She’s ramping up.

Not that you’re all crying in a corner somewhere wondering what happened to SheBlogs SheBlogs, but I have been ramping up to start posting more because I know things have taken a dive. A few people sent me some encouraging emails, and I thought, “You know what, I love writing, and I love that stupid blog. I’m gonna sit down and really write something good!” So I sat down, and I wrote and wrote, I edited a bit, and then I wrote some more. After a couple of hours I had something I was really excited to share with you. I’m not claiming it was award worthy, but I liked it. So I went to attach a picture and then of course, my Internet crashed.

It wasn’t a term paper, it wasn’t my senior thesis, but I still got pretty upset. The majority of the post didn’t save because my Internet connection was spotty. And I just didn’t have the heart to rewrite the damn thing.

So long post short…I was in San Diego this past week for a wedding. I was anxious about seeing people from high school that I hadn’t seen in a while, so my dear mommy bought me a new dress. In the other post I think I wrote something snide about how I know MY dress isn’t a very important thing at another woman’s wedding and how I know I should be more mature by now…more self-deprecating humor….yadda, yadda, yadda…and then I gave the big reveal:

Yeah that’s me and my new hair (which is on its way to becoming more and more Gaga) and good old Vanessa Manto who I went to elementary school with.

The good news is that we weren’t sitting by one another. Oh no wait, OUR SEATS WERE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER AT THE SAME TABLE. And yes, it was chilly and we BOTH were wearing black sweaters. If it had been a party or a restaurant or ANYTHING other than a wedding, I really couldn’t have cared less to be sporting the same dress. But at a wedding the matching dresses thing kind of confuses people. They wonder, “Are the taking the gifts? Are they servers? Maybe they are just bitter b-list friends who couldn’t hack it as bridesmaids and are now taking their revenge out on the bride?”

But somehow Vanessa and I made it through the night and the wedding was wonderful.

I’m back in Philly now and I’m excited to start pulling my life together and post more often and share with you all of the exiting and riveting thoughts I have had while here in Philly. I would like to warn you that my brain has been accosted as of late by the likes of: The Fashion Show, Top Chef, Chopped, So You Think You Can Dance, and Project Runway. But I take hardly any responsibility for this because my husband is the one who insisted on getting the DVR, making all of those shows ripe for the viewing whenever I feel like it.

But more important than my lack of posting, more noteworthy than me committing a major fashion faux pas, and definitely of greater worth than all of the fabulous programming I have at my fingertips, is the grand aim of this blog. And that is love. I started this blog to share love, and I want to keep doing just that. So I’d like to say thank you for being you and thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day. And I hope that at least one of my many blog posts has or will make your day better and not worse.

I love you people, whoever you are, I really do.

Let’s all hang in there together.




  1. Alex

    That dress is ADORABLE. Leifsdottir? Anthro? I, too, have missed SheGagasSheGagas… glad you're back! kisses!

  2. Kat Green

    Alison, that's the most amazing dress on this or any other known planet. The fact that there are two of them at the same party is boggling. You both look adorable. I love the new hair, I love how much you look like your mama, and I love how very gaga your blog. (I said "is," but then I thought it was sort of poetic without the "is," even though my English teachers would probably have said "awk" and made me rewrite, less awkwardly.)

  3. crystal

    Oh I have MISSED you! I was wondering where you went and thought perhaps you were being serious about shutting down your blog. I'm beyond happy to see that's not the case.

    The hair looks fab, the dress is being rocked doubly, and of course you would be watching SYTYCD. I really thing we are soul mates (in a girl kind of way). Anyway, that's my most favorite show of all time. I've been a faithful viewer since season 1 and have gone to 2 of the tours. I have been savoring every single bit of it so far. Thank goodness for Tivo and the rewind button!

  4. Amanda

    That picture reminds me of something from US Weekly "Who Wore it Better?". And I think Marilyn did a great job getting that dress for you because I think you did wear it better with that sassy do of yours. I'm looking forward to going to SD for the first time in 4 years where maybe I'll run in to some high school friends as well.

  5. AaReAn

    love the hair. love the dress. love the post. just lots of love! 🙂

  6. andrea

    welcome home sister

  7. RedCurlGirl

    I say "Let's hang in there" to myself every day. Nice to see I'm not the only one.

  8. Julia

    Yay glad you're back. I missed you!! Oh and super cute hair!

  9. mgfaulkner

    I'm so happy you're back! I'm a fan…. yomama

  10. Sharon

    One summer, we all need to go to a taping of SYTYCD! You can get filmed again, like in the video you posted a while back! You look stunning by the way!

  11. Matt and Jennae Porter

    That is so funny… my first thought when I saw the picture was "Cool Bridesmaid dresses!"

  12. Alison

    EXACTLY Jennae!


    I love your hair! It looks so cute on you.

  14. Elaine

    Hey Alison! That's funny that you found my fash blog…hahaha Chase and my "real" blog is ! Anyway, you are SO funny!! I will have to check back often to see what you write because it's definitely funnier than watching TV! I love your dress (even if you were matchymatchy with another girl!) and your hair is so cute!!! And where in Philly do you live??? I am originally from there! My parents live about 40min southwest so can't really claim Philly but eh.. Now that I wrote a novel I am gonna go!

  15. Liz

    I'm so glad that you also appreciate Chopped. I'm hooked.

    Love the hair, love the dress, love the blog.


  16. Carlita

    i'm glad you are going to keep writing … because i think you're really quite hilarious. cute hair!

  17. Tim and Sara

    The weird thing is that I totally was in a corner crying, wondering what happened to sheblogssheblogs!

  18. ashley

    So glad to see a new post from you!

  19. Alexandra

    Alison, I just had to say I bought that dress as soon as I saw it at Anthro…love it. love you. wore it with a black cardigan too. love it.

  20. Vanessa

    Hey TWIN! I have to say, we did pull the whole "wearing the same dress" thing off pretty smoothly i thought. umm i don't know about you but im still waiting for the professional version!! 😉 It was soo nice seeing you at the wedding. I hope that didn't tramatize you from wearing that dress. You really did look ADORABLE in it.Hope everything is going well. Now that i found you, cute blog by the way, i'll be sure to return. xoxo

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