She’s a feature!

Well aren’t you all just the little twitter bugs! Or anti-twitter bugs! Thanks for all your feedback. I do see some things in a new light…though I’m not about to join. However, I think the most convincing argument for Twitter came from my brother Kirk:

The Daily Kirk said…

I think you need to accept we are heading towards the singularity. What is that you ask? It is the moment when humans and machines meld into one form giving us access to any and all information instantly. But on our way there we have to do things like have on-line representations of ourselves (facebook) and the ability to say anything we want to anyone instantly anywhere in the world (twitter). The difference between twitter and texting is minute. But it is fine. Fight the future all you want. We human/robots will have no mercy on you when the singularity comes.

So thanks Kirk. I’m still not on board but I feel more prepared for the inevitable takeover of my mere mortal body.

Moving on! A fabulous little blogger babe, and regular commenter and reader of SheBlogs SheBlogs named Katie, did an interview with me for her blog this week.


If you find the idea of me being interviewed at all interesting you can check it out on her blog: KC’s Masterpiece. She asked me a few a questions and I asked her a few. If you’re not into reading the interview, at least head over for the little clip art that Katie whipped up.

I hope you all had a nice cathartic experience watching Michael Jackson: The Memorial yesterday. I cried through most of it. It seriously was touching. But I do realize I’m perhaps one of the only people who had the luxury to watch it live in the middle of a work day.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy though! I’ve been HORRIBLY busy lately. I’ve been a) mourning the King of Pop b) making myself a yoga bag and c) working on becoming the poster child for skin cancer at the pool. I also recently whipped up a batch of these…

Now if only I could think up a way to pay some sort of edible homage to Michael.

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful day!




  1. Katie

    As soon as I posted our "art" I realized it was missing something. It doesn't have near enough rainbows?!?!?

    What was I thinking!?!?!

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. julianne rose

    hi hi! so i was in discussion with dear ali warcup a few weeks back about funny blog writing blah blah blah and she said i had to check yours out. i only met you a few times at byu… slow dance parties and such – i knew andrea better, but stop. the. car. your blog has literally kept me happy and awake at work countless times. death to all office work, but glory be to fabulously written blogs! i have been going through your archives just to get more of it. i know you'll be ok with this so i'm happy to tell you that i have done it and i really am so happy ali recommended she blogs she blogs to me. and everytime i think/read/say that name it's only with ricky martin singing it. for real.

    but the whole point of why i wanted to comment is earlier today in my crazy life at an office cubicle i saw this blogpost:

    but i think you could do much better.

    thanks again for writing so much love. i totally feel it.

    -julianne parker.

  3. Alison

    thank you julianne! and hello! ricky was always the intention so I'm glad he made it through!

    So funny! I love the Amateur Gourmet (he was a friend of my brother's) and I was thinking of doing a glove, but yes, I would go WAY out on the sparkles. But now I think I want to do a face with sunglasses. now to make a cookie cutter…

    thanks for reading!


  4. Jendar

    i was able to watch the mj funeral because of the time difference in italy, and it was a bit disturbing. i feel bad for his children. theyre very cute though.

  5. Matt and Jennae Porter

    White glove cookies? I think that would be a nice homage!

  6. Lauren

    Those are most definitely the most amazing cookies I have ever seen!

    love the blog! 🙂

  7. Tiffany

    girlfriend i need you to blog more. its a funny thing for me a relapsed off and on blogger – i seem to go in spurts. when i pick back up again and dont immediately have 100 comments i get frustrated and think why am i even spending a ridiculous amount of time doing this, no one even reads it anyway!! so what i am trying to say it keep it up. i will try too. ps i need one of those cookies!!


    hey alison, you on vacation or something? Ari says hi. He cant wait till you move to Provo so we can come visit.

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