She KIND of likes the east coast.

But only KIND of. If I had my choice it would be west coast til I die. But Eric and I are trying to make the most of the coast where people take themselves really seriously and think my chipperness is due to some sort of tragic anti-depressant malfunction.

One thing that’s pretty cool about the east coast is it’s kind of like Europe. In Europe after only a few hours of travel you are *POOF* in a new country. But instead of new countries, here it’s just a different state…but you still can’t understand the language. So in my opinion it might as well be a different country. But this state-hopping ability is really novel to a native west coaster.

If you’re someone like me, and get lost when you walk outside of a store in the mall, you can drive over state lines and not even know it! You can start your errand in Pennsylvania and finish it in New Jersey! Just hopefully not in Trenton. And even though Broad Street in Philly looks like we’ve ripped off a hunk of an underdeveloped country and wished it good luck in the good ol’ U.S. of A, there are parts of Pennsylvania that are truly breathtaking.

Yesterday Eric had to do some work in Lancaster and so I tagged along. Lancaster is like the Amish and Mennonite head quarters. A few towns right outside of Lancaster, Bird in Hand, and Intercourse, (yes, I know, why does the Amish town HAVE to be named Intercourse!?) have lots of Amish and Mennonite settlements. There are so many beautiful green pastures and country roads. The coolest thing ever is when you’re driving along and you pass a horse-drawn buggy and some strapping 16-year-old Amish boys at the reigns. And am I a total creep for saying that they’re suspenders are just downright sexy? Screw it, I’m totally getting Eric a pair.

Anyway the Amish have lots of restaurants and farmer’s markets where you can get scrumptious farm-fresh food and family style meals. There are hand-painted signs for “Frosty fresh root beer” and “Buggy rides.” As we drove around the town we saw the Amish women, in their long purple and green dresses and bonnets, laughing and working in the fields or getting icee’s at Rita’s Water Ice. Old men with shoulder-length beards and their iconic hats are sitting on porches or plowing the land with horse-drawn farm equipment.

I got such a thrill trying to guess which houses belonged to Amish people by shouting out to Eric, “Look! All their clothes are on a clothesline! THEY HAVE TO BE AMISH!” When we first drove into the city I was scanning the roads every which way asking, “Are they Amish? Are they Amish?!”

And then I stopped and said to Eric, I bet this is what dorky, slightly uneducated people like me do when they come to Salt Lake City. They drive by the huge temple and gasp, “WHERE ARE THE MORMONS? ARE THEY MORMON? ARE THEY MORMON?” Ha. Then start to ramble off all of the probably totally inaccurate “facts” they know about the religion. Just like I did with the Amish and the Mennonites. What’s sad is that we’ll look on Wikipedia for our answers instead of asking a real person who is just 10 feet away.

But regardless of my ignorance, I have such a respect for these people. Maybe it’s because I know what it’s like to be part of a religion that most people think is insane, or because they were like totally all over the green movement before it was even trendy. If I were them I would be gloating about all the suckers who are just finally coming around to buying local and eating organic. But that’s probably why I’m not Amish…

Anyway. We’ve also been to Atlantic City (not quite the religious experience), Baltimore and New York. And they’re all within driving distance! So like I said, even though the west coast is obviously where it’s at, the east has it’s gems too. Tomorrow we are going to shuffle off to Buffalo, and hopefully hit up Niagra Falls. I don’t have a passport though. Does anyone know if I need one? I know, my life is really rough. Day trips and weekday getaways. But somehow I’ll struggle through it.

I love you all. Here are some pictures of me trying to embrace the east coast. And because I never post pictures, I’m posting a ton. Because there’s a life lesson to be learned and that is: when it rains, it pours.

Brace yourself for show and tell:

Enjoying fine cuisine in Philly.
(And yes whoever that random person was who said that Geno’s is run by bigots, I think you might be right.)

Arriving at Hershey’s Chocolate World 5 MINUTES after it closed. No chocolate for this fun fan.

Good morning BALTIMORE! And this guy who has obviously spent a considerable amount of time on his boat. I sang that song no less than 100 times in the two days we were there, then made a car full of people try to find Charm City Cakes, which by the way, is not open to the public.

Good times and DIRTY DIRTY Atlantic City. To celebrate we did some dirty dancing on the dirty board walk.

And the best for last, look who I found waiting for me in Lancaster! Hello Sprinkles you little devil.

Bless you all.

What’s that? You want one more REALLY good one for the road? YES! Ok, here you go.


Alison and Sprinkles


  1. Scott and Kristine

    Great pictures! Scott and I were watching dancing with the stars the a while back when Lady Gaga was on and I mentioned that she reminded me of you…then came the post. I have decided to retire as a PE teacher and become a psychic.

  2. Alexandra

    Love love love the East Coast. One of my aunts grew up in Amish country in upstate NY and she tells stories of her and her friends secretly trading their bikes with the Amish 'rebels' buggies for fun. hehe.

    I think you may be a closet Amish rebel.

  3. AaReAn


  4. Amanda

    Pardon me? Buffalo? What about Rochester?!?! I'm right on the way, and you have yet to meet the most adorable kid in the world, (if I do say so myself) Ethan! Seriously. Call me or something. 585-698-8610.

    And I think as of a couple weeks ago you do need a passport to go to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. But if you take the Maid of the Mist, then you get the same view as everyone on the Canadian side. And it's like $14 or something. Just a little tip from someone who has been there 4 times in the last year.

  5. The Yardley's

    thank you for that last picture. made my day.

  6. Jendar

    so first of all, i really love your sunglasses. where did you get them? second of all, if you want to go somewhere REALLY cool while you are in the east coast (but you will need a passport for this one) you MUST go to Montreal. is a 10 hour trip by train from nyc. ive been to many cool cities but this one is in my top three. i love it. so if you guys have some time you should REALLY go there.

  7. Elaine

    After reading your post and seeing your pictures, I totally miss the East!! Eat some cheesesteaks and Rita's for me!

  8. Julia

    Fun fun fun! So when do you road trip it to DC?

  9. crystal

    That random person who told you about the bigots at Geno's was my brother, whom I think you've had a couple correspondences with (beard papa). He has a very witty blog that I think you would enjoy…

  10. Mike and Kim

    Actually, Crystal, it was only one email exchange, so I think I'm still officially "random." Thanks for the plug for our blog, it is pretty spectacular.

    She Blogs, I'm glad to see that even if you didn't take my Geno's-boycotting advice, at least you agreed with me. I also didn't think their cheese steak was all that great — as with Chinese food, the bastardized version that we enjoy throughout the U.S. is better than the (in this case, Cheese Whiz-smothered) original.

    We visited Amish country when we first moved out here, and felt like total voyeurs as we turned off the main road to try and catch the Amish in their natural environs. I bought some homemade root beer in a jug.

    It was awesome.

  11. Patricia

    I was just in Niagra last weekend! And I'm going to warn you, the welcome center is not very welcoming. But it does have super creepy figures, like a fifties poodle-skirt girl without an arm, which is detached and sitting at the feet of a really creepy clown.

  12. AGO

    PS. if you ever want to head out to ohio amish country my grandpa ( who's former amish could hook you up so you can oggle up close. just a thought

  13. andrea


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