so I’ll post some soon. Well, that’s probably a lie, but my intentions are pure.

Today my big mission is to paint a table. It’s actually the same table I painted about a year ago. I painted it yellow and it was fun and spunky in our last place. But then when we moved it into this kitchen we realized just how yellow it is. Our SLC apartment had horrible light and this kitchen has a huge window with lots of natural light. So now the yellow table that was once fun and peppy is a GIANT eyesore that, like the sun, causes partial blindness if stared at too long.

I miss writing. I miss you. I hope you’re doing well and feeling loved. And if you’re not, well I love you. Kisses and hugs to anyone reading.

I’m off to sand the yellow away.




  1. crystal

    Alison, I'm DYING to see the 'before' and 'after' pictures. I could spend hours looking at before and after pictures. Hence the reason I love HGTV, however, they never spend enough time on the comparison shots. Anyway, I didn't know you were going to move back to "P-town". What happened to SLC and your job? I need to know more about what's going on… ok, now I sound like a creep. Signing off.

  2. Davis Family

    hilarious. please, let's call someone about you getting your own show.

  3. AaReAn


  4. lisset

    go you! how i'd love to get my hands on a place that needs a load of love. welcome back to the mothership. utah- sucking southern californian's one by one.

  5. Matt and Jennae Porter

    You would be amazing on HGTV. I am still trying to figure out how to get all those great designers to come to my house. Especially the lovely and talented but super flaming David Bromstad. PLEASE post pictures- I want to see the changes!

  6. River Trout

    PHOTOS! PHOTOS! or maybe i'll come down and see it in real life…


    welcome back to the city of sin

  8. ferociousnate

    I would watch this show, religiously.

  9. Nichelle

    just want you to know i used michael in one of my comments on a sunday school lesson on charity. it really never faileth huh?! i don't even need any pics cause i will see you and those hardwood floors in one week!

  10. Nichelle

    you're really doing it!! i didn't even see those ponys at first! you go ga ga!

  11. jenny

    i love HGTV and i would also love to see some pictures!

  12. Shea McGee

    i'm coming out of my she blogs closet…can't wait to see before and afters!

  13. JenErik

    Hope you are enjoying being back in UT County. Pictures of your place would be great. You are wonderful to me.

  14. alexismunoadyer

    wow. when you said you were still moving in i never would've guessed you went through all this! bleh. um mark your calendar for a halloween dance party at our spooky house…we will have to walk our puppies by sometime so you can fill the puppy void. xox a pleasure walking into you again.

  15. Tara

    i thought of you the other day while purusing the ikea catolog – they have a new pony-shaped cake pan. it is so you.
    congrats on the homeowning and home improvements!

  16. Alison

    Oh Tara GUESS WHAT! Someone got that pony pan for me as a present like a couple weeks ago! I need to post some pix of my pony cake! I love that you thought of me!!! xoxox

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